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A Fully-Leveled Bigshot Builds a Farm with Her Family After Transmigrating

The full-level boss Lu Jingzhi crossed over. Start with a thatched cottage, with three family members attached. Lu Jingzhi gnawed on the bun and clenched her fists—rise up, she wants to rise up! After all, he is the owner of the three-line ability, sitting on the space, with a lot of food, so is it possible that he will starve to death in the valley? It’s just—something is wrong with my mother, what, she was reborn, and she was an imperial concubine in her previous life? There is something wrong with my sister, what, is she a female president from modern times? There is something wrong with my sister, what, she also wore it… Lu Jingzhi was ecstatic… the whole family worked together, is it still far from the days of eating hot pot and living in a villa? Hunting, farming, making jam, growing peppers, opening a milk tea shop… Life is getting more and more prosperous.
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