Beauty and the Beasts Chapter 1660 - Silvers Story

Chapter 1660: Silver’s Story

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Time passed quickly like a white pony’s shadow across a crevice. In the blink of an eye, An’an’s daughter had grown up.

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As she had her father’s bright blue hair, she was named Bluey.

She was bubbly and clever, completely unlike her mother. She knew how to talk, wheedle, and even throw tantrums.

The mermen adored her tremendously, leading them to have a strong desire to obtain rights to mate with her.

She had already accepted several formidable beastmen in the tribe, but the strongest amongst them—the leader—was still single and had never done anything to profess his love to Bluey.

“I want to go out! I want to go out!”

The crisp and clear voice of a young lady came from the ocean. Zooming in, it turned out that voice came from one of the stone caves at the depths of the sea.

This stone cave was completely different from how it was 18 years ago. It used to be spick and span and one could see clearly everything within at one glance. Now, there was a big pile of pretty clothes in the corner and all sorts of accessories and toys scattered on the ground. Brimming with vitality, it both had the vibe of a boudoir and the cuteness of a child’s room.

A gorgeous young lady was standing at the stone cave entrance and stomping her feet. That din had come from her pink lips.

“I want to go out and sunbathe. It’s too cold at the bottom of the sea!!!” Seeing a smudge of silver flashing in the distance, Bluey instantly opened her mouth and howled.

Very quickly, a silver merman swam to the cave entrance.

“Didn’t you just sunbathe yesterday? Prolonged exposure to the sun makes your skin peel,” Silver replied coldly. Nevertheless, he blew a bubble and put Bluey into it.

The mermen guarding near the nest got excited, eager to have a try.

“Leader, can we play with Bluey?” Finally, someone spoke up.

Silver said coldly, “Come on up.” The female needed to be protected.

Hence, more than ten mermen swiftly followed.

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On the way there, gazing in a certain direction at the bottom of the sea, Bluey suddenly asked, “Is that where my parents are buried?”

Silver finally showed a trace of reaction. His tail froze imperceptibly, before continuing to swim upwards in the next second.


Bluey stopped looking in that direction, but she continued the topic. She added, “I heard you’re the one who killed my father. Is that right?”

Again, Silver coldly responded with an “Mm”.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll hate you?”

Bluey got a little mad, and she got up and leaned against the bubble as she looked at Silver and said to him.

“Whatever.” Like his answers, Silver’s attitude was completely indifferent.

Bluey clenched her fists and said as she stared into his eyes, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll ask them to kill you or chase you away?”

“The tribe needs my protection. You won’t do that,” Silver responded blandly. At present, he was still the only four-striped beastman in the tribe. With him around, other tribes were deterred from attacking. Without him, plenty of tribes were certain to attack them to snatch Bluey away.

“If a new four-striped beastman emerges, I will leave.” Only then did Silver shift his gaze to her beautiful face. “If you hate me, you can kill me. Doesn’t matter to me.”

Bluey’s expression instantly eased, and her hands that were propped against the bubble also lowered.

Silver continued to float to the sea surface with her. The duo was silent for a long while before Bluey suddenly spoke again.

“Have you ever considered letting go of the past and getting together with me?” Bluey asked softly.

That’s right. She liked Silver.

Silver was the most formidable merman in their tribe. As the strongest capabilities usually represented the most perfect genes, his appearance was also one of the most outstanding in their tribe.

She had been in awe of Silver since she was a child. Later, after learning what had happened to her parents, she had also once felt anger over that.. But having already invested her feelings, it wasn’t something she could take back just because she wanted to.

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