Global Reincarnation: Only I Know the Plot Chapter 992:


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The other side.

Cao Jingjing is waiting anxiously.πŸπ™§ee𝔀eπ›π“ƒπ¨πšŸπ‘’π—Ή.cπ—Όπš–

The reason why she wanted to come to reincarnation space on a whim was completely because tonight’s birthday party touched her a lot.

Even people who are so majestic as grandpa, in front of their girlfriends boyfriend, lower their stance and have a pleasant tone...

This made Cao Jingjing understand that the world has really changed!

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This world will be respected by force! !

At this moment, the reincarnation system sent a prompt:

"Samsara "Sura", invites you to participate in the copy of "Novice’s Trial", do you agree?"


Third! Don’t worry about the protagonist’s ancestry. The protagonist will be assigned the Pangu ancestry later. The demi-human ancestry in the general competition is much better, right?

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