CROWN PRINCE’S CONCUBINE Chapter 718 - 718 To The West.

718 To The West.

Bai Ying stepped away, moving towards the room leaving the young man standing there alone.

“Young master Su, is there anything I can help you with?” he asked.

Su Liming smiled. He approached Bai Ying back into the room.

“Eh, not really, uh, just bored and want to chat, then do you have time? Looks like you can’t sleep either?”

Bai Ying turned his body to look at the young man for a moment, then returned his gaze to the previous direction.

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“Please pardon me, young master, but I think I just want to sleep now, no matter how I have to gather energy for tomorrow’s journey, Young Master, please go back to your room”

Bai Ying walked towards his bed. But Young Master Su again held his hand, this time even pulling Bai Ying towards him.

“Hey,” Bai Ying was startled, wide-eyed seeing young master Su who was already hugging him with both arms on his body. How sassy he is!

“Hey what are you doing?”


Bai Ying turned around and saw the dazzling light in young master Su’s eyes.



The horses galloped quickly and stopped in front of the gate of the Hua family’s house. The house was very quiet. The garden worker who was also taken in charge of guarding the big door turned his head when he saw a figure in a dark blue robe dismounted from his horse and immediately rushed inside.

“Ying Ying!” it was clearly Luo Xiang who rode alone to the Hua residence, without the others following him. The old man at the door widened his eyes when he saw Luo Xiang enter. The old man who recognized the Crown Prince’s face immediately lowered his knee to the ground.

“Greetings, Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince, may Your Highness always be healthy and live long.” Not long after, other maids ran out of the house and knelt down to see the Crown Prince had suddenly been there.

“Greetings, Your Highness the Crown Prince”

Luo Xiang waved his hand, he seemed to be rushing there and wished Bai Ying to return home after learning about it from the guardian of the Hua Family Tomb.

“Where is your young master? Where is Hua Bai Ying?” he asked. All the maids slowly stood up.

The old man guarding the park glanced at the others before answering.

“Eh, young master just left early in the morning, he didn’t even have time to have breakfast”

Luo Xiang threw his hand in the air. Damn it, he’s late again.

“Heh that kid, did he go alone?” he asked, according to the family tomb guard, Bai Ying came with a young man.

“Report Your Honor, Young Master came last night with a young man, if I am not mistaken his name is Master Su, and this morning Young master suddenly left without saying anything at all, not even telling us in advance.”

Luo Xiang frowned. He knew Bai Ying, that child was very friendly to everyone, and it was impossible for him to leave without saying goodbye.

“Are they heading to the Capital?” he asked.

The servants looked at each other until a woman of the same age nodded.

“Pardon me, Your Majesty, It seems so, yesterday Servant heard that Young Master was going to the border of Li state and that young master Su happened to be in one direction, there is a possibility that they might be heading there,” said the middle-aged woman.

Luo Xiang clenched his fists, turned, and get back on his horse, he have to chase Bai Ying back.

“That brat, he’s so stubborn”

And without waiting any longer, Luo Xiang who covered himself with a sparkling dark blue robe with Yue Yang’s signature embroidered pattern on the back and headdress climbed onto his horse and kicked the reins hard.

“Hiya Hiya!”

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Luo Xiang kicked his horse’s whip, bringing the horse to a run as if it were flying. He couldn’t delay meeting Bai Ying no matter what. His intense longing made him not like himself, he would go crazy if he didn’t see his Ying Ying within four months, how could he possibly endure it fro that long?

The rain came pouring down again. Although it didn’t make Luo Xiang reduce his horse’s speed. He allowed himself to be wet by the water that spilled profusely from the sky and even made his vision blurry because of it.

“Ying Ying, don’t go alone, wait for me at your place, don’t go anywhere,”

Back in the Inn a day before.

The sun just hangs in the eastern sky, the warm air and perfect shape of the clouds, beautiful sun with all being cheers to greet it with joy.

Luo Xiang just wears his handcuffs and tightens them. Wear his magnificent blue clothes with some silver thread embroideries on the list and collar. Handsome shining face even with some worries that were still visible in his eyes, from missing Bai Ying too much.

He’s getting ready to hit the road again leaving the inn to get back to Yue Yang. It’s in the same direction as Bai Ying, but he thought he might just let the kid go alone and wait for him at Xian Yang as they promised. Although it’s hard, he has to trust the kids. Not to mention his father the Emperor, has sent him a letter to go back to the Palace for his assignment. No matter what he has the obligation to be the good Crown Prince for the sake of his country, and also for his love Hua Bai Ying.

He was about to get out of the room when suddenly Bei Yau rushed in.

“Your Majesty, there’s another letter from the Palace,” said Bei Yau hurry get in, and passing the letter scroll to Luo Xiang.

The Crown Prince saw the scroll for a moment, looking at Bei Yau before he take it.

“What’s wrong with that old man? Didn’t he really can’t wait for us to get back, that old senile”

Luo Xiang takes the letter and opens it. His eyes move to the right and left reading the letter carefully. Not long after he scrolls back the letter and hands it over to Bei Yau’s hand again.

The Crown Prince just put his hands on his back waist and clenched them while thinking hard. He then looks at Bei Yau who’s already waiting for him to say anything.

“Your Majesty”

“You guys headed to Bu San first, I will catch up later”

Bei Yau nodded.

“Yes, Your Majesty”


Li Country.

The small country is located on the west side of the capital San Po, not far from the westernmost city gate of San Po, after passing through two transit towns and the Redstone valley. The country that was one of Yue Yang’s closest and most mutually beneficial allies was not much different from the average Yue Yang. The people are the same, with similar dialects, in a glance, the citizen of Li can also look like the citizen of Yue Yang, and vice versa.

The country has a supreme leader, now still held by Queen Sun Na who is known to have an iron fist and firm. She does not hesitate to punish corruptors in her government, indiscriminately. The Queen has sons and daughters, all of whom have the same opportunity, equally to fight for the position of the country’s top leader after her.

The atmosphere of the big city of Bu Li, the city that became one of the pillars of the capital Bu San became one of the most bustling trading cities in the country. Resembling Sui Lian and Chang San, it became a destination for merchants of all kinds to come to sell their wares. Like a trading city in general, this big city has lots of restaurants, inns to entertainment houses. The big city is very lively even though it’s late at night.

Bai Ying sits on his black horse, Xiao Hei, he looks alone. Where is young master Su who should have gone with him? The young man sat on Xiao Hei who was walking slowly along the city’s main street enjoying the crowd. Bai Ying really liked crowds, especially the market where many vendors were selling their beautiful wares. Bai Ying finally dismounted from his horse and approached the accessories seller to see jade hangers of various colors and shapes. His eyes shone at the sight.

“Wow, this is so pretty, how much is this?” he exclaimed.

The old man selling accessories smiled broadly, looking at the young man in a long white robe and veil who pointed to one of his accessories.

“Oh, that’s two taels young man, this is a fine item from the White Fox valley, quite a rare item.”

Bai Ying’s eyes widened, not because of the price tag but something the old man said.

“It’s from the valley of the White Fox? Where is the valley, old man?” he asked enthusiastically.

The old man stroked his chin, thinking about which direction to point.

“Enm, White Fox valley, if you go from here to the west, the valley is behind the foot of the White Fox hill, it is a bit difficult to find, and it is said that not many people can go there, is young master going there?” he asked.

Bai Ying nodded quickly.

“Of course, so from here, just head west, okay?”


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