Boss, Your Wife Runs Again Chapter 1769

Si Jingqian glanced at the male colleague who was not far away. The male colleague was frightened by his anger. He wanted to say hello, and then he shrunk his head and went back to his position.

His reaction fell in the eyes of Si Jingqian, which was undoubtedly not a manifestation of his heart.

Seizing the folder in her hand and throwing it on the desk beside her, Si Jingqian grabbed Xia Ziyu and walked out, "go home!"

"No, Si Jingqian, I haven\'t worked yet..."

"Work what work! Go home! No more work! "


Therefore, Xia Ziyu was brought directly from country a to country C by Si Jingqian.

She was locked in the room again, and she was not allowed to go out of the house. Xia Ziyu patted the door of her bedroom, "Si Jingqian, don\'t make trouble. The bidding I followed up is very important, and the overall situation is the most important!"

Isn\'t it just bidding? Si Jingqian stood in the corridor with his arms around his chest. He looked at the door that was knocked from inside and told her, "you stay at home. I will follow up the bidding for you!"

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"But I still have two Market Research..."

"I\'ll go!"

"I can\'t leave everything to you, I\'ll..."

"What? Don\'t believe me? "

"Of course not, because I work too much..."

"Give it all to me!" How can he get rid of the irresponsible father Stephanie? Why should he leave all the work to his wife? Why not give it to his own wife?

“……” Xia Ziyu is quiet.

In places that Si Jingqian could not see, she breathed a sigh of relief, and the general purpose of Si was achieved.

In the following period of time, all the people who knew him in country C felt his change.

In the past, the prince of SL group, who used to soak in entertainment places day and night, is now in the company.

Discard all the pink, red and green shirts in the closet and replace them with white, black and sky blue.

In addition to becoming mature in character, even his favorite gray white hair was dyed black.

Afraid of siding Li, Xia Ziyu would be embarrassed by her. She even took her business trip with her.


All he has done is for the sake of Get rid of stilly! Let Stilley step down! He will never live in the glory of Stilley!

Si Jingqian really hates stili!

Xia Ziyu loves Si Jingqian very much, and is always on guard against those who hurt her.

However, what Si Jingqian doesn\'t know is that, even if Shi Dingli calculated Xia Ziyu, it was for the sake of Si Jingqian\'s good For the sake of Xia Ziyu and Si Jingqian.

Oh! Poor parents!

A few years later, when Jingqian had a son, he realized what stigli had done to him

Si Jingqian knows how to make use of his own advantages, that is, bistingli has a smiling face and a gentle heart to win over the hearts of the company\'s executives.

All his actions were very easy to see through by the old doggerel, and he helped Si Jingqian several times in secret.

These certainly can\'t let the arrogant Jingqian know, otherwise he will certainly turn over his face and give up the company directly.

In fact, Stephanie is willing to hand over the company to his son as soon as possible. However, Si Jingqian is not experienced enough to take over the company formally. When he can really support the SL group that day, he will certainly give him the power of the company without saying a word! Travel around the world with your wife!

When Si Jingqian was 30 years old, he was fighting for the power of the company day and night. Xia Ziyu was pregnant.

Xia Ziyu, who was deprived of the right to work by Si Jingqian, really wants to go. Thank God, she finally has something to do!

In the hospital, Si Jingqian can\'t help but pull Xia Ziyu into his arms and kiss him fiercely.

"Hello, this is the hospital. Everyone is looking at us. Don\'t kiss! Shame or not Xia Ziyu covers Si Jingqian\'s mouth and doesn\'t let him be reckless.

"My wife is pregnant, I\'m happy, they look at jealousy normal!"

Xia Ziyu

Back home at night, Xia Ziyu looked at the man who was holding himself in bed, and suddenly thought of an important thing, "Si Jingqian, do you love me?"

"I\'m married. I\'m talking about love with you!"

Xia Ziyu sat up from the bed, "since you don\'t love me, what am I still doing here?"

The man was a little flustered, "Xia Ziyu is too much!"

"I\'m too much? Jingqian, I\'ve been married with you for so long, and you haven\'t said a word of love to me. Is it that I\'m too much or you are too much? " Although she can feel the heart of Jingqian, she just wants to let him tell himself.

“…… Xia Ziyu, do you want to be cleaned up by me again? "

"Si Jingqian, you\'re playing roughshod in front of me again! I can\'t live this day! " Xia Ziyu, frowning heavily, went to the bedroom door.

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Jingqian blocked her way, "how can\'t we get through it? I feel so good! " Although he hated Xia Ziyu at first, he felt that Xia Ziyu was the most lovely and best woman in the world after being together for so long.Every time he comes back from work, there are hot meals waiting for him at home.

Because he was very stressed and tired every day, Xia Ziyu also went to learn massage.

Often because work is busy, eat not on time, she will always call him regularly, even send video to supervise him to have a good meal.

Every morning, she would prepare the clothes, tie and watch for him when he went to wash

He was sociable and drank a lot. She always told the cook to cook some food for the stomach.


But he married Xia Ziyu, oh No, half a month before the wedding, I started my career inexplicably.

Work busy, little attention to her

"There must be a woman you like in your heart, or you haven\'t even given me a confession in recent years?" Her aggrieved complaint.

Before, she closed her heart and didn\'t care.

However, after he deprived her of her job, she became a woman who was raised by him at home. He just spoiled her into a coquettish little woman

Little women care about this!

"Yes, I admit, I have a woman I like in my heart!" Jingqian admitted it simply!

Xia Ziyu looked at Si Jingqian with a broken face. "Why didn\'t you tell me earlier? Why did you wait until I was pregnant to tell me?" No wonder He is a big radish, even a love word is not willing to give her! So it is

"Is it too late to tell you now?" He thought.

"Late! I\'m pregnant! Do you want me to leave with the baby? " Knock it out? That\'s even more impossible!

Jing Qian suppressed her smile and put her in her arms. "I can tell you that the woman I like is..."

"I don\'t listen! Don\'t listen Xia Ziyu reddened his eyes and blocked his ears. She was afraid that when she knew who the woman was, she could not help but take a knife to chop her!

Si Jingqian laughed and pulled down her hands, which covered her ears! The woman I like is called My child\'s mother

The mother of the child? Xia Ziyu did not comply with the hammer on his chest, "you have so many children..."

"You are wrong! I have only one child, here! " Si Jingqian touches the stomach of Xia Ziyu.

The woman burst into tears and laughed, "Why are you so annoying?" Isn\'t he serious in the company now? Why is it still so bad in the bone!

"Do I hate it?"


"Well, my wife says she hates me. It must be because she didn\'t accompany her well. I will not go to the company from tomorrow! Stay at home with your wife every day

"No, no, dad doesn\'t go to the company very much now. If you don\'t go there, there will be no leader in the company!"

"But here is my wife..." Jingqian\'s voice seemed to be very difficult, but there was no embarrassed look on his face.

Xia Ziyu was too anxious to ignore, "you don\'t have to accompany me, my mother said, let me move her to live there, and she will take care of me! You can work with ease. "

"Do I hate that?"

"No, no! You are so popular, just like me, how can I love you so much? " No, just now she wanted him to tell her who came

"My dear, since you love me so much, I love you too!"

"No, Si Jingqian..."

"Wife, it\'s time for us to rest, or the baby in the belly will protest!"

"Oh, then go to bed!"

"Yes, Madame


A few months later, Xia Ziyu and Si Jingqian\'s daughter were born.

On the day of the little princess\'s full moon wine, Stephanie announced in public that all matters of the group were handed over to Si Jingqian.

At the age of 31, Si Jingqian formally took over the post of SL group and became the president of SL group!

The three ancestors and grandsons of the Si family, from Si Jinheng to Si Ding Li, and then to Si Jingqian, have been legendary figures in the business world for generations. After a long time, no one in the world can shake the position of Si Jia.

What is more interesting is their love story: whether it is Si Jinheng and Li qianluo, or Shi Dingli and Shao Jiayi, or Si Jingqian and Xia Ziyu, they all came together after many ups and downs.

Many years later, even if their husband and wife hair gray, teeth lost, still married.

The men of Si family all dote on their wives, which naturally became the standard for girls to marry.

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