After Her Divorce, She Escaped With A Strong Man To Farm Chapter 111 - 111 Chapter 111. Falling Into a Trap

111 Chapter 111. Falling Into a Trap

As soon as the bandit leader turned around, he heard the sound of the arrow piercing through the air. The bandit leader was also a skilled person. When he heard the sound of the arrow piercing through the air, he instinctively knelt on the ground. The arrow shot through the air and hit the brother before him. He immediately fell to the ground with a scream.

“Motherf*cker, capture them alive. I’m going to cut open their stomachs and eat their guts!”

The brigand leader’s ferocity was triggered, and he jumped up and loudly ordered his subordinates.

These bandits were all very tough. Although they had encountered an ambush, they were not afraid. Since they had been discovered, there was no need to hide anymore. They raised their swords and shouted together,

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“Cut them open and kill them.”

Their shouts shook the heavens and the earth, causing the people of Peach Blossom Cove to shiver in fear. Ji Shuisheng wanted to shoot the bandit leader again, but he realized he was hiding among the bandits and using his brothers as shields.

A look of disdain flashed in Ji Shuisheng’s eyes. This is considered loyalty?

Ji Shuisheng activated his hunting mode and aimed explicitly in the direction of the bandit leaders. Every arrow hit a target without missing. No matter where they were shot, the other party would die without a doubt. The arrowheads were all soaked in poison.

Seeing the bandits fall one by one, the bandit leader was frightened. He could only bend down and hide behind people, not daring to look up again.

Qiu Yongkang and Jiang Laoqi used the crossbows made by Su Qing to start hunting mode. Although their hit rate was lower than Ji Shuisheng’s, they still killed three or four bandits.

Seeing that the number of casualties was increasing, the bandit leader quickly shouted,

“Enter the forest, all of you, enter the forest.”

The bandits panicked and ran into the forest like a swarm of bees.

This was the result that Ji Shuisheng wanted. He looked at the forest coldly and counted silently in his heart. He had only counted to five when he heard screams coming from the forest, one after another. Some bandits ran out of the forest, and Ji Shuisheng, Qiu Yongkang, and the others began to hunt again.

There were traps in the forest, and they would be shot if they entered. Outside the forest, there were master archers with perfect accuracy. The bandits no longer had the arrogance they had when they first came. They no longer listened to orders and swarmed toward the official road.

Ji Shuisheng jumped down from the tree. In the night, he was like a cheetah as he jumped over the traps and chased after the bandits.

Zhong Yong and Ji Shuisheng were inseparable. Zhong Yong’s combat strength instantly exploded when he saw his big brother chasing after the bandits. He shouted,


He raised his pitchfork and rushed out.

Qiu Yongkang and the others followed closely behind. The bandits didn’t know how many were hiding in ambush but were being chased down.

Ji Shuisheng chased after them and killed everyone he saw. He was highly skilled in martial arts and had a treasured saber in his hand. When he entered the group of bandits, it was as if he had entered a no man’s land. The killing nature in his blood erupted.

Qiu Yongkang’s crossbow was much more accurate at shooting the bandits at close than long range. In just a short while, more than ten dead bodies were on the ground.

Ji Shuisheng caught up with the bandit leader. Seeing that he could not run away, the bandit leader’s ferocity triggered, and he returned with his twin hammers to fight with Ji Shuisheng.

The bandit leader had boundless strength. His dual hammers were like tigers and the wind. One force could overcome ten. Ji Shuisheng was also holding a short weapon. When the treasured knife hit the hammer, it could only leave a mark but not break it. Therefore, Ji Shuisheng adopted roaming to entangle the bandit leader. He found an opportunity to pick out the tendons in the bandit leader’s hands. It was clear how heavy the hammer was. The hammer smashed onto the ground, and a pit was formed.

Zhong Yong picked up a bandit and threw him unconscious. When he saw that his big brother had hit the bandit leader’s iron hammer to the ground, he happily went over to pick it up. He weighed it and felt that it was just suitable for him. Zhong Yong raised the iron hammer and smashed it on the bandit leader’s head, causing his brain to split.

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As soon as the bandit leader died, the bandits under him became even more chaotic. They ran around like headless flies. Ji Shuisheng chased after them with murderous intent and stabbed them. Zhong Yong also gained some prestige after getting the weapon that he was good at. He raised his iron hammer and smashed the bandits’ heads.

The two brothers’ cooperation was invincible. Qiu Yongkang, Li Daniu, and Jiang Laoqi followed them and picked up the leftovers. If there were any that slipped through the net, they would go over and kill them. They killed until dawn. Seeing that a few bandits were still riding away, Ji Shuisheng jumped on his horse and chased after them. Before he left, he shouted to Qiu Yongkang and the others,

“You guys go and check. Don’t leave a single one alive.”

Those bandits who had managed to escape with great difficulty were already scared out of their wits. They ran even more desperately when they saw Ji Shuisheng chasing after them.

However, their running speed was slower than Ji Shuisheng’s arrows. Ultimately, they were not left and were all shot down from their horses.

Ji Shuisheng controlled the horses first before throwing the bandits’ corpses onto the horses’ backs and pulling them back to the high post.

Qiu Yongkang had already pulled out the bamboo in the trap for fear of accidentally hurting his people and the civilians entering the mountain behind him. As for the corpses of the bandits, they were all thrown into the trap. Too many people were in the trap, so Zhong Yong and Li Daniu were in charge of digging the pit.

Ji Shuisheng returned and threw the corpses on the ground. He handed the horses to Qiu Yongkang and went to look for Su Qing.

When old seventh Jiang saw new bodies, he searched them. The bandit leader had the most money on him, and they found a few hundred taels of silver notes, his gold ring, jade pendant, and even his golden teeth. They pulled them all out.

Su Qing did not come over to help. She only looked after Ji Xiaoying and the children. Madam Li was afraid and worried about her son’s condition. When she did not hear any sounds of fighting, she hurriedly got out of the car to take a look.

“Godmother, do you want to go to the toilet?”

Xiaoying quickly supported Madam Li, afraid she would fall off the carriage. Su Qing frowned when she saw her. Madam Li’s eyes could not be cured, which was a problem.

She asked Xiao Qi to make the eyesight recovery pill. Fortunately, the people of Ji Ren Tang were immoral, and the medicine was complete. It was just that there were fake medicines mixed in. Xiao Qi had been picking out fake medicines in the past two days.

“Are they okay?”

Madam Li asked Xiaoying worriedly. Xiaoying shook her head and said to her godmother,

“It’s already safe. Yong’er is fine.”

After receiving Xiaoying’s confirmation, Madam Li was relieved and followed Xiaoying to the toilet.

“All of you, stay in the carriage and don’t run around.”

Su Qing warned the children and followed behind Ji Xiaoying to protect her.

Su Qing had just left when Ji Shuisheng came to look for her. He could only wait for her here.

Ji Xiaoying went to the inner part of the forest. It was not safe with the traps that her brother had set up outside. They had just entered the forest when they heard the rustling of the short thicket, and two figures jumped up and ran.

Su Qing saw the knife in his hand fly out and stab into the back of one of the bandits. He jumped up, grabbed the vines, and flew to catch up with another bandit. He kicked the bandit’s neck and broke it.

Xiaoying was so frightened that she held on tightly to consort Li’s arm. Madam Li opened her arms and protected Xiaoying behind her, like an old hen protecting its chick.

It turned out that a mother’s love was so great. Su Qing was touched when she turned around and saw this scene. Madam Li was scared and trembling but still protected Xiaoying without hesitation.

Ji Shuisheng heard the sounds of fighting and hurriedly ran into the forest.

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