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A Big Shot’s Woman Is Wild and Fierce

The Geng family announced to the upper-class society of Bing City that their adoptive daughter was not who they thought she was. They did this because she tried to become more successful by networking her way up. In the end, they kicked her out of the family. The Geng family’s first daughter was multi-talented, gentle, and one of the most famous ladies in Bing City. On the other hand, their adoptive daughter, Wen Xin, was talentless, unsuccessful, and utterly inferior to their first daughter. After leaving the Geng family, Wen Xin started on her new journey. She became a miracle doctor who helped Madam Mu in Jing City, a grand prize winner in a piano competition, a master-level composer, and the owner of the largest comprehensive laboratory of Physics and Biology… Her multiple identities were revealed one after another, and news about her kept going viral. She was showing those who looked down on her that they had gotten her all wrong. “Look! That’s the woman who wouldn’t leave my idol alone…” “Sorry, but I’m already in a relationship!” One day, her jealous significant other couldn’t take it anymore. He stopped acting cold and wrapped his arm around her waist. “When are you going to announce who I am?” he asked in a soft voice while his gaze shifted downward. …………………………………………………………… Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer
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