I Said Make My Abilities Average! Chapter 327.1 - Vol 3 extra: Adele’s first date.

Adele’s average school life

Adele’s first date

(T.N: Please don’t forget that before renaming herself as “Mile”, her name is Adele.)

『The next “rest day” (weekend) is a day off』(Baker)

『Ah, yes. Of course, the “rest day” is a day off!』(Mile)

『No, that’s not it. I’m telling you that this shop is going to have a day off!』(Baker)

Even Adele seems to be really clever from everyday speech, but sometimes she talks like an idiot, the bakery owner, Auron looks tired (from Tsukkomi?)

『I need to do the regular maintenance for bread-baking kiln over a whole day.

If I do it on a “rest day“, won’t I cause much trouble to the customers like the weekday?

Adele-chan also should take time to rest or have a date with a boy?

Adele-chan, don’t you want to spend time with a boy?』(Auron)

『What!? a DA… DATE…?』(Mile)

Adele was troubled by what Auron, the owner of the bakery, said after finishing her part-time job.


19 years of experience without a boyfriend, including her previous life.

Plus the period she lives in this world before she regained her memories (9 years). It’s 28 years.

She has never had a boyfriend in her life and she didn’t even hold hands with the boys, let alone a date.


『…Adele-san, somehow you look somewhat strange today.

Is there something troubling you?』(Marcella)

『Ah, yes. It seems like I must have a date on the next “rest day“…』(Adele)


In response to Adele’s answer to Marcella, everyone screams out loud throughout the classroom.


Among them, Marcella is the most upset one.

『Oh, Adele-san. What… did… you… say… just… now…』(Marcella)

『No, as I said. I wonder what I should do about the next holiday date…』(Adele)

『Who, who! Who will you date?』(Marcella)

『No, I told you. I’m thinking what I should do to get a date…』(Adele)


Whether you like it or not, in class A, your throat will be trained.

After that, the classmates finally understood the situation with Adele’s explanation, which was asked by Marcella.


『In other words, the Bakery owner took a day off and he advised you to have a date?』(Marcella)

『Yes, that’s right! I’ve never been close to a boy until now, what should I do…』(Adele)

((((Why must you think about what to do?)))) (Classmates)

Her classmates tsukkomi against Adele in their head.

Of course, Marcella too.

『Anyway, that means you plan to go on a date, but you don’t decide who is your partner yet?』(Marcella)

『Yes, yes. That’s right…』(Adele)

In response to Adele, Marcella pinched her temple.

『I understand.

Adele-san doesn’t need to worry about anything.

We will arrange everything for you』(Marcella)

Then after class is over and Adele leaves the classroom.

Her classmates quickly lock the door under the direction of the chairman.

All windows are of course closed.

Only Adele left the room to return to the dormitory.

All the others remained.

『Now, we will hold an A-class emergency meeting!』(Chairman)

An emergency meeting began with the chairman of the committee.

『Now, this is the agenda, but of course, it’s a very important agenda.

“What should we do about Adele-chan’s first date?”

First, from the fundamental question of whether to accept or crush this date …』(Chairman)

『Chairman, 1 question!』(Girl)

A girl raised her hand, cut off the chairman’s words.

『Yes, go ahead』(Chairman)

『Do girls count as Adele-chan’s dating partner?』(Girl)


They didn’t think of that at first and now more than half of the girls in the classroom

praised that wonderful idea.

The chairperson herself is also impressed by it and her eyes sparkled.

However, the chairman doesn’t allow her personal opinion to influence the flow of the meeting.

This should be discussed by everyone’s opinion.

『Girls are prohibited to participate!』(Boy)

The chairman points out to the boy who raised his hand and allow him to say his opinion.

Even if she suppresses her personal will, she must allow every to speak in favor, opposition, and equality.

The chairman will never break her own rule.

『I know how girls feel.

But as everyone knows, Adele-chan doesn’t have the awareness of the opposite gender yet.

But what if when her first dating partner is a girl, she goes in a strange direction. What if she starts to think that dating a girl is strangely fun while dating a boy is ugly and disgusting? Can you take responsibility for Adele-chan’s life and family?』(Boy)


『I can take it! If I can stay with Adele-chan forever, I’m willing to do anything…』(Chairman)

Everyone decided not to hear the chairman’s cry.

『…Then, I will now summarize the conclusion.

First, we approve Adele-chan’s date as this is necessary for her personal growth.

Second, the dating partner is only boys…』(Chairman)

The chairman bites her teeth and has bloody eyes.

『Third, all A class girls will inspect the candidate and considering who we will approve.

Forth, if he attempts to anything to Adele-chan, I will kill him!』(Chairman)

All the girls glared at the boys.


After that, all the male students were returned and the meeting with only A-class girls continued.

『I think it ’s better to remove the nobility.

Adele-san is probably the daughter of an aristocratic family with personal problems, so it would be unusual to engage with a particular noble family.

Besides, because of that cuteness and talent of her, there may be some idiots who want to capture (marry) her…

Now that Adele-san lives as a commoner, I think it’s better not to take the risk of her being forced to do something by the aristocrats.』(Baron’s third daughter)

A girl classmate, the Baron’s third daughter, gave an accurate opinion.

Everyone thought about it seriously.

The chairman also agreed.

『That means he should be a commoner.

But it’s not good if he is very poor…

Adele-chan will not care about that, but… when he is too poor, her life will be harsh and he might even use her for his own gain.

Just think about her cuteness and talent, she may have good status (Social position?)…

Besides, even though she seems to be poor (lack of money) now, she looks like a noble daughter who is ignorant about the lives of the common people.

I will feel sorry for her if her first dating partner is a very poor boy…』(Merchant’s daughter)

A merchant’s daughter said so.

The only opinion left is…

『Then, he should be the son of a merchant, preferably the eldest son.

He must not have a fiancee or a dating girl yet. He must also be gentle and kind.

He must be a serious person who doesn’t lay hand on girls.

He must not be self-conceited nor get jealous over misunderstandings.

And he must be willing to protect Adele-chan using his body from foreign enemies.

That’s how that boy should be.

Because he is in class A, he should have considerably good abilities…』(Merchant’s daughter)




『If there’s such a boy, I also want to have one!』(Girl)

One girl’s sorrowful cry was ignored.

And the concrete selection of candidates began.


『… Eh, you choose me?』(Boy)

The day after the A-class girls’ emergency meeting.

Ainos, the eldest son of a mid-sized merchant, was suddenly surrounded by girls in the class and was informed that he had been chosen as Adele’s dating partner.

『We just let Adele-chan experience having a date and relationship with a boy!

It’s by no means Adele-chan likes you nor you can keep dating her after this, Get it?!』(Chairman)

『No, of course, I know that because I was at yesterday’s meeting as well…』(Ainos)

He was educated like a merchant and always spoke like a child, but he couldn’t hide his surprise in the nomination.

『Anyway, we decided to choose you.

Do your best!』(Chairman)

Ainos nodded as he looked at the back of the girls when they left.

『How did this happen……』(Ainos)

However, Ainos didn’t feel bad at all.

On the contrary, he welcomed it with all his heart.

Adele is cute.

She isn’t an amazing beauty like a noble lady, but she is so was cute that she made people think that she was adorable and they had to protect her.

And whenever you see her smile, you feel relieved and at peace.

She also has an outrageous talent.

Top at academic, magic, physical education that Kelvin has never won once.

And even more, it’s obvious that she held back.

For some reason, Adele’s tea doesn’t seem to get cooled down as time passed.

She always chants to use magic, but when she doesn’t pay attention or is panicking, she doesn’t chant. More important, she lost to everyone in sword lesson other than Kelvin.

And at one moment, she doesn’t have anything, the next moment, she gets bread, tea, etc. in her hands.

Instructors seldom had any contact with her outside class time so they missed it but her classmates, who were always together, also knew it for a long time.

But none of her gentle classmates pointed it out.

(Shall I go?) (Ainos)

Yes, Ainos was never fooling around or showing interested in girls.

He planned to inherit his parents’ store.

To that end, he couldn’t get caught by a foolish girl or a woman who wanted money.

In order to get through such a woman, it’s best to pretend to be a feminist, be kind to all women, and pretend to be a lazy (lack-back? uninterested?) man who doesn’t fool around with girls.

In addition, Ainos originally is a good boy, with his feminist pretending, he had the advantage of lowering the hurdle to help girls in need.

If he showed interested in girls, they might get suspicious or be drawn back when he tried to help her.

That’s how Ainos behaved but when it’s Adele, he desired her.

Absolutely Cute. Being with her put his mind at ease and calm.

Good-natured and smart.

Outstanding magic and swordsmanship talent

Benefits for merchant:

Storage magic that was a dream for a merchant. If you have it, you can secretly trade something… *Ahem Ahem*!

Having her accompany you as your wife, you have an escort who safely guards you and your expensive cargo all the time.

And those talents might be passed down to your children and grandchildren.

Even though there are still 4-5 years until she reaches adulthood, it will pass like an instant.

It’s no wonder that such a valuable partner like Adele has a fiancée decided from when she is an infant.

It’s more strange that she is still free (single) until now.

Maybe she has one at home, but it doesn’t matter to Ainos.

Actually, he isn’t seeking connections to Adele’s parents.

All he wants is Adele herself.

Well, even if her parents’ house is revealed at the time of marriage, it won’t be a problem once he married her.

Yes, no problem at all.

He doesn’t have to worry about her parents and grandparents getting angry.

(Okay, here I go!) (Ainos)

The girls in A-class have carefully selected a candidate but they have made a ridiculous mistake.

But… well, Ainos was never a bad person.


『Please take care of me today (Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu)!』(Adele)

Next holiday, the second morning-bell (9am).

Adele became nervous and bowed to Ainos.

『The same to you. Best regards. (Kochira Koso, Yoroshiku!)

Well, for the time being, we should go around the shopping street.

After that, we will have a walk at Riverside Park and have lunch there.

Is that okay?』(Ainos)

『Yes, please!』(Adele)

The first date for Adele, including her previous life.

It was the first time for her to hold hands with a boy or going on a date alone with a boy.

Even so, it was a lot more progress than in her previous life that she only had a few conversations with boys other than her father which didn’t last more than 3 dialogs (question/answer).

Adele is trembling from nervous.

But it’s “I’m not used to men” and “Because it’s my first date“. That’s why she is nervous, it’s just because she doesn’t know what to do, it’s not because she is embarrassed or excited.

Well, she was 18 years old. (as Misato)

Plus 10 years in this world, she would be 28 years old.

There is no reason for her to be embarrassed or excited by a 10-year-old child.

Even if you said, “the spirit is affected by the body” and “depending on the environment”, there was also a limit to things.

However, in Ainos’ eyes, the appearance of Adele was reflected as follows.

(She is nervous and embarrassed about our first date, Adele-chan is cute!) (Ainos)

Ainos and Adele go around various shops in the shopping district of the capital city. Adele has always worked for her part-time job to get money for living, she has no money to spare for buying anything else, so she has never visited these stores.

However, window shopping for the first time was quite fun.

In the sense of confirming the world’s technological level and product variations.

Originally, Adele doesn’t want to buy anything, she just keeps checking products, quality, price surveys, etc.

Ainos somehow thought this wasn’t how a girl behaved on a date. Shouldn’t she be more like “Wow…”, “Tee hee hee…”, etc. as she checked out in the shop?

However, he still held Adele with high regard.

(This girl has a quality as a merchant!) (Ainos)

And at noon.

Riverbank Park on the Riverside.

There was no twist, it was a straight-forward naming.

There is a wide riverbed, and on the side of the dike there are plum trees in full bloom.

Yes, in this country, people enjoy watching plum blossoms like Cherry Blossom Viewing.

Under the plum (Umebayashi) trees, Adele can speak 2 languages, the language of this continent and Japanese languages… you can say she is the “Umebayashi Gal”


『Well, let ’s have lunch around here』(Adele)

Adele told Ainos and pointed to the free place in the middle of the relatively crowded Riverbank.

『Oh, yes.

Then, I will go buy food and drinks at the stall, so Adele-chan, can you keep the place…』(Ainos)

『Ah, that won’t be necessary』(Adele)

Adele says that and stops Ainos.

『Uhm… I asked the cafeteria’s auntie to let me borrow the kitchen to make lunch.

It may not suit your taste but…』(Adele)

Adele asked the Auntie in the dormitory the permission to make a bento using the left-over (spare) ingredients in the kitchen.

The Auntie had always been trying to help Adele, who works hard to live with her extreme poverty live, in various ways.

So she gave Adele her consent for that.

Besides, after hearing that Adele will make a bento for her first date, the Auntie felt excited and gave her a lot of ingredients.

Adele feels thankful for that.

To show gratitude, Adele offered the extra cooked food to the Auntie for tasting and promise to teach the Auntie how to make it later.


But Adele-chan didn’t bring anything… Ah, it’s “that“!』(Ainos)

Yes, all her classmates are aware of it.

Adele didn’t bother to advertise, but she doesn’t seem to hide it.

『Well then…』(Adele)

Pon! (SFX)


Ainos thought Mile was going to bring out a bento from her storage.

That was what he expected from the various things Adele has done so far.

But it’s a table and two chairs, there are steamy foods and drinks together with teacups on the table.

Everything appears in an instant is above his expectation.

『…What kind of sorcery is this?!』(Ainos) (TN: meme)

『Ah, yes. A simple trick. I’m an average magician after all…』(Mile)

Of course, it’s not what Ainos means.

There’s no ordinary magician who can do this.

“Using this kind of impossible magic, only the magician in the legend (fairy tale)”

Ainos yelled so in his mind.

『Tee hee hee, actually, I can use the storage magic.

It’s a secret. But it was hard to carry luggage, so I used it today!』(Adele)

Ainos thought into his heart as Adele laughed.


Did you think that everyone wasn’t aware of it?

And “Storing Magic” is not like this!

How could the dishes not get cold?

And how could you put it in and out without a drop of food or drink on the table,

It’s not like this, absolutely!) (Ainos)


Adele’s home cooking is delicious.

Although it’s not a big store, Ainos’s home is a medium-sized merchant’s family.

His meal is good to some extent.

However, in order for Ainos, the merchant-in-training, remember the quality of the ingredients, he also got a taste of expensive-ingredient made foods.

Ainos didn’t expect that he would be so surprised by the dishes made by an amateur girl with the left-over ingredients that would be served in the dormitory of the lower-level Ekland School. He might not even surprised by the foods from the advanced Eardley School.

(To think she can make such a dish with these kinds of ingredients! If the new about this new cooking method spread, there will a new sales channel…

No, better, it will definitely sell…) (Ainos)

『Now, I’ll clean up!』(Adele)

Adele said that then she stored tables and chairs with empty plates and dishes.

And the two of them stood on the grassland with nothing.

(If it’s someone as pure as Adele, who has no immune to men.

When I give her a kiss, she should be conscious of it!

I don’t want to end my relationship here.

In order to continue dating after this, I have to give a shot here!) (Ainos)

Ainos went into the game in order to kiss Adele’s cheek. And then when Adele is looking at the Riverbed…

『Adele-sama, crouch!』(Nano-chan)

(Eh? Yes!) (Adele)


Adele is crouching reflectively with Nanomachines’ voice whispered in her ears. And Ainos is hugging (gripping) the air as his mouth is sticking out.

『Oh, What? What happened?』(Adele)

『Oh, no, nothing … Uwa!』(Ainos)

Ainos tried to make an excuse to explain his actions.

But then Ainos had a terrified expression…


It was the chairman with an angry expression (Oni?) and a total of six observers, three men, and women selected from class A.

『Will you come with us for a second…』(Chairman)

Then Ainos was dragged to somewhere by the six observers…

Yes, everyone in class A was over-protected against Adele, they wouldn’t allow Adele to go on a date with a boy without a lookout.

『Eh? What’s that …』(Adele)

Adele who was confused without understanding what happened. The only one remained at this place was the chairman, she said with a full smile.

『This is the end of the date practice for boys.

Now, you will practice dating girls with me!』(Chairman)

『Well, it’s okay, but …』(Adele)

Dating with girls is also one of Adele’s long-cherished wishes.

So she has no complaint.

『Now, let’s go!』(Chairman)

The chairman rushed out while pulling Adele’s hand.

To hurry away from here before the observers get back.

『Oh wait, don’t pull that much!』(Adele)

Suddenly, Adele was suddenly pulled so she was panicked.

However, the chairman with MAX Tension didn’t stop.


And the next day.

There were two injured persons in the Class A classroom.

Ainos and the chairman were punished by six observers and were given the name “Pervert”

Ainos was kind of down, but the chairman had a sloppy smile for some reason.

Adele was wondering what has happened to her two friends who helped her with the date. They have bruises all over their faces.

(Speaking of which, Nanomachine-san, what was that yesterday? Why did you tell me to crouch…) (Adele)

『A poisonous insect was about to stab Adele-sama’s cheek』(Nano)

(Ah, was that so?

Thank you. May I ask you to continue protecting me from now on) (Adele)

『Yes, leave it to us!』(Nano)

Nanomachines responded confidently.

And Adele was completely unaware of what she had directed the nanomachines right now.

For some reason, there was no man who could come near Adele any more.

It was only after a while that Adele noticed the cause…

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