As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store Chapter 46 - 46: Visiting Macau

Chapter 46: Visiting Macau

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The following day, everyone enjoyed a leisurely sleep until about 10 o’clock. Zhou Chao had taken advantage of the opportunity to sleep in, whereas Qin Lang and his companions had stayed up late playing. When Zhou Chao laid eyes on them, they were still yawning.

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“What’s the plan for today?” Qin Fen’s voice came from behind as he approached the group. Zhou Chao turned to see Qin Fen walking towards them. 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑛𝘦𝑡

“Given how they look, I’m not sure what we can do,” Zhou Chao responded with a hint of helplessness, looking at the slightly drowsy Qin Lang and his companions.

“Let’s have breakfast first. In the afternoon, we can explore Macau and check out its unique attractions. At least when visiting Macau, we should experience some of its special sights,” Qin Fen suggested, aware that they were still recovering from last night’s revelry. He proposed having a meal first and then heading out in the afternoon.

The Grand Lisboa Hotel was a comprehensive establishment featuring amenities like a clubhouse, restaurants, branded stores, banquet halls, and a hotel lobby. This made it convenient for Zhou Chao and his friends to sample Macau’s distinctive cuisine without leaving the hotel premises.

The group made their way to the 8 Restaurant on the second floor of the hotel. 8 Restaurant was the only upscale Chinese dining establishment in Macau that had earned a coveted Michelin three-star rating for seven consecutive years. Thus, the group’s expectations were high.

Upon entering the restaurant, they first walked through a glass corridor. Water cascaded down the walls on both sides, creating the illusion of a koi pond through the innovative use of light and shadow projection. The lifelike fish seemed to swim along with the guests’ steps, a clever and novel touch. Inside the restaurant, the decor predominantly featured a color palette of red and black, exuding an overall sense of elegance, luxury, and traditional Chinese cultural influences.

Guided by a waiter, the group took their seats. Zhou Chao handed the menu to Qin Fen, who promptly examined it. Without fuss, Qin Fen proceeded to order more than a dozen dishes, each a specialty of the restaurant.

As they chatted and awaited the arrival of their dishes, the appetizers arrived promptly. Two small spoons were served, each holding a small abalone paired with beef-stuffed matsutake mushrooms. Qin Lang and his hungry companions devoured the dish in two bites, much to the astonishment of Zhou Chao and Qin Fen.

Both of them savored the flavors with more attention, savoring each bite of the dish that carried a distinctive Cantonese essence. The following courses, which included the exquisite Golden Garlic Jade Bamboo Sea Bass Ball, the flavorful Salt and Pepper Baby Lobster, the succulent Honey-Glazed Black Pork Char Siu, the perfectly Pan-Fried Scallops, the delightful Snow Crab paired with Organic Baby Eggplant, and the rich Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with Shredded Duck and Conpoy, were promptly served. Yet, in less than two minutes, Qin Lang and his companions had already polished off every dish. With a resigned smile, Zhou Chao gently placed his chopsticks down.

Zhou Chao had to call a waiter over and order a pot of abalone and chicken rice for each person to prevent them from going hungry before lunch. Soon, the pot of flavorful rice arrived.

Qin Lang and his group reclined in their chairs to rest, while Zhou Chao and Qin Fen enjoyed their meal and chatted softly. “Young Master Qin, next time, don’t bring these hungry people with you when we’re having a meal. Otherwise, we won’t get a chance to eat,” Zhou Chao teased.

“Sure, I think that’s a good idea. They’ve eaten so much, and now I’m still not full. Look at them; their bellies are already round,” Qin Fen replied playfully.

Seeing that most of the dishes on the table had been enjoyed, the waiter promptly brought over the post-meal dessert, egg tarts paired with milk tea. The egg tarts had a crispy and thin pastry crust, complemented by a rich and creamy egg custard filling. The milk tea was smooth and fragrant, just the right size to enjoy.

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With the meal finished, the group’s spirits had lifted. Zhou Chao proposed exploring Macau’s unique attractions, such as the Macau Tower and the Ruins of St. Paul’s. Qin Fen suggested visiting the Macau Tower first, mainly to experience bungee jumping from a great height. After all, Qin Fen was someone who enjoyed challenging himself and engaging in exhilarating adventures. Consequently, the group hailed a taxi and set off for the Macau Tower.

As a new landmark of Macau, the Macau Tower stood at a height of 338 meters. Similar to the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, it offered panoramic views of the city from above. Inside the tower, various entertainment activities and culinary delights awaited the visitors.

Moreover, the Macau Tower was known for its outdoor thrilling amusement options, including a skyjump from a height of over 200 meters (61 floors) above the ground and a skywalk at the same height. Both activities presented significant challenges.

The Grand Lisboa Hotel was conveniently close to the Macau Tower. After a 10-minute ride, the group arrived at the base of the tower. When they looked up, they saw people enjoying a skyjump from above. This sight piqued their interest. Zhou Chao purchased six tickets at the base of the tower, costing around 17,000, and then the group took the elevator to the 61st floor.

Just as they stepped out of the elevator, Zhou Chao caught a glimpse of the azure sea and sky through the glass. A staff member approached and led them to sign liability waivers. Afterward, they were provided with clothing to change into. They were required to empty their pockets and remove any jewelry, placing them in lockers for safekeeping until after the experience.

The staff member quickly went over the safety precautions, and soon the group was ready for their first activity: the Skywalk at a height of 233 meters above the ground, with a 1.8-meter wide pathway and no handrails.

Qin Fen leaned against the window and peered downward. He glanced back at Qin Lang and the others who were chatting. He gave Zhou Chao a mischievous look, and Zhou Chao walked over.

“If Qin Lang and the others step out, would they just lie down on the ground and not move?” Qin Lang observed tourists engaged in the Skywalk, crawling on the ground and shifting slowly.

“I think Yang Shuo and Keting wouldn’t do that. As for Qin Lang, it’s hard to say. Lin Wu, are you afraid?” Zhou Chao suddenly turned to Lin Wu, who had been following him.

“Not at all. I’ve done much higher than this before,” Lin Wu replied calmly, which didn’t surprise Zhou Chao. After all, Lin Wu had quite a unique background.

“Qin Shao, let’s move ahead. Later on, we can let them follow behind slowly.”

“Alright,” Zhou Chao said, and he, Qin Fen, and Lin Wu walked towards the entrance of the Skywalk. After donning their safety gear, they stepped onto the pathway. Zhou Chao took the lead and glanced down at the ground, 233 meters below. He walked purposefully towards the edge. Qin Fen followed, looking ahead as he made his way outside.

Qin Lang watched as Zhou Chao and the others walked out, and he hurriedly followed suit. However, as soon as Qin Lang took his first step, his legs gave way, and he clung tightly to the safety harness, hands gripping the sliding rail. Seeing this, both Qin Fen and Zhou Chao couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

The steel frame pathway, only 1.8 meters wide and without guardrails, was quite intimidating for those who were a bit more timid. Observing Zhou Chao and Qin Fen laughing at him, Qin Lang gritted his teeth and summoned his courage. He stood up abruptly, gripping the safety harness, and began making his way towards Zhou Chao’s group. Yang Shuo and Keting, who followed, weren’t exactly at ease either. While they didn’t collapse to the ground like Qin Lang, their legs were shaking, and they cautiously advanced while clutching the safety harness.

Sitting in chairs and sipping coffee, Zhou Chao and Qin Fen enjoyed a moment of relaxation. Lin Wu quietly savored a box of egg tarts. Looking at the trio lying on the ground, Zhou Chao remarked, “Let’s go bungee jumping later.” It took the group more than half an hour to complete the Skywalk. Of course, this was mainly due to the frequent breaks taken by Qin Lang’s group. Every few steps, they needed several minutes to rest. By the time Qin Lang’s group finished, Zhou Chao and his companions were already sipping coffee and enjoying the view..

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