Ancestor Above Chapter 514-END

514 The multidivine realm (finale 3)

Polakkan was an abyss Lord.

In his tens of thousands of years of life, he had experienced countless bloody battles. He had been victorious in almost every battle ever since he had been weak and had gradually grown stronger until he had become an abyss Lord.

The battle that determined his Ascension to the abyss Lord was an attack on a hot world. At that time, he was only a Demon King. However, when he attacked that world, he seized enough benefits and became a true abyss Lord.

Polakkan and the Lord he served at that time had a conflict. Although he was defeated, he managed to escape successfully and established his own force in the endless abyss. In the following 10000 years, he gradually developed and became a powerful existence that was almost the same as his former master.

After that, polakkan participated in the war to plunder a new world.

In the beginning, he didn’t actually come in immediately. He had heard that his former director had participated in the development of that world. His previous master was so powerful that he had left an indelible impression in his heart.

If it wasn’t necessary, he didn’t want to meet that guy.

However, further information was spread that it was an extremely large world. Even if they could not obtain the entire world, just a small harvest would be enough to allow the abyss Lord-level existences to advance by a lot. In fact, if he could obtain enough benefits, he might even be able to expand the authority of the will of the abyss to a level that even dozens of senior Lords combined could not reach.

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Such a benefit really moved him.

After careful consideration, he finally joined the war.

In the beginning, he was indeed very excited. This world was just like what the rumors said. It was rich, huge, and contained a strong level of power. It was full of vitality.

Even though he discovered that their old enemies, those hateful gods, had arrived in this world first, he still didn’t feel anything.

It wasn’t the first or second time that the demons and the gods had fought. Even if they couldn’t completely conquer this world, it wasn’t unacceptable for them to tear it apart and split it in half.

In any case, in the struggle against the boundless divine realm, many worlds in the past had ended up like this.

However, as the war progressed, many things went beyond his imagination.

The power that the gods had sent into the war was much more powerful than he had imagined. The importance they attached to this world was extraordinary.

If that was all, it would have been fine. However, the natives of this world, who he had originally looked down on, had also displayed a very powerful strength.

Why were there more than 20 so-called Immortals in this world who were equivalent to abyss Lords?

This was the strongest original world that polakkan had ever heard of in the past tens of thousands of years!

Then, bad news came in one after another.

One abyss Lord after another fell in this world. Some were killed by the gods, but there were also a large number of senior Lords who were killed by the natives. Among them was his previous master, who was dragged to death by a native called Mother Earth.

He was afraid.

He had already lost a lot of subordinates in this world. He didn’t feel much heartache over the deaths of his subordinates, but it was a loss to his strength.

Furthermore, he himself had fought many skyscrapers, but he had not gained any benefits and had even suffered some injuries.

After paying a considerable price and not getting any benefits, it was obvious that the war would not be easy to fight in the future. He gradually lost his patience and slipped back to the abyss. He was ready to rest and recuperate. Then, he would see how the other abyss Lords performed in that world and what the future situation would be like. Finally, he would consider whether he should join the battlefield again.

Then, something that made him feel very fortunate happened-the connection between the abyss and that world was cut off. After the passage disappeared, the abyss lost contact with that world. They only knew that the space that once belonged to the senior Lords would suddenly collapse every once in a while. This meant that the senior Lord had fallen.

He discovered that the evil demon generals who had remained in that world and had not returned had all died.

He was so f * cking lucky. He had never felt that he was stronger than those senior Lords who had stayed behind. However, they had all died while he had survived.

Moreover, although he did not obtain any benefits from that world, the wealth left behind by many evil demon generals after their deaths was also very good nourishment for his growth.

Polakkan had gained a huge amount of benefits, and even after another 10000 years, he became one of the top existences in the entire abyss, even among the many evil demon lords.

As he grew stronger and stronger, polakkan did not give up on the other world.

Before he left, he had left behind some measures in that world in the hope that if things changed, he could quickly arrive.

However, that little trick did not give him the ability to tear open the closed abyssal passage, but it allowed him to sense some things about that world more or less.

The feeling was very hazy, but he could feel that the world seemed to be in a state of self-sealing. The power of the entire world was not lost, but it existed in a strange way.

Later on, he understood that the reason why the connection between the abyss, the divine realm, and that world had been so cleanly cut off, to the point that even many heavenly gods and evil demon generals could not find a way to reopen it, was because of this thing.

Most of that world’s power was maintained by forcibly cutting off the connection between the two sides.

This kind of severing was something that would affect fate and cause and effect. It was very advanced, but polakkan felt that there was still a way to make up for it.

Hence, in the time that followed, he patiently borrowed the power of the will of the abyss to corrode the seal between the two worlds.

It would take a long time to achieve this, but he was not in a hurry. He had plenty of patience.

However, something happened that made him furious—suddenly, the distance between the abyss and that world was pulled further and further. More importantly, he had no idea how this had happened or why it had happened. He had done a lot, but he had been unable to stop it.

The distance between the two worlds, pulling and pulling, sometimes close, sometimes far, polakkan’s mentality was about to be destroyed.

However, things seemed to have changed in recent years.

The distance between the two worlds was getting closer and closer. Especially in recent times, it was almost at the critical point.

He was not the only one who noticed this. This world was so special and contained so many benefits. Naturally, there would be many abyss Lords like him. Even after tens of thousands of years, they would still be unable to forget that world.

Seeing that the passage between the two worlds was about to open again, the demons rubbed their fists and wiped their palms.

At the same time, taking into account the uniqueness and danger of this world, the evil demon generals had joined forces this time, bringing in more people than the previous invasion, and had even made some rare agreements.

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It was impossible to expect the demons to work together. However, there were some simple agreements that could still be fulfilled. The abyss Lords had made an agreement not to go one by one. More than 20 abyss generals, along with the will of the abyss, pressed into that world and completely crushed it!

The demon generals had all gathered together. For so many demon generals to be in one place and fight for one thing was a rare occurrence, even in the history of the abyss.

Especially when so many people had bumped into each other and had not started fighting, that was even rarer.

The moment the time was up, the two worlds entered a critical point. The various evil demon generals exerted their strength at the same time, and the violent abyssal evil energy swept out wildly. The space they were in was unable to withstand such a powerful force, and a huge crack appeared on the ground. The sky was also torn apart, and the void was swept in.

However, the abyss Lords did not have the slightest fear. The abyss was made up of countless worlds. The world they were in had long been sucked dry. If it was destroyed, so be it.

From within the cracks of the destroyed world, through the void, they saw a beautiful light.

It was a world of abundance.


The many evil demon generals and the armies under their protection charged forward at the same time, crossing the barrier between worlds without any need for greeting.

The wind was sweet, and the flowers were fragrant. It must be very cool to destroy such a wonderful world.

Then, they saw the human army waiting in formation.

It was normal for the natives to notice their arrival. The barrier between the two worlds had been torn apart. This was a huge commotion, and it was impossible for it not to be discovered.

But so what if he found out?

More than 20 abyss generals led millions of carefully selected evil spirit legions at the same time, covering the sky!

Furthermore, as long as they stayed here for a while longer, the Army of the evil demon generals behind them would continue to surge in like a tide.

You can kill me in seconds?

However, before they could do anything, countless steel warships appeared from the human army in front of them and roared at the evil spirit Army in unison!

The sky was covered by the artillery fire. Even the millions of demons were all covered by it.

There must be many powerful existences in these steel warships. These cannons were all mixed with the power of the world’s origin. Small worlds opened up one by one and amplified it.


If they didn’t interfere, the sinister devil army would probably be wiped out in a single wave of artillery fire.

The evil demon generals made their moves one after another, wanting to stop this wave of cannon fire.

However, it was also at this moment that they all realized that the power in their bodies had been sealed!

A man’s figure appeared in front of them. Behind him, more than a dozen existences whose strength did not seem to be any weaker than ordinary evil demon generals stood in a line.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” Lu Qing had a smile on his face. With a wave of his hand, the world’s will was in sync with him. A vast and invisible force suppressed them.

The immortals behind him did not move. They simply combined their powers with Lu Qing’s and allowed him to use them as he pleased.

The expressions of the evil demon generals changed drastically. They tried their best to mobilize their powers, only to discover that they could only use a portion of their powers. Their connection with the abyss had been cut off.

Even if the evil demon general did not rely on the will of the abyss, its own power was still extremely immense. However, it also depended on the situation of the opponent!

Lu Qing also had the help of more than ten Immortals. At the same time, he could use the power of the entire world. Without the will of the abyss, they were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered in front of Lu Qing!

Under Lu Qing’s will, these evil demon lords were like nuts. They were a little hard, but if he used force, he could still crush them one by one.

Moreover, Lu Qing had a hammer.

Perhaps he found it too tiring to pinch them one by one, so he simply called for more power.

More than 20 bloody mists exploded out of thin air and bloomed in the air like flowers.

The battlefield was silent for a moment, but what followed was the complete massacre of millions of demons!


On the bloody battlefield, not much sadness could be seen on the People’s faces.

The blood was shed by the enemy, what was there to grieve about?

“Ten thousand years of preparation, father, we’ve succeeded.” Lu chaoxi came forward and congratulated him.

“There’s still the God race.”

“Dealing with the God clan won’t be harder than dealing with the evil demons.”

“That’s true.”

it’s been 10000 years, ” Lu mingchao lamented. I didn’t expect that these demons would be so much easier to deal with than we thought.

we were prepared. We cut off their connection with the abyss so that they couldn’t borrow the power of the will of the abyss. With father’s great power, we were sure to win! Lu Chaohe also came to the side.

“After defeating the gods and demons, we can finally be at peace.”

“Yup,” Lu Qing laughed and said, ” however, don’t be too comfortable.

“Who said that the celestial dynasty can’t become a multi-element system like the divine realm and the abyss?”

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