Apocalypse: Infinite Evolution Starts from Attribute Allocation Chapter 45 - 45: B2 Level Search and Rescue Mission

Chapter 45: B2 Level Search and Rescue Mission

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January 15th.

It had been three days since Wang Ye joined the rescue team.

“The basic training for rescuers ends here.” After the last lesson in the afternoon, Tong Wu looked at the four of them expressionlessly. “Go back and get ready. Tomorrow at 6 am, gather at the exit of the defense area.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Song Shuyi collapsed to the ground.

Training with three top students was too much for her.

“Where are we going tomorrow, Captain Tong?” Huang Zirui asked.

“Wuyi County,” Tong Wu said.

Is it a search and rescue mission or a clean-up mission?” Huang Zirui’s eyes flashed.

“A B2 level search and rescue mission. Ordinary rescue teams are not qualified to carry out clean-up missions, even if it is a joint operation,” Tong Wu said, “Ten days ago, East Camp’s No. 3 elite rescue team already cleaned up the area.”

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Wang Ye took notes.

Level B meant that there were nightmare-level monsters.

These three days, Captain Tong had been honing their team’s actual combat cooperation.

The main tasks of the rescue team were roughly divided into three categories: Demon-exterminating missions, clean-up missions, and search and rescue missions.

Search and rescue missions were the main job of the rescue teams. They searched for refugees who might have survived in the ruins of towns and villages destroyed by monsters.

“The real wilderness…” Wang Ye looked forward to it.

The Bone Burying Mountain of the rookie trial was still fresh in his mind. Monsters appeared one after another.

Although it was tiring, his gains were astonishing.

The real wilderness was far away from the base city, where monsters were densely distributed.

Even after a round of cleaning up, the monsters there were still enough to fill the sky.

After the mission, never mind how many achievement points he would obtain and how many refugees he would save, but his potential points would definitely increase exponentially!

“Qin, let’s go and do some research together,” Wang Ye put his notebook away and said to Yu Shuiqin.

“Okay, okay,” Yu Shuiqin smiled.

“Count me in,” Huang Zirui smiled.

“The two of us are enough. Captain-to-be, I’ll send you the information later.” Wang Ye pointed ahead. “Go help Song Shuyi. Give her some lessons. She’s too weak in all aspects.”

After saying that, he left with Yu Shuiqin.

“…Alright then.” Huang Zirui looked at the two of them who were holding their notebooks and chatting while laughing as they left. He sighed in his heart.

In front of Wang Ye, he always felt powerless.

In the data room.

“Dongting City, Wuyi County. 185 kilometers from the Eastern Base City. It has four avenues, eight towns, and seven villages. The area is 1157 square kilometers…”

Wang Ye and Yu Shuiqin worked together, taking notes as they checked.

They had to do their job.

“This place is so big,” Yu Shuiqin’s voice was gentle as she asked Wang Ye, “How long will the joint operation last?”

“About a week,” Wang Ye did some calculations, “Dividing the place into four camps, each rescue team will be responsible for about 300 square kilometers. Why? Are you afraid you can’t take a shower?”

Yu Shuiqin smelled good every day, making him want to get closer…

“Yes,” Yu Shui Qin replied softly.

“There’s always a way to solve it.” Wang Ye brushed it off. His relationship with Yu Shuiqin wasn’t close enough to discuss this, although he really wanted to teach her how to wash herself.

“This Qinyin Stream and a small portion of Shu River are very dangerous. The other more dangerous areas are the mountain ranges in the towns and villages, especially the larger mountains. There might be nightmare-level monsters that have escaped.”

“Yeah… Wang Ye, do you think we will encounter any danger?”

“Even in the sky falls, Captain Tong will hold it up. By the way, we might be working in pairs tomorrow, so let’s team up then.”




Early morning, Wang Ye ended a night of cultivation.

Level 2 genetic warrior, 56%. Level 1 ability user, 61%.

He was improving steadily.

In terms of the strength of his body as a genetic warrior, he was slightly inferior to Huang Zirui.

They hadn’t competed, but he could tell from how much Captain Tong valued Huang Zirui.

When it was a 4 vs 1, Captain Tong mainly beat up Huang Zirui.

It was only normal. Huang Zirui was skilled in both offense and defense, and he was fully equipped with top-grade equipment.

According to Xiao Qin, he had already used the most advanced K32 body stimulant. It wasn’t expensive, about 10 million yuan per bottle.

Huang Zirui’s true combat strength was comparable to the level 3 genetic warrior assassin that Yu Hanbo had sent three days ago, but he couldn’t compare to Xiao Qin.

At this stage, ability users were well-deserving talents.

If Huang Zirui and Yu Shuiqin fought one-on-one, he would not even be able to get close to her.

Of course, the weakness of ability users was also very obvious: They did not have enough energy.

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Wang Ye packed his luggage and brought a set of spare clothes. He then went to the cafeteria in the defense area to have some breakfast.


Anabella: “Are you leaving?” 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝘰𝑣𝑒𝑙.𝘤𝑜𝘮

Wang Ye replied: “Yes, I’ll bring you some souvenirs when 1 come back.”

Annabella: “Really? That’s great! (happy.jpg)”

Wang Ye: “Nightmare-level snake monster’s skin (doge.jpg)”

Anabella, “Be careful! 1’11 reward you with a small date to celebrate the success of your first mission (shy.jpg)”

Wang Ye: “You wish.”

After chatting for a while, Wang Ye set off to gather.

He, of course, would not think that Anabella had fallen in love with him at first sight.

After all, she was a female celebrity.

She was just looking for an umbrella.

“Hello? Good morning, Big Brother Sun,” Wang Ye received a familiar call and smiled.

Chief Instructor Sun delivered some news.

“Yes, I understand.”

“I got it. Thank you, Brother Sun.”

Simple and concise.

Chief Instructor Sun had called to inform him of the Evolution Camp’s final investigation results.

His innocence had been proved.

Currently, the base defense division was investigating Yu Hanchao, and they believed that they would get results soon.

“With how cunning Yu Hanchao is, he won’t be convicted for hiring gunmen, nor for being affiliated with demonic humans.”

Wang Ye knew this very well.

It wasn’t that easy to get rid of Yu Hanbo with false accusations.

That being said, with the other party’s style of doing things, he must have done many shameful things in the dark, so something he had done was bound to be snuffed out.

If whatever was found out was nothing big, he would be suspended for observation and would have no hope of promotion for life.

If it was serious, he would be directly dismissed!

That was enough.

As for the rest, he would settle the score with him when he became an intermediate Evolver.

The team gathered at the exit of the defense area where three large armored vehicles were parked.

A rescue team off-road vehicle, a medical vehicle, and a resource collection vehicle.

The standard for rescue missions.

The substitute captain, Tong Wu, was wearing his signature horned armor. He stood in front of the car with a serious expression and looked at the time on his watch.

Wang Ye and the others arrived one after another.

Unexpectedly, Yu Shuiqin only carried a backpack and put on light makeup. She was like a lotus flower in clear water, her soft skin so moist it was as if water could be squeezed from it.

When Wang Ye saw her, he smiled and waved at her.

“Did you shower with seven days’ worth of water?” Wang Ye teased.

“No, 1 brought a dry shower spray,” Yu Shuiqin said.

What the hell was a dry shower spray? Did she need someone to help scrub her off?

“Ahem,” Huang Zirui interrupted their flirty conversation. “How was your investigation yesterday?”

“Didn’t Xiao Qin post it in the group yesterday?” Wang Ye looked at Yu Shuiqin.

Yu Shuiqin apologized, “After 1 went back, 1 did some editing and rearranging, so it was quite late when 1 sent it.”

She was very serious, but it was unnecessary.

“Song Shuyi can’t understand it anyway…” Wang Ye thought.

As for Huang Zirui, he must have done his homework.


“Time’s up. Get in the car.” Tong Wu opened the car door and ordered.

“Ah, Song Shuyi isn’t here yet,” Yu Shui Qin reminded softly.

“The rescue team doesn’t wait for people. Don’t call her.” Tong Wu waved his hand expressionlessly. “Let’s go!”

Huang Zirui awkwardly hid his phone that had gotten through behind his back.

A loud voice came from the other end of the phone, “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m almost there, Brother Rui!”

He didn’t put it on speaker, but everyone could still hear her.

She’s here.”

From afar, Wang Ye could see Song Shuyi in her green outfit. She was carrying a backpack that was shaking violently as she ran.

In one hand she was dragging her luggage, carrying her bag with the other, and running while shouting.

Was this sister…. Catching the high-speed rail?

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