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Chapter 193: I’m Home

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They probably could not understand why someone would cry so heartbrokenly.

However, all Xia Qingyi could think was that she could not be any happier than at this very moment.

There was really nothing that could make her happier than this. She could finally return to Mo Han’s side.

She had been thinking of him every day in the days and nights that they had been separated. She had the urge to cry whenever she thought of him every night, though she could only force it down. It was only in the days where she did not have him with her that she had finally realized how much she loved him.

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Xia Qingyi felt as if she could not hang on for even a day more without him with her. Xia Qingyi felt as if she would die if another day passed. Her soul had long been destroyed, even though her body was still supporting herself.

The rest of the journey was a little better than what Xia Qingyi had expected. The security had allowed to her to pass after glancing at her air ticket, even though he saw that her clothes were filled with black sludge, and her face was exceptionally oily, unlike that of a normal person.

Xia Qingyi finally arrived at S City in China in the evening on the 38th day after she had left the country.

Xia Qingyi had finally returned to this city where Mo Han was after leaving him for the 50th day.

She walked to the exit slowly after she left the plane. She watched as the people around her walked past her and out of the airport. They passed by her in their hurry to rush to somewhere. Xia Qingyi merely watched the familiar faces and familiar surroundings as she walked extremely slowly.

She was afraid that she would wake up and realize that this was just an exceptionally beautiful dream if she walked too hurriedly.

She wanted to walk forward seriously, step by step.

Like what she had done 50 days ago, Xia Qingyi had borrowed a stranger’s phone to call Mo Han again. The phone connected very quickly. She felt like crying again the moment she heard Mo Han’s voice. Her nervous system that had been tense for so long finally relaxed.

Xia Qingyi knew that she was going to go home.

After she hung up the call, she saw her oily hair, dirty face and clothes that look like dirt from the reflection on the mirror in the airport. She was smelly all over as well.

Xia Qingyi was a little sad. She was very ugly, and no longer looked like she was compatible with Mo Han.

As a result, she ran to the washroom in the airport so that she could let Mo Han see a beautiful her. She used the hand soap to wash her hair once carefully. She had also washed her face desperately for a very long time. She practiced her smile as she looked at the slightly whiter her in the mirror. She was not going to start crying first after seeing Mo Han later.

She pulled out a few tissues to dry her hair so that she could look a little more lively. She had been drying her hair when she seemingly heard someone shout for her name from outside.

That person sounded very hoarse and anxious, as he kept shouting for her nonstop. It took Xia Qingyi a long while to realize that it was Mo Han’s voice.

But, why had Mo Han’s voice become like this?

Xia Qingyi walked out and looked in the direction of where the voice had came from, seeing Mo Han standing among the crowd.

As expected, she was able to spot Mo Han at once like how she was usually. He seemed to be different from others and always had a light shining on him no matter how Mo Han looked, no matter how many people were around him. She would always be able to spot him using that spotlight on him.

Mo Han turned around, seeing her as well.

He ran towards her and Xia Qingyi could not help but smile through her teary eyes at the sound of the nearing footsteps.

Mo Han lifted her up. She could feel his hard bones as he hugged around her tightly, so tight until she could not breathe. Nevertheless, Xia Qingyi liked this feeling of not being able to breathe as she hugged Mo Han back tightly in return as well.

It was only with the hug that they could feel each other. It was only with the hug that she could feel Mo Han’s body temperature. It was only now that she felt that she was not in a dream, that she had really come back. She had returned to Mo Han.

They hugged for a very long time, with no one saying anything. Slowly, Xia Qingyi could feel Mo Han’s body tremble slightly. She patted Mo Han’s back carefully, making him lift his head to see his face.

Mo Han was crying and Xia Qingyi felt very surprised by this. She had never seen Mo Han cry before. His face was very pale and he looked more frail that she was. Xia Qingyi wiped away the tears on his face as she said, “What are you crying for?”

She started to cry as well, as she spoke and she cried more than Mo Han. She wanted to pull up the sides of her lips to smile, though she failed. She buried her head, leaning into Mo Han’s embrace as she cried until she could no longer speak.

Mo Han kissed her still wet hair as he patted her back. “You’re back now... It’s good that you’re back now...”

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Mo Han said as he hugged her thin body, “Lets... not separate again in the future, okay...?”

Xia Qingyi nodded her head desperately in his embrace.

“I’m very tired...” Xia Qingyi said again.

Mo Han’s tears fell again. “I know... don’t leave anymore... I’m not going to let you leave anymore...”

“I’m also very hungry...”

“I’ll buy you food. We’ll eat after we head back later.”

“I want to eat the food that you’ve cooked...”

“I’ll cook for you. I’ll cook anything you want to eat.”

“Let’s go home...”

“Okay, let’s go home.”

Xia Qingyi and Mo Han actually did not eat much after they had reached home. Xia Qingyi finally had a hot shower as she had wished for. She walked into the bathroom with her clothes in her hand, while Mo Han followed tightly behind her into the bathroom. He said that he did not dare to watch her leave his side again.

Xia Qingyi let him enter the bathroom. He sat on the toilet bowl as he listened to the rustling of the water in the shower with a shower curtain separating them. He felt terribly satisfied like he never had before.

They went to sleep after the shower. Mo Han continued to stay by Xia Qingyi as they lay on the same bed. He seemed to be afraid that she would disappear again after waking up from sleep. He did not dare to leave her side, only knowing to guard her by her side.

Xia Qingyi caressed the sides of his frail eyes. She could feel that Mo Han had not lived well at all during this period. She felt her heart ache for him, because her Mo Han looked like he was 10 years older.

Xia Qingyi slept next to him, embracing his waist. Mo Han rested on his side as he softly whispered to her everything that had happened in the days that they were apart. He wanted to know how she lived everyday without him with her.

However, this period had been too long and Xia Qingyi was absolutely exhausted. She did not want to speak, only wanting to look at Mo Han quietly like this.

No one knew how many challenges she had met before she had finally returned to Mo Han, to be able to watch him laugh like now.

In the past, Xia Qingyi felt that meeting Mo Han was probably the only lucky thing in her life. But now that she thought about it, there were many other lucky things in her life, such as being able to survive, such as being able to return to Mo Han, such as being able to lie next to Mo Han at ease.

Mo Han embraced her shoulders, caressing her soft skin as her body temperature slowly warmed the blood in him. He heard his heartbeat for the first time in the two months that they had been separated.

He felt that he was still living.

He was a person that still had life.

In the morning of the second day, Mo Han woke up again with Xia Qingyi in his arms. She was still sleeping quietly in his embrace and he could hear her slow breaths. He smiled, looking out of the window. The weather was bright and sunny today as the sunlight shone onto him warmly. He saw the colorful rays of the sunlight.

Xia Qingyi woke up as well. She stretched her body before she closed her eyes again after seeing that Mo Han was in front of her.

Mo Han stared out of the window, at the colors in the sunlight as he said, “Let’s get married, Xia Qingyi.”

Xia Qingyi kept quiet for a while as she smiled. “Okay.”

“Let’s get married. I don’t want anyone else apart from you.”

“I will always love you and respect you regardless of the circumstances, regardless of whether we’re rich or poor, healthy or sick, happy or sad, until death do us part.”

“Mo Han.”

“Xia Qingyi.”

The end.

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