I Reincarnated During the Apocalypse and Killed My Enemies Chapter 48 - 48 : The East

Chapter 48: Chapter 48 : The East

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MO Cheng had already gotten into the car. He looked at Fu Shinan and asked, “By the way, Sister Fu, seems like Mr. Ji is going to find Cao Yong. Do you really think he has a superpower?”

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Fu Shinan smirked and replied, “Perhaps you do too?”

“Me? How is that possible?” MO Cheng pointed at his own nose in surprise.

Fu Shinan took a careful look at his finger but sensed no electricity. Could she have been mistaken? However, her intuition told her otherwise. Nonetheless, she smiled and said, “I just feel like things have changed after that rain.” MO Cheng immediately recalled something and said, “Indeed, it does feel that way.”

Just as Fu Shinan was about to say something, she saw Ji Zan carrying Xiao Chang’an into the car.

Fu Shinan was somewhat surprised but still smiled and said, “Sure.”

Ji Zan had already closed the back door and opened the driver’s door. “I’ll drive.

You can rest a little longer.”

Fu Shinan didn’t say anything and went straight to the passenger seat. However, in the instant their bodies made contact, she suddenly thought of her enhancement system. If she could enhance beyond the item’s original capabilities, then her car should work too. She immediately silently recited, “Enhance.”

The system’s prompt quickly came through. [Enhancement successful. All attributes have reached 120%.]

But this time, Fu Shinan didn’t stop there. She shouted again, but the system notified her that the enhancement had already reached its limit. To continue, she needed to upgrade the system. It seemed that her assumption was correct: the system could be upgraded, and items could be enhanced beyond their original limits. If the condition for upgrading was to reach a certain number of enhancements, then she would have to enhance more things to rapidly level up the system.

The group continued driving east and spent the entire morning on the road until they came across a farm. Just as they were preparing to go in and take a look, several shotguns suddenly appeared before them.

Ji Zan opened the car door and raised his hands.”We passed by this place and thought there was no one here, so we wanted to go in and take a look. If your farm doesn’t allow outsiders to enter, we’ll leave now. Everyone, there’s no need to hurt each other.”

The young man in the lead stared at Ji Zan’s face and asked tentatively, “You’re Ji Zan?”

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“You know me?” Ji Zan was a little surprised.

The young man shook his head.” I don’t know you. It was the Prophet who said that you would definitely come here. The young man in the lead is called Ji Zan.”

“Prophet?” Ji Zan frowned and suddenly thought of someone. He couldn’t help but look at Fu Shinan.

Fu Shinan immediately understood his thoughts. The prophet they were talking about might be Cao Yong.

The young man said,” The Prophet said that you’re almost here. He asked us to wait here. Please follow me.”

At this moment, Er Lei and the others also got out of the car.

Ji Zan gestured to him, and the group entered the farm. The farm was quite large, and they arrived at a courtyard of about five to six hundred square meters, with electric fences around the perimeter.

At this moment, Cao Yong also walked out from inside, accompanied by two middle-aged men who appeared extremely respectful.

“Cao Yong, how dare you? You abandoned us and ran away on your own,” MO Cheng spoke up as soon as he saw Cao Yong. 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝑜𝑣𝑒𝘭.𝘯𝑒𝑡

The two middle-aged men immediately glared angrily at MO Cheng, as if they were about to start a fight at any moment.

Fu Shinan quickly intervened to stop MO Cheng. Now was not the time to pursue this matter; they should first understand the current situation. Besides, Cao Yong had his own reasons for leaving, and it was understandable. They couldn’t restrict Cao Yong’s freedom.

Cao Yong smiled and said something to the two men, who then stepped back. Fu Shinan immediately asked, “Is this the ‘East’ you mentioned? Who are they?”

Cao Yong was pleased with the arrival of Fu Shinan and the others. He invited them into the house and said with a smile, “Miss Fu, I knew you would come. This is the ‘East’ I mentioned! I predicted some things for the people here, so they see me as a prophet. That’s probably the situation.”

Ji Zan glanced around and then looked at Cao Yong. “Did you really gain extraordinary abilities and the power to foresee the future because of that rain?

Cao Yong didn’t hide anything and replied, “Yes, the long-legged fish and winged shrimp are things I saw in my visions! At first, I thought it was just a dream, so I didn’t say anything. But when I became certain, the zombies attacked, and I had to leave. Besides, I knew you would eventually come, and I Imew we would stay here for a while.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Zan frowned. “Are you suggesting that it’s safe here?” He looked around but couldn’t see any possibility of safety. Although there were electric fences around the walls, the buildings were too low, making it easy for zombies to climb in. Moreover, there were only three rooms, which couldn’t accommodate so many people..

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