A Big Shot’s Woman Is Wild and Fierce Chapter 42 - 42: The Best Things to Do at Your Age

Chapter 42: The Best Things to Do at Your Age

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“I’ve been really busy recently. I’m just busy looking for a treasure. Xingyue, I have a way to make you stand up. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely do what I promised.”

Wen Xin’s movements were gentle as she brushed away the stray strands of hair on Tan Xingyue’s forehead. The corners of her lips curled into a happy smile. This time, Wen Xin was truly happy. She had waited for so long, and this day had finally arrived.

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After hearing Wen Xin’s words, Tan Xingyue stared at her in a daze. She knew that Wen Xin was serious, but she had been in a wheelchair since she was young. For a moment, she did not know how to digest Wen Xin’s words. She was looking forward to it, but also a little afraid. She was afraid that if she failed, Wen Xin would not be able to accept the outcome!

“Your silly look makes me want to bully you!”

Wen Xin flicked Tan Xingyue’s forehead as she spoke. She took the towel from the side and pushed the wheelchair into the bathroom.

After cleaning her up, Wen Xin sat on the carpet with one leg bent. She looked at the snacks that Tan Xingyue had prepared for her, and the faint smile on her face remained.

“Wen Xin, when you weren’t here, I asked the nurse to buy some fruits that you like and make them into preserved fruits for you. You like to eat sweet things, so see if these suit your taste!”

Tan Xingyue pushed the dried strawberries and prunes to Wen Xin as if she were presenting a treasure.” You like strawberries, so I ordered a lot of strawberries online. I wanted to make canned strawberries for you, but now that you’re here, fresh ones taste the best!”

Tan Xingyue’s beautiful eyes curved into crescents as she watched Wen Xin munch on the snacks she had prepared. She looked extremely adorable.

Wen Xin looked at Tan Xingyue’s smiling face and her cold eyes flashed for a moment. It was like the first time they met. At that time, Tan Xingyue was also smiling and very happy. 𝙗𝒆𝒅𝙣𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒏𝙚𝙩

“Xingyue, have you ever thought about what you will do when you can walk normally? Or rather, do you have anything you want to do?”

Wen Xin’s slender and pale arms were propped up on the table. Her slender fingers were lazily supporting her delicate chin as she looked at Tan Xingyue smiling happily.

“I… Can I go out? Can I live like a normal person?”

Tan Xingyue believed that Wen Xin could cure her, but she was not sure if she could live a normal life. In the past, she was afraid of the eyes of the world and did not want to interact with the outside world. She was not sure if she could do it.

“Of course you can. As long as you want to, you can!” Wen Xin promised in a gentle voice. She believed that she could protect Tan Xingyue for the rest of her life.

“I want to go to school. I want to take the college entrance examination. I want to do what I should do at my age!”

Tan Xingyue looked at Wen Xin with fervent eyes. Since young, she had been envious of those who could go to school. She felt that going to school was the best thing.

“I want to go to school with you. Grandma said you are very smart. You have learned things very quickly since you were a child. You will teach me what you learned in school. But then you concentrated on studying medicine because of me, and you missed a lot of happiness. I want us to go to school together!”

Tan Xingyue hoped that Wen Xin could find the happiness that belonged to her age. She did not want to drag Wen Xin down with her.

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When Wen Xin heard that, her bright black eyes darkened slightly. What a joke. She had so many things to do, yet she still had to find time to go to school.

If those people knew about this, they would probably laugh their heads off, right?

Tan Xingyue held Wen Xin’s cold and fair hand on the table when she saw her frowning slightly. She coaxed in a tender voice,” Grandma said we should do what we do at our age. At our age, school is the most important thing. Let’s go to school!”

Wen Xin frowned when she saw Tan Xingyue’s expectant gaze. She let out a long sigh and said,” Alright, I’ll do as you say. I’ll go to school with you when you get better!”

After saying that, Wen Xin let out a long sigh. She felt like a person who had been trapped in a cage, and this restricted her freedom.

After Mu Chengxi left the old mansion, he settled some matters in his apartment. At around seven o’clock, Liang Luoyu and Gu Yanzhe came in from outside.

“Master Xi, there’s news about Wen Xin. The surveillance footage has been restored. Wen Xin left in a white SUV. You know the owner of this car too. It’s the illegitimate son of the Yuan Family, Yuan Junye, who came back a year ago. ”

Liang Luoyu reported the results of the investigation to Mu Chengxi. He saw Mu Chengxi’s impatience. He knew that Mu Chengxi had ulterior motives toward Wen Xin, but he could not believe that Wen Xin could still affect Mu Chengxi’s mood.

Mu Chengxi put down his work and looked up at the two people opposite him. He seemed to be dissatisfied with Liang Luoyu’s investigation results.

Gu Yanzhe saw the dissatisfaction in Mu Chengxi’s eyes and said truthfully, “Although Yuan Junye has returned to the Yuan Family, he is not under the control of the Yuan Family at all. Therefore, we did not make a move against him. The backing he has isn’t ordinary if he can establish himself in a family as influential as the Yuan Family!”

“Do I need to be afraid?” Mu Chengxi raised his eyebrows at Gu Yanzhe. He did not know when Gu Yanzhe had started to have scruples.

“Master Xi, we don’t need to be afraid of him, but think about this: if Wen Xin left in his car, there must be some sort of relationship between them. If we were to make a move and harm him, I’m afraid Miss Wen Xin would be unhappy!”

Gu Yanzhe brought up Wen Xin at the right time. He was certain that this was the only way to calm Mu Chengxi down.

Hearing that Wen Xin and Yuan Junye possibly had a relationship, he was extremely frustrated.

He wasn’t sure what their relationship was, but he was very unhappy that he was willing to leave with someone else under those circumstances.

With a crisp click, Gu Yanzhe and Liang Luoyu looked at the pen in Mu

Chengxi’s hand at the same time. They realized that something was not right.

“Master Xi, I’ve found out that Miss Wen bought a plane ticket to Luocheng, but she didn’t return to Ancient Market Town. Instead, she went to a sanatorium. According to the investigation from Miss Wen’s grandmother, Miss Wen’s grandmother has a little girl who was disabled in an accident when she was five years old. She’s now in a sanatorium outside Luocheng!”

Just as Liang Luoyu and Gu Yanzhe thought that they were in grave danger, Mu Dong came in from outside with some surprising news.

The two of them looked at Mu Dong gratefully, thanking him for saving their lives.

Mu Dong saw their gazes and only blinked. As soon as he entered, he felt the atmosphere and did not dare say anything else..

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