Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3417: A Great Increase in Martial Soul Force (1)

Chapter 3417: A Great Increase in Martial Soul Force (1)

A young man sat on a regular meteor within a cloud of meteors in a place in the Saints’ World. He constantly ingested various high level God Tier pills and heavenly resources.

The young man did not seem particularly old, only in his twenties. He was striking in appearance. However, his face was sickly pale, without a shred of blood. The armour he wore was tattered and splattered with blood too.

The young man was clearly heavily injured and hiding here to recover.

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At this moment, the space split open and the stars dimmed. All of the meteors hovering where the young man resided turned to dust. A colossal spear seemed to emerge from the very depths of the cosmos, piercing the space and shooting towards the young man with a destructive presence.

The young man suddenly opened his eyes. When he stood up, a terrifying wave of pressure suddenly erupted, shattering the galaxies and bursting through space, directly making the surrounding million kilometres collapse.

The young man suddenly reached out. Terrifying power beyond description immediately turned into a towering hand with the power of the order of the world, immediately gripping the spear firmly.𝐟𝚛e𝗲𝚠𝗲𝑏𝓃𝑜ν𝐞𝘭. c𝒐𝓂


A great rumble immediately erupted in the depths of space. The terrifying storm of energy ripped through the space, spreading outwards as a shockwave. Wherever it passed, the stars and planets were heavily damaged, knocked away from their original trajectories as they shattered.

The young man was very powerful, but he was clearly heavily injured right now. The power behind the spear was absolutely startling as well. As a result, even though the hand he condensed from energy grabbed the incoming spear, his hand slowly collapsed under the devastating might.

At this moment, surging sword intent swept over. A dazzling streak of silver-white sword Qi shot over. The sword Qi crossed through billions of kilometres, darting straight towards the young man from the depths of the sea of stars.

The young man was unfazed. Another hand emerged from nowhere and smashed the sword Qi to pieces under the combination of a tsunami-like force and the power of ways.

However, a deep, obvious gash appeared on his hand.

“The two of you couldn’t kill me even when I was so feeble back then. Now that I’m gradually recovering, you’re dreaming if you still think you can kill me.”

“Martial God and the remnant of the Heaven-destroying Sword sect, I’ll let you experience how it feels to be hunted down as well once I fully recover,” the young man stared at the owners of the spear and the sword Qi and said with bone-chilling coldness. It was filled with a sense of undisguised killing intent and fury. His terrifying gaze was enough to send chills down spines.

In the next moment, he burst through space and immediately shot off into the distance. He moved extremely quickly, vanishing billions of kilometres away.

A burly man and a cloaked person appeared in the space that had cracked from the collision of energies. The two of them gazed in the direction that the young man had vanished off in. They remained silent.

They were the Martial God of the Martial God clan and the only remaining ancestor of the Heaven-destroying Sword sect.

“He’s gradually recovering. We’ve already lost the best opportunity to kill him. We might not want to accept this, but we must admit that we can no longer kill him.” The Martial God stood with his spear. He was stern.

“He’s truly a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. The Heaven-splitting Ancestor is truly powerful. He actually managed to survive our attempts at his life despite such a feeble state.” The ancestor of the Heaven-destroying Sword sect sighed. “However, while he’s still alive, only he remains from the Heaven-splitting clan.”

“When the Heaven-splitting Ancestor personally destroyed my Heaven-destroying Sword sect, only I managed to escape. Today, only he remains from his Heaven-splitting clan too. Hahahahahaha, Heaven-splitting Ancestor, are you any different from me right now?”

The Martial God turned towards the cloaked old man. He felt some sympathy and said, “That’s different. Once the Heaven-splitting Ancestor completely recovers, he can rebuild the Heaven-splitting clan at any moment, but is your Heaven-destroying Sword sect bold enough to reappear in the Saints’ World?”

“Yeah. Each day the Heaven-splitting Ancestor remains alive is another day our Heaven-destroying Sword sect cannot be rebuilt unless we change our name. However, if we even change the name of our sect, is that still the Heaven-destroying Sword sect?”

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“But that’s fine. As long as I’m still alive, I will never remove my eyes from the Heaven-splitting clan. If the Heaven-splitting clan decides to rebuild, I’ll always be able to find the opportunity to destroy his clan a second and a third time,” the ancestor from the Heaven-destroying Sword sect said stubbornly. He was a solitary soul, not tied down by anything. Coupled with his strength as a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, even the Heaven-splitting Ancestor would struggle to find him if he truly went into hiding.

“Are you willing to come to my Martial God clan? With our heritage, we don’t fear any attempts of revenge from the Heaven-splitting Ancestor at all,” said the Martial God. A Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime was a lofty existence, even to a true archaean clan, let alone one in decline.

If he could rope him in, the Martial God clan’s strength would grow as well.

“I’ve grown accustomed to moving around alone. I don’t wish to be tied down. Farewell!” The ancestor of the Heaven-destroying Sword sect cupped his fist at the Martial God before vanishing as a streak of light.


In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had already spent five hundred years in secluded cultivation on the Martial Soul Mountain. During these five hundred years, his Martial Soul Force increased at an unprecedented pace. He cut down all obstacles and overcame obstructions and bottlenecks after obstructions and bottlenecks, successfully reaching Infinite Prime.

After all, the Martial Soul Force he absorbed right now was well beyond anything that the outside layers could rival in terms of purity and quality.

If it were not for the fact that the growth of Martial Soul Force was limited by the Laws of the Hallowed, his achievements with Martial Soul Force would probably be much more than this.

However, as soon as he reached the Primordial realm, comprehending the Laws of the Hallowed became much more difficult, which made him slow down immediately.

But despite that, the rate at which Jian Chen’s strength increased still amazed his senior brothers and sisters of the Martial Soul lineage.

He reached Infinite Prime with his Martial Soul Force in a short few centuries. That was faster than all of them.

“Back then, I had to cultivate for several tens of thousand years before breaking through to the Primordial realm, yet eighth junior brother isn’t even a tenth of my age and his accomplishments with Martial Soul Force have almost caught up to mine. On top of that, Martial Soul Force isn’t even what you primarily focus on,” Qing Shan said mopingly. His gaze towards Jian Chen was filled with envy.

“If I’ve guessed correctly, little junior brother should be naturally close to the laws, which is why his comprehension has advanced rapidly, well faster than any of the so-called prodigies of the Saints’ World. Otherwise, even if you have a tremendous fortuitous encounter, you can’t absorb and make use of it.” Hun Zang’s eyes shone with a different light as he looked at Jian Chen.

When he heard that, Jian Chen could not help but recall the fact that he could vaguely sense all the ways in the world. He had no idea whether he could sense all three thousand ways, but he did know he could sense an extremely great number of them, at least several hundred or even over a thousand.

Of course, he could only sense the existence of these ways. He could not actually make use of them. If he wanted to grasp them, he had to slowly comprehend them and understand their mysteries.

“Chu Jian, Yue Chao, we’ll conjure the Laws of the Hallowed together and help sixth junior brother, seventh junior brother, and eighth junior brother reach Chaotic Prime as quickly as possible.” Hun Zang suddenly turned towards Chu Jian and Yue Chao.

Obviously, no one objected to his suggestion. The Martial Soul lineage truly made selfless offerings to one another. There had never been anything like personal interests. Chu Jian and Yue Chao immediately agreed happily.

“First senior brother, second senior brother, third senior brother, I won’t partake then. I’ve already reached a bottleneck with my comprehension. If I want to overcome this obstacle, it’s not just a matter of comprehension,” Bai Rufeng smiled and said gently. He was stuck at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime right now. If he wanted to break through, he needed a relatively long period of consolidation.

Or, he needed some kind of fortuitous encounter or opportunity.

“Fair enough. Then seventh and eighth junior brother can participate.” Hun Zang nodded.

“Sixth senior sister, I still have some Comprehension Tea on me. When we end the Martial Soul Array and leave here, I’ll share it with everyone,” said Jian Chen.

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