Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower Chapter 1010 - 1010 Meeting with Princess Yue

1010 Meeting with Princess Yue


As the entire place was engulfed in flame, Nan Hua silent left. Nan Si stayed behind and started fire in a few locations. That way, the guards were unable to react in time and a lot of things were destroyed.

All traces were gone too.

Gone with fire.

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Nan Hua reached the inn and saw the carriage that was still on the way. She slipped inside swiftly and changed her clothes once more. Chu Yue quickly helped Nan Hua to arrange her hair.

It was not as good as when she first came, but it was good enough.

As Nan Hua entered the inn, the news of Zhang Family Residence engulfed in flame had already spread.

“Chu Yue, search for another inn.”

“Yes, Miss.”


For the next few days, Nan Hua read the record diligently and memorized the content. She was not in a hurry to leave Zhang Xu Kingdom’s Capital City as anyone who got out would be interrogated vehemently.

After all, the Zhang Family Residence was burned down.

And the countless people who were found chained instantly caused uproar. Zhang Family’s prestige plummeted and they were trying their best to figure out what kind of words they were supposed to tell others.

Saying that it was experiments?

That was the same as saying that they might even use the people around as experiments for medicines.

While people who worked in medical fields were highly respected by the people in Zhang Xu Kingdom, that was also under the premise that they helped the people and not doing it for this kind of thing. Thus, it has been chaos in the Capital City.

Of course, Nan Hua pretended she didn’t hear anything.

Even if it was related to her, no one would be able to prove it or anything like that. Since that was the case, Nan Hua didn’t want to care about it at all.

She only destroyed and revealed the matter.

As for what the Zhang Family did, it was entirely their business.

“Miss, Imperial Concubine Yue is here to pay a visit.”

“Yes?” Nan Hua naturally knew that she had met with Princess Yue not long ago, but she didn’t expect the other party to come searching for her. After all, the relationship between Princess Yue and Nan Hua couldn’t really be categorized as good.

They only become friends for one day.

Or to be exact, less than an incense stick of time (1 hour).

“Attend me.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Nan Hua changed her dress and put away the rest of the record that she hadn’t finished memorizing. Those that she had finished memorizing were all gathered in one side. She was planning on returning this to the Zhang Family soon.

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To be exact, to the Imperial Family.

Hmm, she would like to know how the Zhang Family would deal with the law when it was finally revealed to the public.

The Emperor wouldn’t care about what the Zhang Family was doing behind his back as he was focused on entertaining himself. But when it was revealed to the public, it was time for the Emperor to truly care.

“It’s done, Miss.”

Nan Hua nodded and walked out. She headed to the next room, which was supposed to be empty and saw Princess Yue stood beside the window. She was wearing large cloak and hood to cover up her identity.

“Jun Hua greets Imperial Concubine Yue.”

“Did you change your name?” Princess Yue turned around and asked with a faint smile.

Nan Hua shook her head. “I change my surname, Your Highness.”

Princess Yue: “…”

That was the same thing, right?

Whatever, it was not her business at all either. Princess Yue took out a stack of bamboo scrolls and put it on the table in front of them. “I have been in Zhang Xu Kingdom for a long time. Even though the information is not that complete, I have interacted with a few important people.”

Nan Hua looked at the bamboo scrolls. She knew very well that Princess Yue must have been writing them for a long time, hoping that there would be a chance for her to pass them over.

But there hasn’t been anyone from Fei Yang Kingdom who dared to infiltrate Zhang Xu Kingdom.

And even if there was any, how many of them could reach the Capital City?

Princess Yue couldn’t see them so easily. It was just different with Nan Hua since she was basically a girl.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

“I’m also Fei Yang Kingdom’s citizen.” Princess Yue shook her head. “If I didn’t do anything and just enjoy the privilege I have, wouldn’t I be an ungrateful b*tch?”

Nan Hua was speechless.

For a refined woman like Princess Yue to curse… that sounded a bit novel and new. However, Nan Hua also knew that Princess Yue was only venting her feelings after she had to curb them for so many years.

It was impossible for her to forever hold it back.

“No one will blame you.”

“Indeed.” Princess Yue chuckled. “I just want to.”

For Princess Yue, no matter how much she felt that she had been wronged by having a marriage agreement, she also knew that it was for her people. Because she was born as the princess with so many privilege from the moment she was born, there was something she had to do.

Even if she didn’t like it, she had learned to endure it.

And she could also guess what her brother’s ambition was when she heard the raging war.

The existences of women like her was easily forgotten, but she also wanted to play her part and helped Fei Yang Kingdom. If Fei Yang Kingdom could destroy Zhang Xu Kingdom, at the very least, she could be free.

Even if her life wouldn’t be as luxurious as it used to be, she could at least be freer than before.

Nan Hua looked at Princess Yue and curtsied. “I’ll relay the message, Your Highness.”

Princess Yue’s eyes flashed. “Thank you… Jun Hua.”

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