Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 541 - On the Eve of the Big Event: Uchiha Sasuke Return to the Moby Dick

Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 51.

Most of this area was a ship coating factory. It just happened that a leading large ship was coated by a shipcaoter, and the large ship slowly sank to the bottom of the sea.

Monkey D. Dragon stood on the deck of the ship. He held a small piece of paper in his hand, and on it were name lists that everyone feared.

“If Rayleigh comes out…”

Dragon slowly clenched the list in his hand and looked up at his ship sinking to the bottom of the sea. His expression gradually became serious, “Next, I will visit the strongest man in the world…”

This was the most difficult!

There was no doubt that with Whitebeard Edward Newgate’s pride, he would never want to join hands with anyone because he himself had the power to stir the world!

Moreover, it was not good for the Revolutionary Army to join hands with the pirates to overthrow the World Government directly.

Dragon went to visit Whitebeard Edward Newgate, hoping that they could reach tacit cooperation, such as moving out at the same time, in case the World Government accidentally defeated them one by one…

In name, they still save their people on their own.

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The Revolutionary Army wanted to save their chief of staff and officers who would be executed by the World Government at the same time. Whitebeard Pirates went to save their 2nd Division Captain Portgas D. Ace.

There was a cigarette in the corner of her mouth; Belo Betty slowly said, “Will Whitebeard Pirates really collectively go to save Portgas D. Ace?”

“They will definitely go.”

Dragon nodded solemnly. His face was extremely solemn, “The marine is ready. Kuma has received a summoning order from the marine. I guess the other Shichibukai has also received the same summon…”

Speaking of this, Dragon continued in a deep voice, “The marine is ready to deal with Whitebeard Pirates. The entire world is waiting for Whitebeard’s response. With his pride, he will never be absent on this kind of occasion!”

Everyone knows that…

No one can hurt Whitebeard Pirates’ members!

Otherwise, they will face fierce revenge from the strongest man in the world!

Even in the past, Kabuto and Vice Admiral Tsuru carefully plan every action of the marine against Whitebeard Pirates.

There were even many times that the marine had to be careful to avoid touching Whitebeard’s nerves, and they had to use another Yonko(Four Emperors) Pirate Group, Beast Pirates, to fight against Whitebeard Pirates in order to maintain the balance of the world barely!


This balance was broken by the marine!

The World Government captured Portgas D. Ace and chose a time to execute him publicly. There was no doubt that they had already declared war on Whitebeard Pirates!

This was a true declaration of war!

The Whitebeard Pirates have never refused to fight!

Just as Dragon rushed to the Whitebeard sea region to pay a visit to the strongest man in the world, Whitebeard Edward Newgate finally received Sasuke, who had rushed back to the Moby Dick from the first half of Grand Line.

Since the end of the battle between Sasuke and Madara in Alabasta, the news of Portgas D. Ace’s arrest was immediately passed on to the Whitebeard Pirates, which was a few days earlier than the news from the World Government.

Whitebeard didn’t blame Sasuke; instead, he immediately ordered the Moby Dick to fetch Sasuke to prevent Sasuke from being captured by the marine.

On the Moby Dick.

The tall Susanoo spread its wings and landed on the ship.

The Susanoo on Sasuke’s body turned into a shadow and drifted away. His body fell on the deck somewhat weakly, and the captains hurriedly surrounded him.

“Hey, Sasuke, are you alright? “

Marco reached out to hold Sasuke’s shoulder, helping him to sit slowly on the ground. He could not help but frown, “You are injured; you should find a safe place and wait for us to pick you up. Why are you so stubborn…”

“It’s fine.”

Sasuke shook his head and forcefully tore off the clothes on his shoulder. He said in a low voice, “I was just a little tired after forcefully flying across the Red Line. Marco, help me bandage my wound first…”


Marco nodded his head slowly.

Sasuke’s shoulders and chest were covered with white gauze, but his bandaging skill was very poor, so the blood was slowly seeping out.

“Sasuke, what exactly happened?”

Jozu clenched his fist and said angrily, “Which bastard injured you to this extent? Also, did Ace really get captured?”

“Yeah, what happened?”

Vista also asked him with a worried face.

Since they met Sasuke, they had never seen Sasuke in such a sorry state. Even when Sasuke fought a Yonko(Four Emperors), such a situation never happened.

Jinbe squatted next to Marco and helped treat Sasuke’s wounds. He then asked, “Sasuke, did you meet Akatsuki’s leader? Did Akatsuki and World Government cooperate?”

Sasuke’s strength was seen by the entire Whitebeard Pirates.

If there were people in this world who could make Sasuke fall into such a miserable situation, there would be only a few people in the whole sea unless the marine higher-ups attack together…

Or the leader of the most mysterious organization, Akatsuki.


Sasuke shook his head. He gritted his teeth and said, “A troublesome guy, the former leader of our clan…”

This former clan leader…

He was also a horrible lunatic!

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In fact, the two of them did not fight for half a month. After fighting for three days and three nights, Alabasta was no longer able to withstand their battle…

Alabasta desert completely changed!

Now the Alabasta desert has become an oasis. In addition to the dense forest, there were also countless deep pits and canyons in the oasis…

The Complete Body Susanoo’s attack was enough to change the terrain.

Not to mention the battle of two Complete Body Susanoo…

After the Susanoo battle, the two of them almost divided Alabasta into countless islands, so they stopped the Susanoo battle. They then began the confrontation between physical skills and Haki. Every time they fought, it would be fatal as if they wanted to defend their last pride!

A confrontation between the past and the future life…

Perhaps it was also an inheritance of Uchiha’s will!

Until the last moment, Sasuke wielded the Supreme Gread Blade Kusanagi Sword to cut off the black rod in Madara’s hand and also broke Madara’s body!

This battle lost its meaning.

In fact, this was not a victory…

Madara was not in his peak state.

Moreover, Madara also had Impure World Reincarnated’s body. It was impossible for Sasuke to kill Madara, so the two of them left together.

Sasuke was still a little shocked…

If Madara really resurrected, this guy might become stronger in this sea. He was a madman who was really good at fighting!

The power of this world…

It really gave Madara the possibility to break through the limit!

No wonder that guy Uehara tried so hard to turn Madara into his collection. Sasuke actually had a moment when he wanted to resurrect Madara and see if this guy could overturn Uehara’s order…

When they split up…

Madara acknowledged Sasuke’s efforts. According to this world’s power system, Sasuke himself had the possibility of breaking through the shackles…

Ten days ago.

In the Alabasta desert.

Madara’s Impure World Reincarnate body gradually recovered from its destruction. This man casually looked at the last surviving Uchiha in the world.

“Sasuke, don’t let Indra’s chakra limit your power. “

Madara looked a bit indifferent, and his voice was even a bit disdainful, “Sasuke, our souls are all separate existences. Are you still living in the shadow of the past?

Haven’t you realized that after coming to this world, you didn’t become stronger because you have Indra’s chakra and Sharingan, but because you are Uchiha Sasuke!

Thinking about that fellow Uehara, his chakra was clearly only a portion of Sage of the Six Paths’ chakra reincarnation, but his strength far surpassed Sage of the Six Paths. So don’t think that you have a limit…”

Even though Sasuke had always had a bad impression of Madara. When Sasuke recalled what Madara said when they parted, he was still faintly shocked.

To tell the truth…

Madara’s will was much stronger than his.

Moby Dick.

The captains stood quietly beside Sasuke, listening to Sasuke slowly talk about what happened to them in Alabasta.

“…When we were chasing Teach, we fell into the marine and CP’s trap…”

Sasuke looked at Marco bandaging his wound, and frowned. He continued, “After Uchiha Madara used his Rinnegan’s ability to defeat Ace instantly, he immediately activated Susanoo to fight against me. A vice admiral took the opportunity to capture Ace…”


When Jozu heard this, his face instantly flashed with a touch of anger. He suddenly clenched his fist and said with a gloomy face, “What is the name of that vice admiral? I will go and pull his head off!”


Sasuke looked at Jozu speechlessly.

Why was this guy still talking about something else?

Fortunately, at this time, Whitebeard Edward Newgate spoke to stop Jozu, “Jozu, don’t interrupt Sasuke. Before we get back Ace, it is not the time to settle accounts with the marine…”

At this time…

It was not the time to anger the marine; wait until the day of the real war, let the marine realize their mistake!

Just as Whitebeard Pirates was still talking, a pirate in charge of the lookout shouted, “Hey, everyone, a ship is coming toward us…”

“Is it a marine warship?”

Marco couldn’t help but ask loudly.


The pirate looked with his telescope and carefully looked at the ship. When he saw the flag on the ship, his face couldn’t help but become extremely nervous, “That seems to be a pirate ship… That logo… is Red Hair…”

The pirate voice echoed throughout Moby Dick, “That ship is Red Hair Pirates’ Red Force!”

Red Force was Red Hair Pirates’ flagship.

The appearance of Red Force meant that Shanks had arrived personally.

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