Godly Choice System Chapter 4361: Happy future (end of the book)

Xiao Mingzhu smiled and chatted with Li Yun for a while before he asked him to return his phone, and said to the bewildered manager: "Don’t worry about this. That little girl has an extraordinary background. She is also Li Yun’s fiancée, you Treat her as an adult."


The manager didn’t dare to ask more, and obeyed honestly. After hanging up, he was more respectful towards Li Yun.

Free check-in is sure, and this room will not be booked for three months. If Mr. Li comes back in the future, he can check in directly.

There are also a series of services. Li Yun was too lazy to listen, waved his hand and said: "Well, I am not a scourge, just follow the standard of ordinary customers. You can go ahead and call you if I have any needs."

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The manager said goodbye and left. Before leaving, he glanced at Xiao Su who was wrapped around his waist by Li Yun.

Such a cute little girl, no wonder Mr. Li Yun will come to the hotel with her, but unfortunately, no matter how cute she is, she will only be someone else’s girlfriend.

Wait, the two have booked a room for three days? Doesn’t it mean that Mr. Li and this Miss Su will be together for these three days...

Uh, it’s really...enviable and surprising, what kind of girl is she?

The manager didn’t dare to think too much, he didn’t dare not listen to Miss Xiao’s words, otherwise, the job would not be guaranteed.

Now it is not difficult to find a good job. The difficult thing is to find a company like the Xiao family that has the ability to gain a foothold in the Aura era and has great connections with Baiyun Technology!

This kind of work, even if the annual salary is only one-third, he will continue to do it.


"Is it fun?"

After entering the room and closing the door, Li Yun flicked his finger on Xiao Su’s forehead, and the blond son suddenly grieved: "The bad guy is necrotic. Then, isn’t all our relationship exposed?"

"Then there is no way, who made you mess up."


Xiao Su obediently followed Li Yun into the door, and her face gradually turned red as she watched the door being closed.

Later, she was hugged by Li Yun to the floor-to-ceiling window and watched the bustling scenery outside the window with him.

After a long time, Xiao Su said softly: "Take me to the bathroom."

"it is good."

Li Yun felt soft in his heart.

The next day, Li Yun woke up, and after obtaining Xiao Su’s consent, he called back and said that he would not go home for the time being today. He and Xiao Su spent another two days in Zhonghai City.

When he went back, Xiao Su was like a well-behaved little daughter-in-law. They called Gong Qingyu and the others one by one, making a group of girls secretly laughing.

There is a reincarnation of the Goddess of Light as a younger sister, even Hu Xiaomeng became an older sister, so happy that she flew to Zhonghai City by plane on the weekend.

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One month later, Shangguan Lingxian’s medical hall was completed, with a beautiful hot spring. The hot spring water was obtained by Fan Linglong deliberately casting a spell to get through the ground, and then draining it up and heating it with a refined magical device. The hot spring water can be adjusted at will. The temperature is very comfortable to take a bath in winter and summer.

Li Yun and them stayed in the hot springs and the plantation for three days. Xiao Mingzhu and the others took a two-day vacation and took a day off before going to class. They were so tired that they didn’t want to move anymore. Even Su Muxin waved her hands and refused.

A few months later, summer vacation.

On a luxurious cruise ship, Li Yun held a glass of frozen juice in his hand, standing on the bow and drinking slowly.

Behind him is a group of beautiful women in swimsuits lying lazily on the sun loungers. In front of Li Yun, there is a beautiful island. Since a few days ago, this island has been bought by Li Yun. Next, it became a place for him and the girls around him to have fun on vacation.

After seeing the island, Li Yun turned his head and smiled brightly at them: "Ladies, our destination is here~!"


A group of beautiful girls ran to the side of the ship. When they saw the island, they all smiled excitedly, "Okay~"

Li Yun smiled slightly and looked inside the boat. Shan Xiaoxiao and a woman who hadn’t seen him for a long time walked out slowly. It was Song Xi who came too.

"Li Yun."

Song Xi’s face turned red.

"Have you decided?"𝒇re𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝒏𝚘ѵeƖ c𝗼𝑚


"I also decided~"

Shan Xiaoxiao threw on Li Yun with a grin, and kissed him with a snap, too happy.

Li Yun said in a huff: "What do you decide, you will be honest later, have you heard?"

"Woo, yes~~!"

After getting off the boat, Li Yun walked on the gravel road under the palm trees and walked towards the road to happiness with the girls around him.

There is still a long way to go, but as long as there are Fang Xue, Li Feng, Gong Qingyu Gong Lianyi, Xiao Mingzhu, Fan Qing Sheng, Wan Qing concubine, Shangguan Lingxian.

There are also Liu Xianxian, Su Muxin, Xia Feiyao, Jin Liuli, plus the lovely Hu Xiaomeng and Zhao Tianfeng, as well as Cai Wei and Caixia, the sleepy little princess Yongning, plus Princess Alice, Fan Linglong, Wanni clothes, and elegant and elegant.

Shan Ruqing took Shan Xiaoxiao, several maids of Gong Qingyu, Master Saint’s maid Fan Qingzhu, and several maids of Concubine Wan Qing, Song Xi and Tang Anxi.

Pan Suyi in his Qinglian Immortal Mansion, Ise Jinzakura who was a maiden in the Sakura Kingdom.

Finally, Xiaosu, the goddess of light, also accompanied him.

With so many confidantes to accompany him, Li Yun believes that everything will become better and better in the future, and he will surely get the happiness he wants.

End of the book.

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