CEO He : Please Don’t Love Me Chapter 362 The Happy He Jian

Chapter 362 The Happy He Jian

Chu Feng came to He Jian’s office with a doctor very fast.

Both of them were panting heavily when they entered the office.

"Boss…the doctor is here."

Chu Feng said hurriedly as he pushed the bald doctor forward.

The doctor’s eyes were a little wide as he stepped forward and looked at He Jian.

It was the first time he had seen Young Master He. Though he had been working in He Corporation as a doctor for the employees in case of emergency for so many years, he had never seen He Jian before.

He had heard a lot about Young Master He who was almost the same as his father.

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But he had never believed all those rumours.

The bald doctor had met He Zhuang at least and according to him He Zhuang was the most intimidated man he had ever met in his life. However, at this moment, he wa forced to change his view when He Jian looked at him with those cold blue eyes and said coldly

"Treat her as soon as possible if you don’t want to end your career as a doctor."

The middle aged doctor came out of his trance swiftly and looked at the one more person present inside the room. The person at whom he had never looked at.

It was a girl.

The doctor’s eyes widened slightly.

He had also heard that Young Master He never liked when any 06:42

female species entered his office.

He had also heard that Young Master He never liked when any female species entered his office.

Was this rumour a lie?

However, he couldn’t ponder over this fact for a long time as He Jian was continuously staring at him with his cold blue eyes. The doctor swallowed as she stopped towards Mo Roulan and asked her

"Girl, what is the problem? Are you feeling unwell anywhere?"

Mo Roulan looked at the doctor blankly and then at He Jian once.

Inside her heart, she wondered what was the need of calling a doctor. She could just apply some ointment on her burn and it would have got fine in two or three days.

However, now she could only raise her hand and show it to the middle aged doctor.

The middle aged doctor thought the same when he looked at the burn on Mo Roulan’s hand. However, he was intelligent enough not to say this out aloud.

He looked at the burn carefully for a few seconds and then said

"I will prescribe an ointment to apply on it. Girl…"

"Do you have it inside your office?"

He Jian interrupted the middle aged doctor and asked

The doctor looked confused and nodded his head.

"Then just bring the ointment here."

He Jian said coldly.

"Apply it on Lanlan’s wound immediately."

And just like that, the middle aged doctor was forced to go back to his small office that was also his infirmary and bring the ointment for Mo Roulan.

However, the person who applied the ointment on Mo Roulan’s hand was He Jian.

Everyone including Mo Roulan watched He Jian as he applied the ointment with a deep frown on his forehead.

As if he was doing the most hateful thing in this world. At least that was what Mo Roulan thought.

She never thought that the frown on He Jian’s forehead could be because she was hurt.

Because in her eyes, she was never capable of affecting He Jian that deeply.

He Jian was just repaying her.

And Shen Yiling’s appearance just helped Mo Roulan to remember this fact all over again.

The doctor advised Mo Roulan what all she should avoid during the time her burn was healing. 𝗯𝐞𝗱𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗼𝗿𝐠

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Mo Roulan heard patiently and the doctor left after some time.

"Your coffee…"

Mo Roulan’s eyes fell on the coffee cup that was placed on He Jian’s table.

She looked at him for a moment and then went forward to pick the cup from the table.

"Mr. He, it is cold now. I will go and make another cup for you."

He Jian felt frustrated seeing Mo Roulan’s serious face when she said this.

Was it you only who had said that she was not taking her job seriously?

His conscience mocked home while his heart became more restless.

"No need."

He stopped Mo Roulan as he held her hand from behind.

He pulled her back slightly by her right hand and said gently.

"Leave the coffee."

He took the cup from Mo Roulan’s hand and placed it back on the table.

"Tell me how did you get the burn?"

Mo Roulan looked at He Jian. Instead of answering his question, she first pulled her hand away from his hold and then she answered his question seriously.

"I collided with …"

Mo Roulan paused for a moment and then continued

"An employee and the coffee that I had prepared for Mr. He spilled on my hand. I am very sorry for this irresponsible behaviour of mine, Mr. He. I will be …"

"You don’t need to be sorry."

He Jian interrupted Mo Roulan sharply.

He sighed when he saw how Mo Roulan flinched at his sharp voice.

God, why was he messing up everything so badly…

He sighed deeply as he looked at Mo Roulan’s blank face again and said

"Lanlan, I am sorry."

Mo Roualn’s eyes flashed with surprise as she looked at He Jian’s face finally after a long time. He Jian could not help but feel his heart full with relief under her gaze.

He liked it when she was looking at him. When he was the sole person she was paying attention to.

"I should not have shouted at you earlier."

He Jian said very softly while Mo Roulan shook her head.

"No, Mr. He. You did right. I should not have been late."

"Are you saying this because you are angry with me?"

He Jian smiled wryly as he asked this question to Mo Roulan.

But Mo Roulan again shook her head.

Her gaze was firm and serious as she said

"No, I learned something today. I will always be on time in the future least I will try my best to not let whatever happened this morning happen again."

He Jian smile this time was genuine. It was deep. Did it mean that she would come in his car to He Corporation from tomorrow morning?

He nodded his head in satisfaction and couldn’t help but look at Mo Roukan more gently.

"Lanlan is sensible."

He was happy that she could think like this.

He was happy that she could understand him without him having any need to say anything.

He was happy that Mo Roulan was going to come with him to He Corporation from tomorrow morning.

Or that was what he thought.

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