Douluo Dalu Chapter 336 - The Grand Finale - The Last Requirement

Chapter 336 - The Grand Finale - The Last Requirement

Qian Ren Xue didn’t show a beam of hopelessness on her face. Quite the contrary, she looked peaceful.

She had used up her forces, even smashing the god’s title to pump the power for her last strike. She finally found peace and quiet now. Bibi Dong, you’ve given me my life, I’ve just repaid my life for you. I don’t owe you anything now.

The Scarlet Asura Demonic Sword was like an Ancient God of Slaughter; let alone the fact that Qian Ren Xue wasn’t a God now, even if she was still the Angelic God, she couldn’t stop that earth-shaking strike of the Asura God.

Tang San, let me die in the hands of the man I’ve loved the most in this life. Perhaps it’s the best end of mine. Qian Ren Xue could even taste death now. She closed her eyes. Tears were rolling down quietly on her face.

However, Qian Ren Xue didn’t feel painful when her body was pierced through, nor feel her soul was being dragged out of her body. She quickly opened her eyes to see the Asura Demonic Sword stabbed forward but it didn’t pierce through her as there was a purple figure had stopped its way.

Dazzling red lightning was expanding on that purple body. Her dark purple god armament had broken into numerous pieces then disappeared.


Qian Ren Xue screamed with all her strength. No one knew where she took the last drop of power to stretch her arms, grabbing the one who had just taken the sword for her.

Bibi Dong turned to see Qian Ren Xue; a tender halo was released on her shaking hands, lifting Qian Ren Xue with her. They then descended slowly to the front of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Tang San didn’t chase after them because it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Qian Ren Xue had completely lost her divine power. She wasn’t the Angelic God anymore. Right when the Asura Demonic Sword stabbed forward, Bibi Dong had shielded that deadly sword for her.

If it had been the Sea God Trident, Bibi Dong might have reluctantly used her Undying Body to take it. However, this time, her real body got hurt. The Asura Demonic Sword could totally subdue the Rakshasa God’s god power. Moreover, the sword was filled with the murderous aura of the Asura God, how could she resist it?

Seeing her mother was about to fall on the ground, Qian Ren Xue’s eyes showed a hopeless light. Tang San reluctantly felt a little bit merciful. Thus, he didn’t chase after them. He then followed them to descend to the ground.

On the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, when Grandmaster saw Bibi Dong being pierced through by Tang San’s Asura Demonic Sword, his face paled. The deeper the love was, the bigger the hatred would be. No matter what Bibi Dong had done, in his heart, she was always the first woman that he had ever loved. Even the one he had loved the most in his whole life.

When Bibi Dong took Qian Ren Xue and stood on the ground, the Rakshasa God Armament had finally turned into smoke and vanished.

Looking at Tang San, Bibi Dong’s sharp eyes were complicated. It was more of her unwillingness, but it was strange that it didn’t contain any bit of resentment.

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“Tang San, you won.”

It was hard for Bibi Dong to speak now; both of her hands were clutching on the Asura Demonic Sword.

Tang San said faintly, “I’m just lucky. You should be the winner.”

Bibi Dong beamed a stolid smile. The sinister green hue had totally disappeared on her face. The tender expression had come back to her, restoring her original noble and exquisite appearance. However, she was ashen.

“Xiao Gang used to tell me. People’s fortune is a part of their competence. You are a God, of course, you could see that we don’t have any strength left to protest. My life is dying out under the Asura Demonic Sword. Could you allow me to see Xiao Gang for the last time? I have something to tell him.”

Tang San looked up to see the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. At this moment, a splendid pair of wings suddenly spread atop the wall; a giant fire dragon was bringing Grandmaster to them.

From the Spirit Empire’s side, Hu Lie Na was running crazily to them.

“Teacher! Teacher!”

After they had landed, Liu Er Long turned back to her human form, assisted the feeble Grandmaster and walked to them quickly. She was looking at Bibi Dong with an unfriendly look. Although her rival in love was about to die, this hatred could never be changed.

“Xiao Gang…”

Having seen Grandmaster come closer, Bibi Dong finally had some rosiness on her cheeks. She looked much better.

Grandmaster looked at her and didn’t say anything. However, the light in his eyes was much more complicated than Bibi Dong’s.

“Xiao Gang, when I was the Rakshasa God, did I look ugly?”

Bibi Dong rubbed her face and spoke with a sigh.


Hu Lie Na finally came to them, collapsing on Bibi Dong. Tears were streaming down on her face and Qian Ren Xue’s.

“Don’t be noisy. Do not disturb Xiao Gang and me.”

Bibi Dong glanced at Hu Lie Na, scolded her just like a teacher teaching her little student. This mesmerizing appearance of her didn’t look like that of a dying person, who was about to leave this world. Hu Lie Na and Qian Ren Xue were both floundered.

Bibi Dong’s eyes shifted to Grandmaster; a gloomy expression flared up from her eyes.

“Xiao Gang, did you hate me much? Although you didn’t say anything, I know them all. I’ve hurt you, how could you forgive me? However, you know, you are the man whom I’ve loved the most in my whole life. My love stays the same for all those years, right now and forever it will be.”

“You liar! If you really loved him, why did you destroy our Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family, killing all of our family?”

Liu Er Long shouted angrily.

Bibi Dong glared at her disdainfully.

“Do you think that I’m weak like you? Your family despised him, abandoned him, didn’t you know that? What had you done for him? What you couldn’t do, I did it for Xiao Gang. Whoever dares to hurt him, disdain him, I will not spare their life. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family didn’t exist, Xiao Gang’s sorrow would vanish. Isn’t it?”

She smiled cheerily while saying; a trickle of dark purple blood gushed out from the corner of her mouth.

“You’re crazy…”

Grandmaster’s voice was trembling. He finally uttered.

Bibi Dong’s countenance changed immediately, looking at him hysterically.

“Yes, I’m a lunatic. But Xiao Gang, do you know why I got crazy? Did you still remember the time we were together, did I have this appearance?”

Tears were rolling down from the corner of Grandmaster’s eyes.

“That Bibi Dong was dead.”

Bibi Dong smiled at him; her smile was splendid.

“It’s true. You’re right. That Bibi Dong was dead. At the very moment that she left you, she died. She wasn’t the tender and innocent girl. Instead, a dark heart that was full of hatred was beating in her chest. Xiao Gang, before I leave this world, I will tell you the reason why I have to leave you. I think it is the story you want to know the most. Cough…cough…”

Then, Bibi Dong suddenly coughed, more purple blood spewed out from her mouth.

“You shouldn’t talk anymore.” Qian Ren Xue worriedly told her.

Bibi Dong shook her head.

“No, if I don’t tell him now, I won’t have any chances later. I have to tell him. And you.”

She paused, her face became redder.

“Xiao Gang and I were passionately in love. It didn’t matter with his feeble spirit or his profound knowledge. You see, now his face is rigid. I know why. Since I’ve left him that day, he’s smiled anymore. That day, I still remember clearly. It was at night, a night with dim light from the stars. My teacher suddenly visited me and asked me about our relationship. Xiao Gang, you know, my teacher was the person that I respected the most. He was the Pontiff of the Spirit Hall, also the one who had imparted me my knowledge.”

Qian Ren Xue’s pupils shrank. The one whom Bibi Dong mentioned was none other than her father.

“Thus, I didn’t hide anything from Teacher. I told him all about our relationship. At that time, his face was grimaced. He told me I was the rarest talent of the Spirit Hall within one hundred years. And that I had the twin spirits. That’s why I was not allowed to have any relationships with any man from outside, that I couldn’t form any relationship with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family. I would never be allowed to leave the Spirit Empire. I only had you in my heart. I had fought against my teacher a lot. It was getting intensive. I told him, I loved Xiao Gang the most, even if I had to leave the Spirit Empire, I had to be with him. Then, teacher got mad. He struck out a palm that made me unconscious. When I woke up again, I felt pain on my entire body. I was like a shabby doll laying in the hidden chamber of the Spirit Hall. Him, that monster, was sitting next to me. Do you know what he told me? He said, even if he had to use the dirtiest method, he had to keep me in the Spirit Hall. He told me, my body wasn’t innocent anymore. That I now belonged to him. Which face should I use to see the man I’ve loved the most? If I didn’t leave you, he would kill you.”

As having listened to what Bibi Dong said, everybody was floundered. They could feel the sorrow in her voice.

“At that time, the first thing I’d thought about was to kill myself. But I couldn’t do that. I understood him well. If I died, he would pour all his flames of anger on you. He would kill you. I couldn’t help but come to you with the cold-hearted face, telling you that I was with you because of your profound knowledge. Because it’s the only way I can do to protect the man I’ve loved the most.”

Grandmaster fell on the ground.

“No. It’s not true. You lie to me. You lie to me, don’t you?”

The love and the hatred they had for the whole life was about to end at this moment. He found out that he was wrong. This kind of emotion, how could he bear it?

Bibi Dong said glumly, “This is my daughter. The daughter he had made me bear. After that time, I found out I got pregnant. I hated him. I hated the entire Spirit Hall. And, more than that, I hated this child. I’d tried many times to destroy this fetus. But then, he had imprisoned me inside the Spirit Hall, guarding me every day until I gave birth to her.”

Bibi Dong lifted her head to look at Qian Ren Xue, “I know you hate me too. Yes, I can tell you that it’s true that Tang Hao had beaten your father severely. But he died in my hands. I killed that animal myself. The animal that raped his disciple. It isn’t wrong that you hate me. I killed your father. And, I haven’t been a good mother, I didn’t do what a mother should do to take care of you. I always thought that I was right. Until Tang San had used the Guanyin’s Tear to attack me. At the very moment that you had pushed me away, I knew that I was wrong, totally wrong. Children are innocent. I shouldn’t have poured my resentment for him on you. All I could do for you was to take this strike.”

Qian Ren Xue was shaking; her lips were quivering.

“No no no no…”

Just like Grandmaster, she was resentful of Bibi Dong. In her heart, the image of her father was solemn. However, Bibi Dong was about to die, why should she lie?

She was wrong. Grandmaster was wrong.

Bibi Dong’s face was full of tears, but she was smiling, “I’ve killed many people, pushing them to death. I hate this world. I want to take revenge. I want to destroy the Spirit Hall, destroy the world.”

“Bibi Dong!”

Grandmaster vehemently walked toward her, hugging her cold arm.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You’d soon killed him but why didn’t you tell me at that time?”

Bibi Dong gently shook her head. Her eyes became mild.

“There’s one thing he was right about. I’m impure. I couldn’t dirty you with my filthy body. Xiao Gang, don’t be sad because of me. Being able to tell you this story and seeing you cry for me again, now I can even hold your hand before I die, I’m satisfied. Our whole lives are so miserable. Agree with me, from now on, live happily with Liu Er Long. She is just a cousin of yours, but the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family doesn’t exist now, you don’t have to be afraid of them anymore. Liu Er Long, come here.”

Liu Er Long walked to her, looking at the woman who had made her live in resentment for dozens of years, she didn’t know what to say now.

“Liu Er Long, when I die, our grudge will be over. Xiao Gang, for his love for you, has broken all the bonds of this mortal world. He wants to be with you. You’re luckier than me. At least you can be with him. Please help me to take care of him later on, is it okay?”

Liu Er Long sighed, looking at Bibi Dong and nodded, “You’re a poor woman.”

Bibi Dong coldly smiled, “I don’t need your pity. Tang San.”

Seeing what was happening in front of him, Tang San frowned, walking towards her.

“Senior, what do you want?”

Although Tang San didn’t forgive Bibi Dong for what she had done, he still felt sorry for the tragedies she had encountered. Thus, he addressed her as his senior.

Bibi Dong coughed again. Dark purple blood kept gushing out from her mouth. The pink color on her cheeks soon vanished. Even if Tang San wanted to heal her, he couldn’t do that. The Asura God’s powers had eroded her body.

Red light flashed, and Tang San had ceased from his Spirit Fusion God Duo Coexistence. Xiao Wu appeared next to him; red aureole covered her body. The Asura Demonic Sword on Bibi Dong’s chest disappeared.

Bibi Dong reluctantly rose her spirit up, “Tang San, I’ve never ever begged anyone during my whole life. Even your Teacher. Now, I’m begging you to fulfill my last wish.”

Tang San glared at Grandmaster then shifted his look to Bibi Dong, “Please do tell.”

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“Xue Er (a variation of Little Ren Xue) isn’t the Angelic God anymore. Her spirit is smashed now. She couldn’t make any threat to the Heaven Dou Empire, let alone to you. I’ve done all the bad things, which she doesn’t relate to any. Same as Hu Lie Na. I’m begging you to spare their lives. The Spirit Empire will not exist anymore; I just hope they could live better.” Said Bibi Dong.

Tang San frowned, “I think you know this is not depended on me only.”

Bibi Dong’s body slightly rose up, coldly said, “Tang San, don’t you know that they both like you? Are you that heartless? Xiao Gang, no matter what, she is my daughter…”

“Teacher, you shall determine.” Xue Beng’s voice arose next to Tang San as he slowly walked to him.

“You’ve granted the Heaven Dou Empire all the things; you can do anything!”

Grandmaster looked up to see Tang San.

Tang San sighed then nodded eventually.

It was like she had breathed her last breath. Bibi Dong’s soft body collapsed into Qian Ren Xue’s chest, then said with an interrupting feeble voice.

“Xue… Er, can… I …call… you …that? I’m …about… to… die…, promise me, Na Na… and …you …must… have …a better… life. My …death… is… to …repay …my …sins. …Don’t think… about… taking… revenge… for me. I’m …satisfied …if you …can …live… happily.”


Qian Ren Xue finally said this word, putting her head on Bibi Dong’s chest and crying.

“Goo…, good…”

Bibi Dong smiled when she heard Qian Ren Xue called her. Her eyes showed her satisfaction and tenderness. She slowly rose her hand, wanted to caress Qian Ren Xue. However, her arm ceased half way.

It was like time had stopped. Qian Ren Xue suddenly felt the body in her lap was getting colder. She looked up to see Bibi Dong’s pale hand had fallen. Qian Ren Xue took Bibi Dong’s hand, put in on her face, “Mother—“

“Dong Er…”

Grandmaster held her other arm tightly, crying out.

Bibi Dong, the Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall, the first Empress of the Spirit Empire, Rakshasa God Bibi Dong, had died in front of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Liu Er Long hugged Grandmaster from behind; her tears were still streaming.

“Xiao Gang, you still have me. You still have me here.”

Tang San slowly turned around. He had never thought about this final result. He pulled Xiao Wu’s hand, embracing her in his chest.

Although Xiao Wu and him had been through many ups and downs, they eventually could be together now. They were much luckier than Grandmaster and Bibi Dong. He didn’t console Grandmaster. This was the time his teacher was fragile the most; only Liu Er Long could ease him now.

“It’s over, everything is over.”

Tang San sighed.

Xue Beng came to him, “Yes. Everything is over. Teacher, you’ve given the empire a chance to survive. I don’t know how to thank you enough. I could only say, from now on, the Empire is now under your command. Every fellow of the Heaven Dou Empire belongs to you, so do I.”

Tang San swung his sleeves, “Everything is over now, it’s time for me to retreat. I’ve never longed for war. I didn’t even want to participate. Everything I’ve done, I’ve done that for me, for my friends and families. I hope you would travel your path well later on.”

Xue Beng answered respectfully.

“I won’t bother you with the Spirit Empire’s stuff. I will handle them well.”

Tang San looked at Xue Beng; his eyes suddenly became more solemn.

“Xue Beng, promise me four things.”

Xue Beng nodded without any hesitation. “Please do tell. If I can do that, I will definitely promise you.”

“First, during the time that you will be cleaning up the Spirit Empire, do not kill the innocent,” Tang San said.

“Yes. I will control my men; we will definitely not kill any innocent citizens. We will not kill anyone who has surrendered.”

Tang San nodded, “Second, within ten years, do not raise any wars towards the Star Lou Empire. This grand battle had cost us much. Without wars, people could live and work in peace to regain what they’ve lost.”

There were some reasons that Tang San had to worry. In this battle with the Spirit Empire, Xue Beng had shown to everybody how good he was as a King, plus his mighty force of soldiers. Moreover, Xue Beng wasn’t afraid of the Star Lou Empire since the Heaven Dou Empire had a guardian God!

Xue Beng was amazed, hesitating for a while before he nodded his head and said, “Yes, I promise you. Within ten years, I will not rise any wars towards the Star Lou Empire.”

Tang San smiled, “I think the Star Lou Empire wouldn’t attack the Heaven Dou Empire.”

Xue Beng also smiled to him, “Of course, with you here, who dares to provoke our Heaven Dou Empire.”

Tang San looked at him, “This is the third thing I want to tell you. From now on, I will not interfere with any business of the empire. Later on, you have to do your best on everything else. From now on, I’m not the Lan Hao Wang nor the Imperial Teacher.”

“Teacher, you don’t need me anymore?”

Xue Beng’s eye reddened. He wanted to kneel down, but a tender divine power had lifted him up.

Tang San patted him on the shoulder. “Although I’m not the Imperial Teacher, I’m always your teacher. Having such disciple like you, I’m very proud. But I’m a God now. Gods are not allowed to interfere with the human world. Now the Angelic God and the Rakshasa God aren’t a threat to us anymore; I should go back. However, don’t worry, I’ll stay in this world for quite a long time. If there are any Gods provoking the Empire, I will not just stand and watch.”

Xue Beng exhaled in relief. With Tang San’s words, what could make him worried? As long as the enemies weren’t Gods, with the current competence, the Heaven Dou Empire would have nothing to be afraid of.

Tang San continued, “The last one, after this war is over, you have to dismiss the Tang Sect’s Army, revoke all the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and hand them to Tang Sect to destroy them. From now on, Tang Sect will not join any battles of the Empire. Tang Sect will not produce weapons for anybody else. Those hidden weapons are too intimidating that they’ve provoked the ostentatious virtue. I hope you could understand.”

It was beyond his expectation that Xue Beng didn’t hesitate at all.

“We will follow your words.”

Tang San was surprised, “Don’t you regret it?”

Xue Beng smiled, “Of course, I regret it. However, what you’ve said is what Xue Beng is thinking about. You are right. You’ve founded Tang Sect, what belongs to it should be in your hands.”

Tang San smiled with him, “Good. You didn’t fail me.”

Xue Beng suddenly asked, “Teacher. I’ve promised you four things. Could you promise me one? I only ask for this one.”

Tang San was surprised, “What is that? Tell me.”

Xue Beng smiled, his eyes shifted from Tang San to Xiao Wu.

“Master, I hope I can help you hold your wedding at the Heaven Dou City. This is the only gift that I could give you and your wife.”

Tang San and Xiao Wu exchanged looks. Xiao Wu was blushing. The sweet appearance couldn’t be hidden away. She buried her head in Tang San’s chest.

Tang San smiled happily, “Alright. I promise you this last requirement. However, it isn’t going to be Xiao Wu and me, but we will have Little Ao and Rong Rong, Fatty and Xiang Xiang. I don’t know about Dai-dage and Zhu Qing; we have to ask them if they want to hold the wedding together with us.”

Xue Beng felt awesome.

“Couldn’t ask for more. I will soon settle the Spirit Empire and hold the biggest wedding on this continent for you.”


In an ambiguous space, where everything was delusive and burry, two figures, one blue one red were floating there. In front of them was a massive white halo projecting everything happened in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

They were Sea God and Asura God.

Sea God laughed, “Asura, what you’ve done could be considered careless or not? You are the Law Executor of the God Realm. This is what we call ‘know the law but violated it’, isn’t it?

Asura God looked at him coldly, “Do you have any evidence to show that I’ve violated the rules?”

Sea God laughed again, “Is it? You’ve borrowed Xiao Wu’s body to carry your god power. Moreover, when Tang San was taking my inheritance, you had hidden your Asura God’s power in his second spirit.”

“I’ve just facilitated your candidate. It was like you had come to meet Tang San yourself before he took the inheritance. Well, what I’ve done is nothing compared to what you did. I didn’t help him complete the God’s inheritance.” Said Asura God.

“So how do you explain the Asura God’s power that had activated itself in Xiao Wu’s body? How did Tang San resurrect? If you didn’t allow the Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess, how could they get to the Human Realm when their candidates using the spirit fusion to perform the Resurrection God Light? Although their candidates were calling for them, they could totally ignore that call.” Said Sea God.

Asura God stolidly said, “I just want to make use of the rules in a logical way.”

Sea God continued, “Then how about the Asura God’s power that Xiao Wu could release? If your Asura God’s power didn’t protect that meeting hall, how could the candidate of the Rakshasa God not realize that Tang San had been revived? If she took action at that time, Tang San would be over.”

Asura God rolled his eyes, “As to what you were saying, do you really want Tang San to die?”

Sea God said indignantly, “I don’t like that! He was originally my candidate. Now I have to share him with you.”

Asura God lifted his head up, “Did he get your name tattooed on him? Who can prove that he is of your people? Moreover, what I’ve done didn’t violate the rules. At most, I just drew a bit of the Asura God’s power. Moreover, I just used the god power to assist my candidate. Our rules allow that. As I’m the Law Executor of the God Realm, I will never break the rules.”

Sea God said, “Okay. Alright. I can’t beat your talking skill. You think I don’t know your intentions? Have you expected that when Tang San enters the God Realm, he will succeed your law executor position, so you can be free at that time?”

Asura God smiled for the first time, “We know each other well, bro.”

Right at this moment, a gold light appeared in front of Asura God and Sea God, then exploded instantly, turning into numerous light dots and vanished into Asura God’s chest.

Asura God was bewildered, “How could it be?”

Sea God asked doubtfully, “What happened?”

Asura God said with a somber voice, “It is a world called the Wuxing Continent (1). My man whom I’ve sent there for a mission got killed. I have to go there and check it.”

Sea God was shaken, “Who could kill the God Realm’s Law Executor’s disciple? How powerful that one is?”

Suddenly, a light of white and black color blended together and descended from the sky, “Master Asura God, the Two God Kings have called for you.”

Halo expanded rapidly, covering Asura God. Just in a flash, he disappeared.

Sea God was scratching his head in a daze, “Hm, something happened on that Wuxing Continent. Anyway, none of my business. Let that Asura have a headache. Ha ha ha.”


In the Southwest of the Heaven Dou Empire, there was a province called Si Nuo.

The Saint Spirit Village was just a small village of the Fasinuo City of the Si Nou Province, where dwelled around three hundred households. In legend, there was a Spirit Sage spirit master originated from this village hundreds of years ago. That’s why the small village had that name. It was also the endless pride of the villagers there.

Today, the Saint Spirit Village was busy and boisterous. The stone stele installed at the front of the village, which had two words ‘Saint Spirit’, had been changed to ‘Divine Soul’. Moreover, the stone stele had also been replaced by a pure golden one.

“Elder Jack, why we have to change the name of our village?”

The Elder Jack had a shriveled body supported by a cane. He suddenly stood upright, arrogantly said, “Because, our village has given birth to a God…”

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