Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4966: Casually Tossed It Away

Chapter 4966: Casually Tossed It Away

“Not a bad weapon.” Li Qiye glanced at the controller and said: “But let’s leave it for the fateful ones.”

He tossed the dao controller back to its original location. The frozen students’ jaw dropped to the ground.

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The value of the dao controller was one thing but now, everyone had just witnessed its power. They absolutely believed that it was the strongest artifact on this mountain.

Maybe that one unknown lantern was an exception. On the other hand, Heaven Suppression Shawl and Immortal Beasts seemed inferior.

Plus, Li Qiye himself had just enjoyed the feeling of invincibility. How could he actually give it up?ƒ𝓇ℯ𝑒𝒘𝐞𝚋𝓃𝚘𝚟e𝚕. 𝒄𝗼𝐦

Anyone else would consider it their most precious possession, wanting to keep it forever. On the other hand, Li Qiye tossed it back to the mountain as if it was a piece of trash.

Though this was inexplicable, they thought about the previous occurrence - Jun Landu. He obtained the dao controller from the pawnshop yet chose to gift it to the academy.

The difference was that he was at least a student who loved the academy. On the contrary, Li Qiye had never received the academy’s grace before since he gained the dao controller due to his own fortune.

In fact, students thought that even during the last moment before death, they still wouldn’t let go of the artifact.

“I couldn’t have done this.” A genius from a prestigious sect with plenty of treasures shook his head. Many others felt the same way.

This boiled down to whether Li Qiye was an idiot or possess incomparable generosity. He certainly didn’t look like a fool.

“Didn’t you want to gift something to the academy?” He stared at Bai Shaojin and said.

The youth regained his wings and said: “Ri-right.”

With that, he took out Benevolence. The vessel’s current form resembled a ring with a blinding glow.

“A gift for the academy.” He held it with both hands and said respectfully before pushing it down into the mountain.

“Boom!” Runes manifested and various phenomena appeared - towering pagodas and temples, divine artifacts and weapons…

“Benevolence contains the resources and foundation of a timeworn lineage. One can start a great sect with it.” A genius murmured.

Benevolence’s own power didn’t matter; the treasury within was the real prize. This became another highly-coveted treasure because obtaining it meant becoming absurdly wealthy overnight.

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“Another great fortune.” Li Qiye glanced at Benevolence and then turned his attention back to the youth: “The War Monarch chose to fight to the very end back then, a fateful choice indeed. This shall pass on to you now.”

He pointed at the youth’s forehead, causing him to tremble.

Others only saw Bai Shaojin shaking, not the tsunami occurring in his mind. Incredible dao laws flowed within and turned into a supreme dao chapter - a gift from Li Qiye.

“Thank you for your dao guidance, Young Noble. I am Jin Shaobai of the War Monarch.” The youth got on his knees and said: “We will never forget your grace today.”

“?!” Students became emotional after hearing this.

“He… he’s from the War Monarch? Maybe a descendant of Warspear Heavenly Emperor?” A knowledgeable peer took a deep breath.

The War Monarch was nearly forgotten at this point, but not in Chaos. It was still one of the strongest lineages despite rarely showing up in public.

Details about the clan remained vague due to its age. Nonetheless, people knew that the members were heaveners.

They were an influential part of Celestial Court. Alas, during the immemorial epoch war, the Qian betrayed Celestial Court and the War Monarch supported them.

The brutal war spared no one. The mighty Qian eventually crumbled and so did the War Monarch.

The survivors relied on an immortal corpse to escape to the frontier - Chaos. The exact location remained unknown but most believed they were staying in Hundred Dao and that some emperors were still around.

After all, the clan at its prime had a total of six emperors - enough to threaten anyone.

No one expected to see an actual member of the War Monarch today - Jin Shaobai.

Jian Yunyun recalled their first meeting and realized that Li Qiye saw through the youth right away.

The eyes staring at Jin Shaobai were no longer the same. This was a member of an ancient clan. No wonder why he dared to steal Benevolence and wasn’t that afraid of the ancestors from Deity.

Descendants of the emperors were rarely incapable cowards.

“Alright, everyone, get off, I gotta go.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Students didn’t get it but the mountain started shaking violently. They lost control of their cultivation and rolled down.

“Rumble!” Once everyone was off, the mountain started floating up and flew into the horizon.

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