God of Fishing Chapter 2462 - A Live Broadcast in the Sea of Stars

Chapter 2462: A Live Broadcast in the Sea of Stars

Some people here might know this question, but there were definitely not many.

Anyway, Han Fei didn’t know, and no one had ever told him.

The referee said, “Your Origin Stars are clearly very far away from you, but people who have entered the Star Transformation Realm will condense Star Beads. That’s the key to your Origin Stars. It can shorten the infinite distance to an instant. Do you think this is reasonable?”

Han Fei’s heart stirred. Of course, this didn’t make sense. He had never understood how a person could travel infinite distances with a Star Bead and appear on a star that only belonged to him in the vast Sea of Stars.

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Now, this answer seemed to be answered.

The referee said, “So, what are Star Beads? I don’t think many of you know. Today, I’ll tell you. Star Beads are consciousness bodies, your souls, and the fundamental reason why you have consciousness and can give birth to wisdom. And consciousness can ignore time and space and cross infinite distances. For example, when a person dies, his soul is destroyed, and we destroy his Star Bead, but this doesn’t mean that we completely obliterate his consciousness. It’s just that his consciousness has turned into a pure and unknown body of consciousness. At the moment they die, their consciousness might have already appeared in the distant galaxy. Perhaps after many years, these consciousnesses will give birth to a pure soul, so through some way, they will descend and transform into a new creature.”

Han Fei immediately asked, “After they die, their consciousness becomes a pure body of consciousness. Then what about their Origin Stars? After they transform into new lives, will their former Origin Stars still be theirs?”

The referee glanced at Han Fei and said, “Their Origin Stars have two states. The first is that if their Origin Stars are still in the unknown Sea of Stars, theoretically speaking, they are cut off from their original owners. They may undergo natural evolution, give birth to creatures, or perish due to various reasons. But no one knows for sure. Because the Sea of Stars is boundless, no one knows if a person’s Origin Stars really cut off their connection with him after he dies.”

“The second is that they refined their Origin Stars and completely fused them with their Star Beads. They can carry their Origin Stars with them… And this is the fundamental reason why so many Origin Star remains appear in the Shattered Star River.”

Someone asked, “But isn’t it good to have our Origin Stars in the unknown Sea of Stars? Why do we have to refine our Origin Stara and carry them with us?”

The referee said, “There are benefits to refining your Origin Star. Some people here have considered refining your Origin Stars, right?”

For a moment, half of the people here looked puzzled, and the other half were relatively calm.

There were pros and cons to everything. Since someone chose to refine their Origin Star, there must be benefits. Because of the benefits, they chose this path.

The referee had already said so much. It seemed that he was going to make this question clear today. Unfortunately, he only said it to these 200 people and didn’t say it to more people.

However, Han Fei felt that the referee wanted to spread the secret through them.

The referee continued. “I know you want to ask why you should refine your Origin Stars. The answer is very simple. The power of your Origin Stars can double your strength. They can permanently increase your combat power. The stronger your Origin Stars are, the easier your Star Path will be, and the more your strength will increase. Of course, if you die after refining your Origin Stars, your Origin Stars will appear… Well, as you can see now…”

Someone asked, “Senior, how much strength can be improved by refining the Star Beads?”

The referee said, “It depends on the situation. After all, refining the Star Bead doesn’t mean completely absorbing the Origin Stars. It can only be carried and provide you with power. You will basically become 50% to 100% stronger. That’s probably the limit.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. So much stronger? In that case, didn’t it mean that he still had a lot of room for growth?

However, Han Fei was immediately horrified. If he was killed, Little Fatty could help him revive, but his Origin Star would be exposed. Then what should he do? Wouldn’t his Origin Star be destroyed by others then?

Then when he was resurrected and found that his Origin Star was gone, how painful would that be?

Someone was puzzled. “It sounds reasonable to refine our Origin Stars to double our strength. But wouldn’t it be a huge loss if anything happens?”

The referee said, “What will you lose? You don’t know where your Origin Star is. If you die, it’s uncertain if you can establish a connection with that Origin Star again. Maybe if you die, your Origin Star will have nothing to do with you. Then why don’t you refine it? Besides, do you know what it means to take this path of stars?”

While everyone was puzzled, the referee said, “It means an increase of 50% in the probability of Dao Proving.”



“How… How is this possible?”

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Many people were really shocked. It could be seen how difficult it was to prove Dao from the number of Monarchs in the Sea Realm. Increasing the odds of Dao Proving by 50% meant that there was at least a 50% chance of Dao Proving!

Even Han Fei was shocked. Wouldn’t anyone who survived this path be considered to have proven his Dao?

However, the referee added, “Of course, the probability of death on this path is as high as 90%. Furthermore, to take this path, one’s strength has to be at least in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.”

No wonder.

Han Fei was relieved. It turned out that there were conditions. Those below the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm would basically die, so no one would tell them about this.

However, there weren’t many people in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm or perfected Star Transformation Realm in the Sea Realm! If these experts cultivated normally, the death rate wouldn’t be so high when they tried to prove their Daos.

However, refining the Origin Star could increase one’s strength by more than 50%. This was already very impressive. If he refined his Origin Star, his basic strength would immediately soar, and his soul and physique might be close to or even exceed 20 million. What kind of concept was this?

With such a huge increase, Han Fei felt that he might not be able to withstand this temptation.

Someone asked, “Senior, what’s on the other side of this Path of Stars?”

The referee said, “You’ll know when you walk over. But it’s worth mentioning that if you walk over, you might not be able to come back.”

Speaking of this, the referee said, “Alright, if you want to know more secrets, the stronger path, and the mysteries of time, you have two ways. One is to become stronger. When you reach the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm or even the perfected Star Transformation Realm, you will naturally understand these things in certain specific places. The other way is to go to the battlefield of the Sky Crater World.”

After that, the referee pointed at the road. “As for the finals of the 100,000-year competition of the Sky Opening Realm, the finishing point is at the first 1% of this road. You can use your perception to feel the distance from that place with your qualification tokens. The first to arrive will be at the top of the rankings. If your life is in danger halfway, your guardians will take action. The place they take action will be your finishing point.”

“One percent of the way?”

Han Fei was about to say who you are looking down upon, but when he scanned his qualification token, he was dumbfounded because what was displayed on it was a distant distance of nearly ten light-years.

“Shoot ~”

Han Fei was shocked. Isn’t this Shattered Sea River too big? A thousand light-years?

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It would take a hundred years to cover this distance at ten times the speed of light. However, if the Shattered Star Sea was so dangerous, there must also be unknown dangers in it.

Therefore, it would definitely take more than a hundred years to cross the Shattered Star Sea.

At the moment when Han Fei and the others were preparing for the competition, in the sky curtain of the Divine Capital Dynasty, in a corner, someone was explaining to the people of the Divine Capital Dynasty.

One of the female hosts said, “People of the Divine Capital Dynasty, this is the first time in the history of the Divine Capital Dynasty to show the mysteries of the Sea of Stars. It will also show you the dangers of the Sea of Stars…”

A male host added, “That’s right. The finals of the Sky Opening Realm may last for years, or even longer. Because the concepts of space and time are weakened in the Sea of Stars, but you will see what you want to see.”

The female host continued, “Now, we’re looking at the top 200 contestants in this round. Their bloodline, talent, and strength can be described as unparalleled. And what they are facing now is a place called the Shattered Star Sea in the Sea of Stars… Everyone, you can actually do what you need to do as long as you don’t miss the exciting battle segment of the competition, I believe this final round won’t waste your time…”

Han Fei and the others would have been shocked if they hadn’t seen it. Could the Divine Capital Dynasty even do live broadcasts now? More importantly, the range of the live broadcast was too far. It spanned ten light-years.

In a yard of a certain island in the Divine Capital Dynasty, a boy and a girl pointed at the sky and exclaimed, “Brother, Brother, look… It’s our benefactor. Our benefactor has entered the top 200 of the 10,000-year competition.”

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