Invincible Chapter 3505: Mysterious Plains

Chapter 3505: Mysterious Plains

After chatting for a bit, Huang Xiaolong discovered that the other party was called Ao Guang, the old ancestor of the Silver Dragon Race. He had tried to look for the Star Dragon Spiritual Vein in the past in the Dragon’s Impasse, and he had been stuck here since.

It had been several dozen thousand years since he was trapped in the Dragon’s Impasse, and he only managed to live so long because of the secret art he cultivated. He also brought tons of herbs and artifacts to protect himself from the toxic gas. Despite that, he was out of energy and resources. In several tens of years, the toxic gas would devour him.

The moment he exhausted his grand cosmos energy, the restrictions around him would crumble!

“Fellow cultivator, please help me out! I will definitely repay you when we get out!” Ao Guang cupped his fists and begged. He looked extremely convincing.

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After so many years of cultivation, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be moved by a single sentence. After all, the other party was a God of Creation at the grand completion stage. Who knew what would happen after Huang Xiaolong saved him?

When Ao Guang saw the look of hesitation on Huang Xiaolong’s face, he started to panic. “Fellow cultivator, you have to believe me! I can swear upon the universe that I will definitely not go back on my words after I return! As long as you get me out of here, I’ll give you the Silver Dragon Race’s Treasury!”

Silver Dragon Race’s Treasury!

It was a tempting offer.

After all, the Silver Dragon Race was one of the strongest races in the Star Dragon Universe. Their history reached back countless years, and one could imagine the treasures they accumulated!

However, Huang Xiaolong remained unmoved. The Silver Dragon Race’s Treasury might be tempting, but the things that could move Huang Xiaolong could probably be counted on one hand.

“I can even give you the universe-level spiritual vein I have on me right now!” Ao Guang summoned a spatial divine artifact, and he revealed a massive spiritual vein. It emitted a shocking amount of dragon qi that shone a faint red.

The tiny streaks of red light seemed to condense into tiny crimson dragons.

“Red Dragon Spiritual Vein!” Huang Xiaolong gasped in shock.

Universe-level spiritual veins were split into different grades, and the Red Dragon Spiritual Vein was a high-grade spiritual vein. One wouldn’t be able to locate universe-level spiritual veins normally, much less one at that level.

“That’s right.” Ao Guang grinned. However, he looked at the spiritual vein reluctantly as he introduced, “I only managed to find this in a secret region after a stroke of luck.”

“I can save you.” Huang Xiaolong continued, “However, I have another condition. You will have to serve me for a hundred million years.”

A hundred million years?!

Ao Guang was stunned.

However, he soon agreed.

A hundred million years was a short time for an expert at their level, and if Huang Xiaolong chose to leave him there, he would be dead in a couple of years anyway.

He agreed without much consideration.

Soon after, he swore an oath to serve Huang Xiaolong for a hundred million years. He would also give Huang Xiaolong everything he promised after they got out.

Huang Xiaolong laid down restrictions inside Ao Guang’s body and told him the reason he came. He wanted to look for the Star Dragon’s Scale, and they would have to remain in the Dragon’s Impasse for several more years.

“Are you really searching for the Star Dragon Scale?!” Ao Guang was shocked to hear Huang Xiaolong’s goal.

Huang Xiaolong’s heart thumped when he saw the look on Ao Guang’s face. “Do you know where to find it?”

“When I found the Red Dragon Spiritual Vein, I discovered a place that might contain the Star Dragon Scale. However, I haven’t been there myself.”

Huang Xiaolong jumped in joy. “Alright, let’s head over there right now!”

However, Ao Guang started to hesitate. “That place… It’s too dangerous! It’s too damn dangerous!” A look of apprehension appeared on his face.

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Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback by his reaction. If someone at Ao Guang’s level felt that the place was dangerous, it was probably no ordinary place. Huang Xiaolong’s heart sank.

“What makes it dangerous?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but ask.

“There are a ton of devil dragons!”

Devil dragons?

The devil dragons in the Dragon’s Impasse might be strong, but experts at the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm were capable of taking them down. They wouldn’t pose a threat to the Gods of Creation.

Guessing Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts, Ao Guang continued, “The devil dragons might not be that strong, but there are hundreds of thousands of them there! There are a lot of them as strong as the Gods of Creation!”

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

“Hundreds of thousands?!” Huang Xiaolong gasped in fright.

He had been in the Dragon’s Impasse for quite some time, and all the devil dragons he saw moved alone.

At the very most, he ran into six of them at the same time.


Ao Guang’s expression sank, and he continued. “There’s an uncountable number of them! I estimated a horde of them to contain hundreds of thousands…”

Even though Huang Xiaolong was expecting an absurd number, the discovery caused him to suck in a cold breath.

Countless devil dragons who were as strong as peak-level Dao Venerables! There were even some who were as strong as the Gods of Creation!

He finally understood why Ao Guang would say that the region was extremely dangerous.

One would consume a terrifying amount of grand cosmos energy when traveling the Dragon’s Impasse, and fighting with devil dragons would only drain them faster! Even with three great worlds, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to hold out against a hundred million devil dragons!

Even so, he chose to look for the Star Dragon Scale. No matter what, he had to obtain a single scale.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had made up his mind, Ao Guang could only choose to lead him there.

The location Ao Guang spoke of was far, and they only managed to arrive after half a year.

When they arrived, Huang Xiaolong jumped in fright when he saw the scene before him. It was a massive plain, and devil dragons could be seen everywhere!

An uncountable number of devil dragons was an understatement.

Huang Xiaolong felt that Ao Guang was exaggerating previously in order to dissuade him from traveling there, but now that he was seeing it for himself, he finally understood what Ao Guang meant.

There were billions of devil dragons!

And that was what was visible!

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his aura, and he didn’t dare to breathe loudly.

“The devil dragons seem to be worshiping something.” Ao Guang explained. “Or rather, they seem to be protecting something!”

“When you came here in the past, were they acting the same way?” Huang Xiaolong realized that there was something in the mysterious plains that blocked off his dao souls.

“Yes.” Ao Guang nodded. “I hid here for a year, and all of them acted the same way.”

A light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. He wondered what could gather so many devil dragons.

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