Demon Hunter Book 6 Chapter 41.7

Book 6 Chapter 41.7 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

By the western shore, the clouds of radiation were extremely low, pressuring Valhalla until it almost touched the ground. The starship’s long and slender ship body was still graceful and mysterious, but the swirling radiance appeared a bit sluggish. Meanwhile, inside the starship, the atmosphere was even more so heavy like the night before a storm. The three apostles stood silently, not talking to each other, nor did they move at all. They only waited, waiting for the revived seventh apostle and the apostles’ Sword to arrive. This was a first, the apostles knew the feeling of despair. No, thinking back, a similar feeling had appeared long before. While lingering on the boundary between destruction and survival, the three apostles all instinctively recovered a portion of their lost memories, and all of them recalled what the first feeling of despair was.

That was the day before they decided to betray the Lord.

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“Perhaps we can try to forcefully break through the imprisonment...” Rochester suddenly said. However, he immediately shook his head, rejecting this unrealistic idea. Inside the prison, the will of the world was already deeply intertwined with their own instincts, so forcefully breaking out from the prison might very well lead to the will of the world’s most powerful rejection, dragging their instincts down into mutual destruction. Even if they successfully broke free from the prison and managed to preserve their instincts through a fluke, the similarly awakened seventh apostle would still follow them and rush out of the imprisonment. At that time, the seriously wounded apostles wouldn’t be able to retaliate in the slightest. That was why all thoughts of leaving the imprisonment would only lead to a quicker death. It was better off just to stay behind, and then fight to the death with the Destroyer. Even if they died in battle, the apostles still had a chance of casting their own consciousness imprints out so that they could be reborn in another corner of the universe one day in the future.

Serendela gazed absent-mindedly into the distant gloomy sky, slowly saying, “Our last hope is the complete awakening of Madeline’s instincts.”

Rochester and Fitzdurk’s minds both trembled, as if they saw a ray of hope in the darkness. Madeline was also an apostle, moreover the apostle with the greatest combat strength, as long as she completely awakened, she would definitely stand at the apostles’ side. The reason why the situation went out of control was solely because Madeline’s consciousness of this world completely overwhelmed the apostles’ instincts, to the extent where she seriously injured the three apostles who suppressed her on a spiritual level. If she was able to return, then the apostles still had a chance of withstanding Su. Even though the Brain was missing, after all, Su didn’t completely awaken either. His will of this world’s consciousness was even stronger than any one of the apostles’.

Right when they felt hope once more, Valhalla suddenly began to shake violently, and then it lost control, quickly falling! The three apostles all felt a piercing pain from a spiritual level, this was the result of an ultra life form whose energy level was far greater than theirs trying to forcefully erase their consciousness imprints! This was an attack directed at their source, one made without any leeway, even more cruel and direct than a spiritual battle!

In the distant great earth, Su stood there quietly, his right hand reached out, clenching into a fist, and then with a turn of his hand, he fiercely crushed downwards!

Within great rumbling sounds, Valhalla lost its past gracefulness and calmness, planting headfirst into the great earth, half of it buried in the ground. The part of the ship exposed above the ground was clearly warped, with several finger shaped imprints.

Su’s right hand gripped down tightly!

Valhalla released an unpleasant groan, the ship body starting to continuously distort under Su’s movements. Energy spilled out from the ship surface in a berserk manner, large amounts of black negative energy even more so overflowing from time to time, causing the starship’s surroundings to reveal clear signs of instability. This was a sign of the spatial furnace being completely destroyed, the spatial energy within the furnace that hadn’t been refined and purified directly rushing out, starting to crazily destroy the spatial composition of this world. Meanwhile, being situated right underneath the unstable space placed the apostles in tremendous danger as well.

As he watched Valhalla finally be completely destroyed, Su revealed a smile. “This move from the Creator isn’t bad. Using our human words, it is quite cool.”

Madeline floated in the air, carrying her heavy sword, silver energy radiance continuously released from her body, to the extent where signs of instability also appeared in the surrounding space. She already raised her combat strength to the peak to face the ultimate battle.

Su finally reached out his left hand. His hands moved together, and then separated to the sides!

A scream of pain tore through the world. Valhalla’s seriously warped ship body was actually forcibly torn open, ripped apart! Within the crazy energy that rushed into the sky, the three apostles flew into the air like shooting stars. They locked onto Su on the ground shortly after, endless energy radiance pouring down like a meteor shower onto Su! In this short instant, the apostles already released everything they had without restrain, even more so completely giving up on protecting their own bodies. They were hoping to inhibit Su at the cost of taking on heavy injuries themselves, as for Madeline, she was already completely ignored by the three apostles. When the young lady attacked the three apostles, it would also be the moment when her own apostle consciousness’ retaliation would be the greatest. If not even this could cause her to awaken, then the three apostles would just have to accept this result.

However, when all of the attacks reached within a hundred meters of Su, almost all of them self destructed and disappeared on their own! The reason why it was ‘almost’, was because there was a small amount that was intercepted by Madeline. However, right now, everyone knew that even if Madeline didn’t do anything, the apostles’ attack would still be completely ineffective against Su!

No one noticed that four Bisindle characters floated in Su’s right pupil. Within the entire Bisindle system, these four characters were still considered of the complex type. They separately corresponded to four apostles, Madeline included among them. Each time the apostles released an attack, the corresponding character would break down and release a large amount of information, and as such, all information related to the attack would be grasped by Su. These four divine characters included all of the four apostles’ abilities, to the extent where it included abilities they still didn’t awaken yet. That was why before Su, the apostles had no secrets. Meanwhile, in the depths of Su’s left eye, there was also a Bisindle character rotating, what it released was an all-known energy circulation and activation methods. Under the assistance of this symbol, Su’s control and manipulation over energy already reached a point where it moved according to his will. Meanwhile, his own body’s thought centers’ degree of power was perhaps second only to the Brain, Helen, even more so above the biological weapon main brain.

That was why before Su, the three apostles immediately felt complete despair.

First, Su tore Fitzdurk to shreds, moreover used pure destructive energy to erase his spiritual imprints, this was an extremely slow and painful process. He still didn’t forget how this Lightning Apostle chased after him, even more so unable to forget Li, Li Gaolei, as well as the other subordinates who died because of this apostle. That was why the first one Su chose was Fitzdurk, moreover determined to torture him until he was satisfied.

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As Fitzdurk howled in pain, Serendela’s cry of alarm sounded! Su similarly ripped her body apart, but had her consciousness enter a spiritual trap. In this imaginary world, she would find that she was only an ordinary human girl, while her enemies were countless male creatures! This process of torment and humiliation didn’t last that long, at the very least a bit shorter than Fitzdurk’s. However, for Serendela, it was like an eternity! She gradually fell in the pain and humiliation, thus losing her sense of self, believing that she really was only a human woman, nothing more.

This was compensation for trying to ‘awaken’ Madeline.

When Su felt satisfied, energy would directly destroy the two apostle’s consciousness, thus thoroughly erasing their existence. However, there was still an extremely small chance that they would be reborn in a certain corner of the universe, at that time, it would be a different story. Something that was this distant wouldn’t appear in Su’s field of view. Humans were only accustomed to grasping the current moment, because the amount of time they could squander away really was too short.

Finally, it was Rochester’s turn.

When facing this apostle who was actually his own creator, Su was left with extremely complex emotions. The Inheritor in front of Su looked even more like a haggard old man. When he stood up with a bitter smile, he didn’t carry out a final struggle, instead choosing to face his own destruction in a calm and dignified manner.

Su hesitated a few times, but in the end, he still raised his hand.

The Inheritor was still an apostle, moreover the apostle who woke up the earliest. Even though it was already proven that he had nothing to do with the nuclear war that almost wiped out the human race, in the battle of the southern continent, it became clear that his plans were even a step further beyond Fitzdurk and Serendela’s; he not only wanted to escape this prison, he wanted to completely destroy this prison along the way.

Regardless of whether it was through rationality or his instincts, there was no way Su could allow the Inheritor to continue living.

Rochester looked calmly at Su, slowly saying, “What should I call you? Seventh apostle, Destroyer, or Su? Regardless of which one it is, you came to destroy us on the orders of the Lord. We did indeed betray the Lord, and we even thought that we successfully destroyed him. Unfortunately, this prison, the Creator, and yourself, have proved that the Lord still exists, not completely destroyed as we had originally believed. Unfortunately, the Brain didn’t choose to stand with us, she removed a portion of our inherited memories, preventing me from knowing why we would choose to betray the incomparably powerful Lord. However, these things aren’t important right now, what is important is that you, Su, are also an apostle. The day will come when you will be just like us, walking the path of betraying the Lord!”

Su remained silent for a moment, and then he still placed his hand on Rochester’s chest, saying, “Regardless of what the future holds, it has nothing to do with you. This is an eternal parting, Inheritor.”

When the crazy energy of destruction surged from Su’s hand, almost completely devouring Rochester, his face suddenly revealed a heartbroken and terrified expression, screaming out, “You!...” However, as soon as he uttered this word, the destructive energy completely vaporized him. Su also stood there blankly, but it happened too suddenly, no time for him to stop at all. The Inheritor wanted to say something, but he would never know what he wanted to say.

Su stood there in the boundless wilderness. Apart from him, only Madeline remained.

Wind whistled past.

After who knew how much time had passed, Su released a sigh, and then said, “I believe our job is not yet finished, there is still the Lord. I need to verify who exactly the Lord is, for the apostles to plot against and destroy it, moreover stop its rebirth. That spatial gate... we should be able to activate it now.”

“I am going too.” The young lady’s voice was incredibly resolute.

The Lord might still be alive, while the apostles who betrayed it weren’t completely destroyed. In the foreseeable future, the Lord and the Sword will ultimately meet.

That was why Su walked towards the transport gate that led to the Lord’s country, while Madeline followed behind him.

The characters on the monument were already repaired. After a flash of dazzling light, the figures of Su and the young lady disappeared. When the cold winds ravaged this peak, only that damaged monument corroded by the passage of endless time remained.

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