Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 111.2 - Resurrection medicine (Part 2)

Chapter 111: Resurrection medicine (Part 2)

Su Zimo sarcastically said while standing on the side. It might be because Mu Yunxuan knew that she was afraid of the dark, so he deliberately let people hang rows of lanterns on the road, which made the area as bright as day time. Su Zimo’s heart couldn’t help but feel emotional. But when she looked up, her heart was still beating like a drum.

“Wife, isn’t it good that someone always thinks of me?”

Mu Yunxuan smiled triumphantly and confidently. Even at night, his brilliant smile was still shining. And under the candlelight, it looked even more stunning.

Mu Yunxuan’s black eyes looked at the black-clothed masked man opposite, but those eyes were full of killing intent. These bastards always appeared when they shouldn’t appear, destroying the opportunity for him and his wife to be alone. He will make sure none of them would leave.

“Qing Feng.”

Mu Yunxuan emotionlessly.

Qing Feng appeared like a ghost.

Making dozens of black-masked men stared dumbfoundedly.

This person was just around, but they didn’t find his tracks long ago.


Qing Feng shouted respectfully.

“Do it fast, don’t startle the madam.”

“Yes, Master.”

Qing Feng turned around and waved his hand into the air.

Zi Mo, Jin Cheng, and Mu Yunhan also appeared with a group of guards.

“Kill!” Mu Yunxuan gently spat out the word ‘kill’ in his sexy thin lips.

But it makes people feel that death was imminent.

All of a sudden, people pulled out their swords and started fighting. Each of these men was a master with profound energy. They condensed their energy in their sword, making people looked in a daze.

Especially Qing Feng, Zi Mo, Jin Cheng, and Mu Yunhan, their movements were skillful, ruthless, and accurate. From time to time, there were sounds of the black-clothed masked men falling to the ground and dying.

“Wow! Father, it’s always lively in your place at night.”

Su Qi’s small face was filled with a smile as he flew down. Su Li also flew down beside Mu Yunxuan and Su Zimo.

Mu Yunxuan was about to answer, suddenly a cold voice passed through her ears.

“Qi’er, how did you know it’s always so lively here?”

Su Zimo squinted her eyes and asked coldly. If Su Qi will not tell her the truth, she will not let him go.

Su Qi’s heart shook when he was stared at by those eyes.

His jewel-like eyes on the small jade face dimmed instantly.

He looked at Su Zimo and slyly smiled.

“Mother, I am just talking casually.”

“Then can you tell your mother, what is going on with Ling Qiushui’s face?”

Su Zimo’s tone sounded gloomy and terrifying.

Su Qi’shoulders shrank as he clenched his small fists. It’s over, his mother can see through it.

A certain child wanted to cry at the moment. His leisurely life was over.

“Mother.” Su Qi was in tears.

“But Qi’er, you have done well this time. That woman must be thought with a lesson.”

A pleasant voice suddenly sounded.

Su Qi was stunned for an instant. And he looked at his mother in disbelief. Did he have auditory hallucinations? His mother actually said he did a good job!

Mu Yunxuan couldn’t help but squeezed Su Qi’s small face, which was soft and slippery.

“Qi’er, Li’er, your mother praise you for doing well.”

As soon as Mu Yunxuan spoke, Su Li stared at him.

Did he say his mother was praising them for doing a good job?

No, his words sold him out.

Sure enough, Su Zimo’s angry voice sounded over again.

“Did Li’er, who has always been caring and sensible, also take part in it?”

As soon as Su Li heard it, his handsome brows frowned.

“Mother, Li’er will go to help.”

After speaking, he jumped and flew into the middle of the men in black.

Mu Yunxuan and Su Qi only then realized what Su Zimo mean to say. The father and son looked at each other.

Then looked at Su Zimo with a flattering smile.

“Mother, I will also go to help.”

Why would he dare to stay another minute? He has already become an eyesore in his mother’s eyes. If his mother also learned about what he did to the Ji brother and sister, his mother would definitely treat him as a heinous villain. His butt would like a peach blossom.

“Wife, I… …”

“What? Do you also want to leave this old lady alone here?” Su Zimo gritted her teeth. She didn’t want to join in the fun because of the dark sky.

Mu Yunxuan smiled and said softly: “Wife, how can that be? Of course, I want to stay and protect you.”

Because Su Li and Su Qi joined in the fight, the masked men in black tried their best to fight. The guards of the Mu Family also fell one by one to the ground.

Seeing this, Mu Yunxuan’s handsome eyebrows frowned. Who were these black-masked men? Their cultivation level was much higher than the people last time.

“Hoo!” Su Qi was struggling to deal with the masked men, so he panted heavily. The cultivation level of these black-clothed masked men was incredible.

Most of them were above the 6th stage of Jinxuan Period. Their body’s aptitude cannot reach this level, so they must have taken pills that can increase their cultivation level.

-End of this chapter-

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