Great Demon King Chapter 2316 - Heaven's Essence Blood!

Chapter 2316: Heaven’s Essence Blood!

From the moment he had rebelled, Luo Supreme had spent every moment planning for this scene. Heaven was far too powerful, so powerful that no one could stop him. But to have him yield to Heaven and serve as his slave for the rest of his life? That was simply impossible.

He had already followed Heaven for an extremely long time, but he preferred to be the leader of the chickens than the tailfeather of a phoenix. He would prefer death over living the rest of his life like that.

Luo Supreme was extremely apprehensive of Heaven, so he had been very inconspicuous in his actions over so many years, even allowing his entire religion to seemingly decline. But Luo Supreme was only afraid of Heaven’s sealed body, not the likes of Grand Supreme, Radiance Supreme, and Essence Supreme.

These people didn’t have the right to make him afraid!

Whether it was Luo Supreme or Essence Supreme, they had all essentially forgotten Wang Chong at this point. Wang Chong didn’t make any noise and continued to silently watch from the sides.


Loud laughter rang out. Essence Supreme didn’t seem angered by Luo Supreme’s words, and there was even a hint of derision in his eyes.

“Luo Supreme, what does it matter that you laid down this formation? After so many years, do you really think that Heaven didn’t know what you were up to in the outside world? In the end, everything you’ve done was within Heaven’s expectations. A moth falling into a dusty spiderweb might be able to escape for a few moments, but only that.

“And even if you’ve managed to succeed in developing a formation that can seal Grotto Heaven Cores, so what? You’re still alone and trying to fight against three of us. Perhaps the strongest of us, Unity Supreme, might have been able to do this, but you? You are still a little lacking,” Essence Supreme coldly said.

“Unity Supreme?”

Li Xuantu had no reaction, but Wang Chong immediately raised an eyebrow.

Unity Supreme was the High Monk of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, the existence who had singlehandedly created the civilization of the plateau.

Wang Chong didn’t understand Unity Supreme very much, only that Origin Supreme and Unity Supreme weren’t separated by much of a distance.

Wang Chong had believed that Unity Supreme was basically the same as all the rest, but it now seemed that this one in the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple was actually the strongest of the twelve Supremes.

“Who said that Divine Father was alone!?” A voice rang out. Luo Supreme’s two half-step Grotto Heaven realm sons could no longer stand the arrogance of Essence Supreme.

“Don’t waste time talking with them. The Decalight Universal Dampening Formation has already been activated, their strength has fallen to the middle level of the Grotto Heaven realm, and they have many impediments. Second Brother and I will use the formation’s power to hold them down while the rest of you swiftly kill them!”

There was one thing that Essence Supreme was wrong about. While they only had one Grotto Heaven expert in Luo Supreme, far more than just one was capable of fighting against Grotto Heaven realm experts.

The Decalight Universal Dampening Formation only affected Grotto Heaven realm experts, so the brothers and the divine warriors were free from its influence. Moreover, when the formation activated, the Stellar Energies of the brothers became linked to the formation. Not only were they not weakened, they were bolstered by the formation and could borrow power from the entire dimension to unleash power far above the half-step Grotto Heaven level.

If they worked together with Luo Supreme, they had the strength to at least not lose to Essence Supreme’s group.

“Everyone, follow me!”

The Decalight Universal Dampening Formation once more trembled, and streams of energy exploded out from it like erupting volcanoes, surging into Luo Supreme’s two sons. With the help of the formation, the two of them were able to reach the strength of a basic-level Grotto Heaven realm expert.


With a furious roar, the two of them unleashed a tsunami of energy at Essence Supreme’s group.

“King of Foreign Lands, didn’t you say you wanted to work with us? This is the best moment!” As they took action, the two of them didn’t forget about the spectating Wang Chong.

With these two taking action, the balance between the three parties was shattered.

“Hmph, two reckless brats! Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Essence Supreme’s eyes flashed with anger.

Each of the twelve Supremes was an aloof and proud existence. It would have been another thing if Luo Supreme had said it, but his two sons? They clearly didn’t know what being a Supreme meant, and seemed to lack knowledge of how high the heavens were.

“Grand Supreme, Radiance Supreme, begin the plan! Kill them all!”

Boom! Essence Supreme flicked his wrist, sending out the Supreme Essence Compass once more. It once more expanded to the size of a mountain and descended upon Luo Supreme and the numerous divine warriors.

Behind him, Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme also struck.


Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme each wore a mysterious bronze bracelet on their left and right hands respectively. At this moment, a needle protruded from these bracelets and stabbed into their wrists.

Within the bracelets was a drop of dark golden blood that was injected into their bodies.


With a roar that transcended time, two savage, one-armed giants appeared above the heads of Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme, joining Essence Supreme’s compass in smashing down at Luo Supreme’s men.

“Something’s up!”

Wang Chong, still a spectator to all this, couldn’t help but widen his eyes at this sight.

This operation was clearly led by Essence Supreme, with Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme in supporting roles. Moreover, Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme were clearly weaker than Essence Supreme. But when these two bronze bracelets broke open, Wang Chong could sense a transformation in these two.

This was because Wang Chong could faintly sense Heaven’s aura on these two, greatly boosting their strength.

“It’s Heaven’s essence blood!” Li Xuantu said, his expression extremely grave.


Wang Chong was taken aback. If he recalled correctly, Li Xuantu had never interacted with Heaven before. How did he know that those two had Heaven’s essence blood?

“When I was imprisoned beneath the imperial prison, Genesis Supreme granted me a drop of Heaven’s essence blood that was refined into Sealbreaker Blood. The energy from their bodies is similar to the Sealbreaker Blood, but it is much stronger. It might have been directly removed from Heaven’s body,” Li Xuantu sternly said.

It was clear that Essence Supreme’s group had amply prepared for this journey. Doomsday Insignias were extremely important to Heaven, and he would permit no mishaps, so even Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme had been endowed with greater strength.

These drops of essence blood were clearly meant to be used against Luo Supreme’s group.

Meanwhile, the situation became extremely dangerous. Luo Supreme’s sons going on the offensive meant that there was no room for negotiation left between Luo Supreme and Essence Supreme.

The wave of Grotto Heaven Stellar Energy unleashed by Essence Supreme, Grand Supreme, and Radiance Supreme was sweeping toward Luo Supreme. At this moment, he let out a harsh whistle and flew through the air. The fabric of space shuddered as tens of thousands of Halos of Spacetime emerged.

Through these Halos of Spacetime, the vast amount of energy that Luo Supreme had accumulated in this dimension over thousands of years instantly converged on Luo Supreme.

While Essence Supreme’s group had their own preparations, Luo Supreme had also been readying himself for this moment over the years.

A single man had their limits, and even a Grotto Heaven realm expert could only take in so much Stellar Energy. Until he could break through the barrier and reach the Divine Martial realm, Luo Supreme’s best method of increasing his strength was to use that vast Stellar Energy in formations and laws to reinforce this dimension. Once the battle began, through various external methods, he could combine this power with his own strength and unleash it all at once.

Though this method of borrowing external energy could not compare to a martial artist who had cultivated to the Grotto Heaven realm, it was enough to greatly boost the strength of a Grotto Heaven realm expert.


With a massive boom, the two Stellar Energies clashed, the impact destabilizing the dimension and making it seem like it was about to tear apart.

As the Stellar Energies viciously clashed, Essence Supreme’s voice rang out. “It’s useless, Luo Supreme. Even if you use all your strength, you’re still no match for us.

“Heaven-Earth Life Refining Art!”

With a sharp shout, Essence Supreme once more unleashed his potential. The flames on his body rose from a height of one hundred feet to nearly one thousand.

With the potential fully unleashed, that silver-eyed youth within the flames rapidly aged, black hair turning white, smooth skin growing wrinkled.

Luo Supreme had known about the Heaven-Earth Life Refining Art, but he had never realized that he had only seen a small portion of its power.

Not only could this technique consume ninety-nine percent of one’s life force, unleashing all of a Grotto Heaven realm expert’s potential and converting it into terrifying power, it could burn it up to an even greater extent so that all this energy could be unleashed within the span of one hour.

While this meant that this silver-eyed youth’s perfect body would completely vanish after an hour, the amount of power unleashed was tremendous.

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