Evil Husband, Glutton Wife: Buy Miss Piggy, Get Free Little Buns Chapter 890 - Specials: Devil No More (2)

Chapter 890 - Specials: Devil No More (2)

The meeting ended a bit later than what Tang Moyu expected. It was already three in the afternoon when she reached the villa where her family and her friends were currently staying. Going home to her family was enough motivation for the empress to finish her work on time, so she would be able to spend more time with them.

Song Huifen parted with her once the meeting ended, telling her to go ahead and go back to her family, as she also had another appointment she needed to attend to before she could go home to celebrate her youngest grandchild’s birthday.

The moment she opened the front door of the villa, the heavenly scent of sizzling meat greeted her. She breathed in the delicious scent and hummed appreciatively.

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"That smells amazing," she said as she sauntered towards the kitchen and found her husband taking drinks from the fridge to bring outside to the backyard where everyone was waiting.

"Welcome back, Moyu. Have you eaten lunch? There’s still meat outside we’ve yet to cook," Feng Tianyi said.

"I’m actually starving right now." Her eyes gleamed with amus.e.m.e.nt. Something about Feng Tianyi’s appearance today made him more appealing to her eyes than food itself.

The empress moved towards him and grabbed a fistful of his shirt to bring him down for a long kiss. Her husband didn’t resist and returned her passionate kiss, his hands forgetting the drinks on the countertop, in favor of pulling his wife closer to his body, his hands cupping her b.u.t.t giving it a light squeeze.

"I miss you," Feng Tianyi breathed out once their lips parted, but Tang Moyu’s arms remained wound around him.

"But I’ve only been away for five hours." She chuckled, tapping his nose with her forefinger.

"Five hours felt too long, Moyu. Don’t you know? Did they give you a hard time at the meeting?"

Tang Moyu shook her head and gave him a peck on his lips before releasing him.

"No. We just went through all the issues they thought may arise in the future, but it isn’t something mother and I can’t handle."

Because Tang Moyu was being accompanied by the empress dowager who had more experience in dealing with foreign partners, the older woman’s input had been a great help for Tang Moyu.

"Do you need help?" she asked as she saw the amount of drinks her husband needed to bring outside.

"Nope. I got this, baby." Feng Tianyi replied. "Go and change your clothes, then we can start the party."

"I do hope you haven’t given Yuan our gift, Tianyi." She gave him a pointed look, knowing that her husband could easily be swayed by their children when they wanted something.

Feng Tianyi laughed at that and shook his head.

"Nope. I kept it a secret. Don’t worry about it," he assured her.

The next hours were spent celebrating their youngest son’s birthday. Song Huifen joined them eventually at dinner and gave her birthday gift to Feng Yuan who was too thrilled upon receiving many gifts from his parents and aunts and uncles at the same time.

Once their children had dozed off, the couple went to the master bedroom. Tang Moyu decided to take a long shower, leaving her husband busy reviewing his manuscripts on his work table.

When she came back, dressed in her nightgown, she found Feng Tianyi re-reading the same book he’d long finished in the past. Tang Moyu wrapped her arms around his shoulder and looked over the page he was reading.

"Isn’t this the book that you couldn’t finish before?" she asked.

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"En," Feng Tianyi nodded. "I remember starting writing it, two years after my accident took place. I was stuck midway and didn’t know how to finish it. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would ever have the chance to complete it."

"Huh? Me? What did I do?" Tang Moyu blinked in confusion. Feng Tianyi never discussed the plot of this particular book with her, unlike the other books he’d written, so she had no idea.

Feng Tianyi pulled her over and set her on his l.a.p. His wife didn’t resist and allowed him to settle her on his l.a.p, wounding his strong arms around her.

"You’ve done a lot of things for me, Moyu, more than you ever know." He touched his forehead with his. "Do you know I love you more and more each day? I don’t think there would be a day I would stop loving you." He grinned at her.

Tang Moyu tried not to roll her eyes, and instead slapped his shoulder playfully.

"You and your sweet words," she said in return. "But I love you too, anyway."

Feng Tianyi smiled, his heart overflowing with joy and contentment as he held his wife closely. In her arms, he wasn’t the devil everyone despised and wanted to avoid at all cost.

Here, he was her husband and a good father to their three little buns, while Tang Moyu wasn’t the cold empress everyone looked up to. At times like this, she wasn’t a CEO of a huge company, but a loving wife who wanted nothing but the best for their family.

It didn’t matter how the world perceived the two of them because what mattered was they knew each other better than the rest.

"By the way, while you were gone this morning, our new bed was delivered and installed. You keep complaining it’s not big enough for the two of us, so I asked them to bring the largest they had," he informed her, his fingers brushing her long tresses absentmindedly.

"Is that so? But is it strong enough?" Tang Moyu unbuttoned his shirt slowly, her eyes glinting mischievously. "Why don’t we do some QA to see if they made it right? What do you think?"

Feng Tianyi chuckled at her words and lifted her up, the book he was reading forgotten on top of the table.

"That’s a good idea you have there," he said and carried her to the massive bed within the room while his wife hid her grin as she pressed her face on his neck.

A few years ago, the two of them didn’t believe in fate and love. Feng Tianyi thought the world had taken everything from him, while Tang Moyu believed she couldn’t rely on anyone but herself.

Who would have thought that the man her twins took fancy to when they returned home would turn out to be their biological father and her future husband?

Who would have thought that fate would eventually make them cross paths and reunite them for good?



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