Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5100: The Skull

Chapter 5100: The Skull

Yunyun remained confused as to why their great progenitor continued to pass this skull down. It should have been something like an immortal item.

“Back to me again.” Li Qiye sighed.

He had previously obtained it back in the nine worlds but lost it after causing the calamity. Purewood Divine Emperor came across it and sealed it.

“What is it?” She asked.

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“A skull that does not belong to any current race.” Li Qiye said.

“I see…” She murmured: “Why did our progenitor leave it behind?”

“That’s a good question. Answer this first, why did your progenitor create Primal?” Li Qiye smiled.

“As an inheritance and a legacy?” She said. This question was acceptable since more often than not, this was why top masters would create lineages.

This applied to Heaven Burial Conqueror and Luminous Conqueror.

“Are there any traces of Purewood Divine Emperor in your lineage?” Li Qiye asked.

The question was obviously no since they didn’t know anything about their progenitor previously.

“It is to remember someone, or perhaps two.” Li Qiye said.

“Do you know who?” She asked.

He sighed and said: “Divine Ancestor and Trinity Ancestor.”

She murmured the titles and was not aware of these beings, at least not in their records.

“Who are they?” She said softly.

“Trinity Ancestor, is that the creator of Trinity Against The Heaven?” Yunyun asked.

Li Qiye smiled and glanced at the throne, and so did she.

“No, just similar in names, the formation is related to someone else.”

“Who is it?” She asked.

“Primal Ancestor.” Li Qiye told her after a short pause. [1]

“Are these ancestors related?” She asked.

“They’re from the same era.” To which he responded.

“Is there more to this than just the timeline?” She inquired further, feeling that these ancestors might be more connected than that.

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“Their ancient bloodlines.” Li Qiye said.

“Ah, Peacebringer Trinity?” She recalled something he had brought up to Firerage before.

“You’ll find out one day.” He stopped the conversation here.

She didn’t ask more questions after seeing him not wanting to continue. [Ref] The lore can be often vague because the only one in the know is Li Qiye and he/the author try to be mysterious. If I spot confusion that might have been due to inaccurate translations, I will explain it in a footnote when necessary[/ref]


Meanwhile, the lower continents were still dealing with the aftermath of the great powers’ destruction.

Everyone thought that Li Qiye was the culprit. After all, he was the only one strong enough. Moreover, they also believed that he had killed Conceal Conqueror.

The brilliant Conceal Conqueror still couldn’t escape death - some found this regrettable since she couldn’t fulfill her potential.

The Race had a terrible time accepting this since they lost their top masters and sects. Now, they had a tough time standing proudly before those from The People.

Furthermore, Li Qiye’s supremacy became unanimous. No dao lineage would dare to challenge him now.

Today, a divine beam descended into Reincarnation and interrupted their conversations. All three continents started shaking violently.

“That’s their ancestral mountain, right?” Someone asked.

“A conqueror is descending.” A dragon lord stated.

“From the upper continents?” The big shots could tell what was going on.

“Indeed. Swordgrasp’s beacon was lit so the two alliances up there must have received the news. They are sending someone down to scout.” The dragon lord said.

This caused everyone to take a deep breath. Divine and Heaven Alliance were part of Celestial Court. This could escalate to a dangerous point.

Those from The People became anxious while their adversaries rejoiced. The latter had been feeling oppressed by Li Qiye but now, there was a chance to rise again.


The beam could be seen in Eight-stallion as well.

“A conqueror from the upper continent.” Conceal Conqueror said.

“Another fun show is starting.” Li Qiye smiled before asking: “Do you want to help them?”

“What do you think I should do?” She asked.

“Don’t forget that you are already dead, killed by me.” Li Qiye said.

“I understand.” She nodded.

1. The names are so similar and I did a search to see if they had appeared before. I only found Primal Ancestor during the coronation chapters, not the other two. As always, since there is virtually no context, the names are subjected to changes ☜

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