Hero of Darkness Chapter 768 The Last Hurdle

Rathnaar suggested the group should keep moving forward to next floors despite their main objective being completed here. Yet, his proposition was met with silence.

[So what are you suggesting? That we should go just based on your hunch?

There could be many dangers that might as well kill us.] asked Kahn with a suspicious voice again.

[Eh? Since when did you start cowering from taking risks?

We even screwed over all the Noble Factions in my empire, an Imperial Prince, the Church of Hetrax and even killed a chosen Hero.

Compared to that, it’s a walk in the park.

What’s there to worry about?] asked Rathnaar unhappily.

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? [And let’s say whatever it is and somehow we managed to get it… what’s there to guarantee that we won’t get caught into the crossfire?

I already established myself properly in this empire without raising suspicion. I’m not in the mood to risk it all.] responded Kahn in a lifeless tone.

[Don’t forget, kid… the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

Who knows if you can get the treasure that even this Hero of Life is so diligently trying to acquire by risking his life?] he kept suggesting persistently.

[What if you find something that could instantly raise your rank or give you an absolutely amazing ability that could help you fight other heroes or protect yourselves from those people who are coming to hunt you?

You’re a smart guy… you should know the benefits.] said the peak saint and finished his piece.

Kahn was perplexed after hearing this rebuttal and gave it a thought in his mind.

Because it wasn’t even confirmed that they’d get caught or even get the so-called ’treasure’ in the first place.

Suddenly, a wide grin formed on Kahn’s face, the corner of his lips rising as high as they could be. Meanwhile, Rathnaar had a similar greedy and covetous grin inside his soul.

Because Rathnaar was also a risk-taker. He too had the history of acquiring the Tablet of Arcana by taking risks and making sacrifices.

Because what Rathnaar suggested was indeed the truth.

Being over-prepared was hundred times better than being under-prepared.

Who knew if the mysterious group suddenly found him? The more cards he had to escape or protect himself, the better.

As for the subordinates… all of them were confident in their skills and abilities to survive.

On top of it, if the situation turned dire, Kahn was the kind to prepare an escape route first. Thus, this decision reached a unified consensus.

The expedition shall carry on.


2 Hours Later.

The group finished ransacking the entire floor’s natural resources and alchemy ingredients since they had the manpower and the floor boss was nonexistent.

And finally, they regrouped. However, Legolas spoke with Edmund.

"We’re thinking about continuing to further floors.

But we have already completed our main goal here." he said.

Edmund was suddenly taken aback. It took him a dozen seconds to respond anxiously.

"It will be too hard from now on. We may lose our lives." said the saint alchemist.

"Yes. We were lucky to accomplish their mission without having to fight the boss.

But from here on, we can’t guarantee your safety if you come with us." said Legolas.

The human saint quickly understood what the ironborn elf was trying to imply.

They wanted Edmund to leave on his own volition instead of becoming a burden on their group since things were going to be even more dangerous.

"I understand. Our main goal is realized so there’s no need for me to tag along.

I’ll leave." said the masked saint as he sighed.

In the end, although they were business partners… the matter of Misthios guild and his own Alchemy Enterprise was different. He had no say in their decision and neither did they owe him an explanation.

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Besides, Edmund himself was aware that other than being able to provide some power boost and healing potions, he’d be no help during a battle. And Darwin was the member of the Misthios guild who could fill in that role already.

In the past couple of months since they entered the Immortal Dungeon, he had grown accustomed to all the people present here. He was aware of how strong these people were.

So him sticking around made no sense.

"I will be waiting for you in Sparta." he said and activated his dungeon pass as he bade farewell to the group.

Everyone watched him disappear into thin air, a sense of relief washing over their minds.

Kahn then turned to his subordinates and gave a command.

"We will progress on the coattails of the hero’s party.

Let’s hope we catch up and won’t have to face another floor boss."


Just 2 Hours Laters

Another being covered in a white and green cloak appeared on this floor, completely alone.

The aura of this individual was that of a Peak 5th stage saint.

"This has made my job easy. I shall keep following them and progress without having to fight myself.

As for the Misthios guild…" he spoke with an ominous voice.

"I’ll get rid of them as soon as I reach the final floor."


10 Days Later.

The entry door flashed and a slim figure of a 4th stage saint summoner who was halfbreed elf appeared on the final floor of the Immortal Dungeon.

Ervalen managed to achieve what nobody had done before.

But as soon as he appeared on the floor… an intangible force pulled him away towards the center of this floor at supersonic speed.


How can such a thing exist in this empire?" he asked in disbelief as soon as the Dungeon Boss revealed its existence.

Just then… an insidious and terrifying voice landed on his ears.

"Oh, they sent another Hero of Life?

This one is unqualified as well. Simply too weak." spoke this ginormous being that was whooping 5 kilometers tall. Something that only few mountains on earth managed to reach.

"Wait! If there’s some sort of test… I can prove myself worthy!" shouted Ervalen.

"Is that so? Well then… I will use only 5% of my power and attack you.

If you manage to defend against it or even counter with your own skills… I shall deem you qualified." spoke this being. Just these simple words shook the nearby 20 kilometers of region.

"Prepare yourself… you damn elf!" shouted this tyrannical being.

But the next second…

A bright blue light flashed as the final boss used its weakest attack.


The nearby 5 kilometers of ground disintegrated while there was a 500 meter deep pit in the ground in this charred vicinity.

Ervalen, the Hero of Life, who arduously worked to get here and even had his allies sacrifice their lives to complete this mission…

Was simply pulverized into nothingness. Not even leaving his ashes behind.

"Impetuous otherworldly bastard. They should’ve told you already." spoke this majestic and tyrannical being that existed in this dungeon for a thousand years, revealing a vengeful expression.

"I hate the Heroes and Gods."

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