I Hate You, Devil! Chapter 298 Final Arc Part XVI

298 Final Arc Part XVI

Zaki cracked a cynical smile on his lips, as though there was something he knew that One did not. He kept pushing on. Advancing. Never stepping back. Giving his all with no concern for his own life. As though nothing else matters. That was the impression Zaki’s actions had on One. And it made him crease his brows. According to Three and Seven’s investigation, he was certain that Zero had things precious to him. He had something to protect now. So why was he going at it and giving his all like he was on a suicide mission? Did he not want to live anymore?

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The man was literally zipping around and giving One a run for his money. Zero had been storming him non-stop, his deadly blade striking ferociously, always barely a couple centimetres shy of his jugular. His foreswings were skin-prickling, followed by his backswings that were positively lethal. Each swing seemed to be calculated to extreme precision. If he were to ease up even a little, perhaps that might be the beginning of the end of him? That unexpected inner acknowledgement caused One’s face to scowl and darken. When had Zero improved to this point?

Was their investigation flawed? According to what they had dug up, even though Dr. Davi Chen had Zero on treatment, it had been two years and progress was still not as satisfactory as they had expected. Zero should be about 85 percent cured but treatment for his illness was still ongoing. So what was with Zero now? One could not quite put his finger on it.


Xiaolei exhaled heavily as she shook her head gloomily at Yu Chen. "Still not getting through..." she informed before nibbling on her lower lips. "I think something must have happened. Zaki would not ignore looking at his phone for this long, right?"

"Hmm... Yeah." Yu Chen only gave a succinct reply as he gripped the steering wheel tighter. He too believed that events like how it had happened in their previous life would have already started to unfold as before. He only prayed that they could somehow alter it, even if for a little. As once the trajectory of an event spins out of the original timeline, it would then cause a domino effect that hopefully would work in their favour.

A sharp trill suddenly broke the grim quietness in the car. Both Yu Chen and Xiaolei snapped their heads to look at the phone lying innocently in Xiaolei’s cupped hands that were resting on her lap, as the look in their eyes sharpened as they saw who the caller was.

"Hello... Yes... He decided to drive... I’ll put you on speaker." That was Xiaolei’s side of the conversation that Yu Chen got before he suddenly heard his big bro Sei’s voice coming over the car speakers.

"Chen, where’s your location?" Sei’s no-nonsense and business-like tone came, so unlike the usual way he talks to them.

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"We’re almost back at Scarlet Hill. Did not want to wait for the chopper as it would take time for it get to us. Should be arriving in about half an hour’s time if there are no unexpected traffic on the road." Yu Chen knew he was shortening the estimated time that they should need in getting back. Hearing his brother’s voice so emotionless and flat, he knew that Sei was worried for his wife and Zaki’s safety at this moment.

"Mmm. Got it. I’ve gotten in touch with the army. The guards over at the research centre had been given an emergency order to be on alert and guard those in the lab well. You be careful. I’ll see you there." Sei did not waste any extra words and only got down to the main points. "Keep in touch." He gave a final reminder before ending the call.

Yu Chen drew in a breath before looking over at his wife who had heard the entire exchange over the car speakers. "You know we actually need about 45 minutes before we can arrive..." an apologetic gleam appeared in his eyes as he looked back at the speedometer before him.

"I understand, Chen. I’ll hang on." Xiaolei nodded at her husband when he looked back at her, a small smile curved on her pink lips even as her knuckles whitened a little around the seatbelt. There was a tacit understanding between them with just that one look.

Yu Chen only flashed a grin at her before stepping down on the accelerator. Their car raced on quickly, as both trained their eyes forward, wanting to get back sooner rather than later.


Back at Scarlet Hill Research Laboratory

"Dr. Davi!" one of the lead researchers who was key in assisting her in the treatment for Zaki, Kyuu and Juu ran towards her. "The guards reported that they did find two silhouettes of unknown men running in the sanatorium. And they seem to be making their way over to the lab."

"Noted on that. Proceed with Emergency Protocol 6." Davi replied in a cool voice, her expression evident that she did not take it that seriously. Also, from the importance she had placed on calling the emergency at only level 6, indicated that she was more than satisfied to have the security teams handle this matter.

She only lifted her head to give out the order before bending it again to peer attentively into the binocular viewing scope of the latest transmission electron microscope that her lab had managed to get a hold of for her. With this latest and current favourite toy of hers, she had recently found out some new and interesting development on the morphology, defects and chemical information of her three patients that were still undergoing the experimental treatment for their illness. Thus, even though she had been informed about the attempted break in by two unknown men, she was not quite bothered about it as the guards were already on it. Her mind was more preoccupied with the prospect of further improving on the formula of the chemicals used in the medication for their treatment. Furthermore, Sei had personally called her to warn her to be careful and that he had already arranged for the army’s involvement and had also despatched more elite guards over to deal with the situation at hand. There were only few that she trusted enough to be in charge of her safety. But her husband is always at the top of her list.

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