I See the Aura of the Great Emperor in All My Disciples Chapter 39: Mysterious Power!

Chapter 39: Mysterious Power!

The Hidden Dao Academy of the Northern Region.

Jian Chaomian was only in the academy for a year when he gained recognition by the Sword Hall. He was also known as the number one Sword Dao prodigy of the Northern Region.

He had already touched the threshold of Sword Intent at this moment.

What kind of talent was this?

Even the Princes of the Sunset Dynasty had to address Jian Chaomian as their peer.

In the past, the King of the Sunset Dynasty had also personally invited Jian Chaomian to join the Sunset Dynasty and provided countless resources for his cultivation!

However, he had to give up because Jian Chaomian was focused on cultivating the sword and did not want to join the royal court.

Jian Chaomian’s face was expressionless. It was impossible to tell if he was sad or happy. He looked at Ye Qiubai and said, "I don’t have enough Sword Heart. I’ve embarrassed myself."

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Ye Qiubai looked at Jian Chaomian. Is this person also his pawn?

Jian Chaomian seemed to have seen through Ye Qiubai’s thoughts and shook his head. "Don’t worry, I don’t take orders from anyone."

His tone was normal, but it was filled with pride!

Nonetheless, it was not blind pride because his pride as a sword cultivator did not allow him to do so!

With that, he left, leaving Ye Qiubai looking at his back view thoughtfully.

Two people watched this scene in the dark.

"Oh? Looks like this Ye Qiubai has some strength."

"He’s indeed not bad to be able to defeat Liao Meisheng."

"Then when are you going to do it?"

The brocade-robed man chuckled and said, "He doesn’t need me to do it myself. Someone will naturally deal with him."

"Today was just a test."

With that, a black shadow disappeared from the dark.

At the same time, Ye Qiubai and the others returned to their residence.

Huang Yuan looked at Ye Qiubai and asked, "Ye Qiubai, why are you so impulsive? It’s fun to show off for a moment, but your trump card has also been exposed!"

Ye Qiubai glanced at Huang Yuan and understood his feelings.

Huang Yuan was Qin Tiannan’s disciple after all.

The standard of the Southern Region’s Hidden Dao Academy had been so low all these years. Once it became the last in the four regions again, Someone would replace Qin Tiannan’s position as the Dean.

This was something Huang Yuan did not want to see. Therefore, Ye Qiubai was not angry. He said calmly, "It’s not a big problem. Don’t worry."

He did not only have the Nine Heavenly Demon Sword as his trump card after all. Moreover, the Nine Heavenly Demon Sword could not be considered a trump card…

Huang Yuan said coldly, "I hope so."

With that, Huang Yuan walked into the room and began to cultivate.

Zhong Wu patted Ye Qiubai’s shoulder and persuaded, "Don’t be angry. This exchange is simply too important to Huang Yuan."

Ye Qiubai nodded in understanding. 𝚒nn𝚛ea𝚍.c𝚘m

At the same time, on the other side in the extreme north of the Northern Region, a woman holding a spear was walking on the ice plain, braving the wind and snow until she arrived at a large rift valley.

The Great Rift Valley was like an abyss.

It was bottomless!

Cold currents kept rising from within and there was a faint restriction in midair.

This restriction was powerless, but it prohibited flight, making it impossible for people to fly.

The cold current seemed to ignore the protection of spiritual energy and could pierce through the skin and enter the bone marrow!

A huge rock rolled down and was cut into powder by the cold current.

However, the woman did not have any scruples and jumped down!

The cold current blew on the woman but was melted by a red flame as soon as it came into contact with her body!

Flame Intent Realm!

She then took out her spear and swung it down when she was about to land at the bottom!

A spear force suddenly struck out and the recoil directly slowed down the woman’s descent when it hit the ice.

Then, the spear slashed at the ice on both sides, allowing her body to land steadily at the bottom of the valley!

The woman looked around. There were chains in front of her that were made of cold iron, firmly nailing to the ice beside it!

The chain was coiled around a man whose long hair scattered wantonly on the ground, and his head hung on the ground.

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When the woman saw this scene, she could not help but look angry.

The man seemed to have sensed the woman’s aura in front of him and raised his head slightly, as if in a daze.

"Your… Your Majesty?"

Hong Ying nodded and walked forward. "You’ve suffered."

The man shook his head, and wisps of flames actually burned in his dull eyes. He said excitedly, "Your Majesty, you’re here. Does that mean that you’ve successfully cultivated the cultivation technique?"

Hong Ying nodded.

Seeing this, the man still smiled excitedly even though he was extremely weak. "God bless my Cloud Phoenix Clan!"

The corners of Hong Ying’s mouth twitched. "Yun Ming, I’ll undo your seal now."

The seal here was coincidentally countered by Hong Ying’s cultivation technique. In addition, with the Reincarnation Spear Technique, it was not very difficult to open the chains that were beginning to weaken.

As for the cage in the Blood Prison Mystic Realm, that was because the restrictions inside still did not disappear with the passage of time, forcing Hong Ying to leave first.

Yun Ming nodded.

Hong Ying took out her spear.

A Will of Reincarnation erupted from her body!

At the same time, not only was the spear covered in the Will of Reincarnation, there were also flames that wrapped around the spear like fire snakes!

When the Will of Reincarnation accumulated to a certain point,

Hong Ying pierced out with her spear!

The first move of the Reincarnation Spear Technique!


The Will of Reincarnation erupted continuously and shot straight into the clouds!

The tip of the spear stabbed into the chain.

In an instant, the chain began to tremble violently and emitted the sound of refined iron!

Cracks began to extend from the ice covering it!

When Yun Ming saw this scene, he could not help but be shocked.

This spearmanship was even stronger than Her Majesty’s previous spearmanship!

It was even more exquisite and could be said that it was on a completely different level from the previous cultivation techniques!

Hong Ying saw the ice begin to shatter. The chains could not withstand the burden either!

Then, the second move slashed horizontally!

The spear force hit the space, causing ripples!

The second move of the Reincarnation Spear Technique!

In the end, it landed on the chain!


The chain shattered with the crack in the ice as long as a baby’s arm, and it was still expanding!

Cultivation aura began to fluctuate on Yun Ming’s body!

Clearly, the restrictions had already begun to relax.

Then, Hong Ying shouted in a low voice!

The third move of the Reincarnation Spear Technique was unleashed and landed heavily on the chain!

Crack, crack!

The chain was completely shattered!

The ice also began to break layer by layer!

Hong Ying grabbed the corner of Yun Ming’s clothes and stepped towards the top of the rift!

The moment he stepped out, the ice rift completely collapsed!

The Great Rift Valley was covered in ice and disappeared!

Yun Ming stood in front of Hong Ying and suddenly knelt on one knee!

He said respectfully, "Yun Ming of the Nine Heavens Tribe is willing to fight the heavens again with Your Majesty!"

Hong Ying nodded. "You’re still very weak now. Stay by my side and slowly recover."

"I understand."

At this moment, on the other side of this plane, a few figures with unfathomable auras observed the four regions!

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