Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Volume 4 SS I, I Made……A Friend (〃゜д゜〃) Fidget Fidget

Volume 4 SS I, I Made……A Friend (〃゜д゜〃) Fidget Fidget


Pissed off……

I’m super pissed off……

That was the whole impression of me who challenged Great Labyrinth Raisen.

If I had to confess, I was a former queen, so I received super first rate education, so since I was born I had never using any words like 「Pissed off」.

Someone like me was made to say 「pissed off」. From the bottom of my heart I was made to say 「Miledi seriously pissed me off」 with overflowing feeling.

Miledi Raisen……she really had done it now.

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Very much so.

She was an outrageous person, in various meanings, no exaggeration.

Let me confessed one more thing.

When I who was curious just what was behind the annoying traps that were set up inside the great labyrinth and the Miledy crest that was like the most annoying ever existed learned the answer.

Yes, when I faced Miledi Raisen herself at the deepest part of the great labyrinth.

When she received our challenge with a firm will.

I trembled.

I was completely overwhelmed. Not against the pressure that she released.

It was by her strength of will.

I thought it was impossible. I almost raised my voice spontaneously to say, that’s impossible.

Because don’t you agree?

To wait all this time. To keep believing until now like that.

On hope, on the future, on human’s strength, on the world changing, no matter how many months and years passed, to think that he wouldn’t give up even now-.

When did the Liberators died? Just how long she had continued to live, alone by herself, throwing away even her body? She was able to continue holding on her sense of self in this bottom of the earth? How in the world she was able to continue believing wholeheartedly, without wavering?

If I was asked if I didn’t feel any sympathy, I couldn’t deny it. The darkness of the abyss, the loneliness, the suffering that were imprisoning me continuously for three hundred years were surely similar with hers.

However, it couldn’t be compared. That was what I honestly thought.

After all even while I was sinking into the swamp of resignation and despair, she was continuing to wait all this time with the believe that someone would arrive in front of her.

That was truly a will of steel that even god wouldn’t be able to violate.

It was completely unbelievable that a mere human would be able to do something like that. It was far surpassing the domain of human.

I was in a deathly battle against her, but even during that I couldn’t help but harboring feeling of awe to her overwhelming strength of heart.

That must be why. I gave her my words when she was vanishing.

Driven by a strong impulse that felt like constricting myself, as though I was floating lightly in the air, an impulse that even I myself didn’t really understand, I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what kind of word I should give her, and somehow the words that I found out from within was something trite like “Thank you for your hard work”……

Even so, she said 「Thank you」 to me……

Well, putting that aside.

I’ll crush you! You-you little-, damn Miledi-! You are pissing me offff! This bastarddd!

「Ah!? Wait a second blond girl! Yue-chan was it!? Stooop! This body is really delicate you knowww! Miledi-san will breakkkkkkkkkkk-」

Who cares! I’ll trample on you-, I’ll grind on youuu!

I’ll clear this vexation of being unable to be really useful for Hajime due to Raisen’s traitttt! How dare you making a fool of meee! Ora ora oraaa, the humiliation I received isn’t something this smallll! I am Yue! A woman who will give double the payback !

I’m also, a woman who won’t hesitate to vent!

「Yue-san! Let’s tear off this thing’s clothes!」

「……Nn-. Nice idea. Leave behind, all of your possession.」

Like that, I paid back the grandly annoying liberator to my heart’s content and became somewhat refreshed, but as expected from Miledi who would surely be the champion of the millennium by great margin if there was a world championship for annoyingness.

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This littleee! At the end she flushed us out into toilet hole!

This humiliation! This resentment! It has to be cleared no matter whaatt!

Cough-. In any case, I mean to say that the Pissledy Raisen was an outrageous person.

And so, regarding the comforting rabbit though, right, I think, she really had done her best. Even though just a little while ago she was just a hopeless rabbit.

Just because she wished to be together with us, she was wailing tearfully while desperately clinging doggedly……

Even when she peed herself, even when the rabbit fur at the tip of her rabbit ear were plucked hard, even when her head was hit strongly with metal basin, even when mysterious milky white liquid was splashed on her face, even when she was dropped into a pit full of insect, even when she was rained down with metal basins……she was pitiable huh.

A, anyway! She really did her best to endur all the humiliation and insult and pain!

Such thing had to be recognized. The feeling of this girl who wished to be together with us.

Her wish to me of wanting to become comrade, a friend was also amazing for some reason. It gave me a ticklish feeling but――I’ll recognize it.

That Shia Hauria was, a person who was worthy of trust, my friend.

With such feeling, after defeating the Pissledy Raisen. I hugged Shia tightly and patted her head consolingly but……




What’s this cute creature? She hugged me back clingingly, she was moved to tears while smiling happily, and her fluffy rabbit ears were rubbing on me fawningly.

I’ve to protect her! I’ve to protect this girl!

Cough-. I was feeling a bit disturbed but, anyway, I who recognized Shia made a vow.

――From here on, I won’t let anyone hurt this girl anymore.

Because this girl had been hurt enough. Her birth was rejected, she was chased away from her birthplace, her family taken away from her.

Even so she did her best, that was how this girl arrived at this place, the place where I and Hajime were at.

Then, I’d fight everything that tried to hurt this girl with my all.

I would protect her to the end by risking the whole body and spirit of the vampire princess who was once called as the strongest.

That’s why……that’s why!

So, something like a kiss, isn’t any problem you know?

Yue-san, was a friend but she was older after all? She was a big sister after all? The caliber of her heart, was large after all?

Even if it was one that felt a bit like deep kiss, it was fine you know?

It was fine, but……


Shia. What did you say about my breast?


Fufufu-. Yue-san had snapped after so long. She fully understood that her cute little sister needed disciplining.

Were you prepared? Had you finished praying? Was your preparation to go ‘blub blub’ in the bathtub okay?

Come, squeal like a pig.

And, due to those various things, I firmly punished my troubling little sister and friend who often got carried away while we were departing to a new journey once more.

Somehow, I had a premonition.

Surely, there would be another troubling encounter from now. And I thought that surely, the encounter would be with another woman again. My sharp instinct was whispering to me.

However, I wondered why. It wasn’t a bad feeling.

Before I even thought that it would be fine with only me and Hajime in this world, but after going out from the bottom of Abyss, perhaps even I was changing little by little.

In any case, I thought that it wouldn’t be a problem if that encounter was something good for Hajime.

After all if that was the case, then it should also be a good encounter for me at the same time.

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