Legendary Armament Canon Chapter 957 - 957 Man Proposes God Disposes, Cheated (2)

957 Man Proposes God Disposes, Cheated (2)

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After entering Feng Wu’s dream, Zhou Shu had personally experienced the wonders of that mysterious place.

What Zhou Shu couldn’t understand the most was that in that mysterious place, he saw two familiar people.

Wang Xuanyi and Diao Moye had appeared in that mysterious place and had even come into contact with Feng Wu!

It was also because he had seen them in the dream that Zhou Shu had changed his mind. He only let Bai Yue and Feng Wu go to that mysterious place, but he didn’t go himself.

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Zhou Shu knew Wang Xuanyi and Diao Moye in his own era. He couldn’t be sure if Wang Xuanyi and his wife had appeared in that mysterious place because the two of them had traveled through time and space like Zhou Shu and Ji Lutian.

Or was time in that mysterious place chaotic in itself?

Without being able to confirm this, Zhou Shu didn’t dare to go to that mysterious place casually.

He had come to this world for no reason. Even now, he still couldn’t see any hope of returning to the future. He didn’t want the situation to become even more complicated.

Who knew what was going on in that mysterious place? Would he make his situation worse if he went in?

In comparison, he was more willing to let Bai Yue and Feng Wu go and see what that mysterious place was.

Ji Lutian said before that Wang Xuanyi and the others have another battlefield. Could the other battlefield he mentioned be that mysterious place? Zhou Shu pondered.

In that case, why are people from ancient times in the same place as Wang Xuanyi and the others when they enter that mysterious place? Is it because of the chaos of time that everyone who enters will encounter each other, no matter when they enter?

The Great Dao of Time was the most complicated and profound Great Dao that Zhou Shu had come into contact with. Even though he had cultivated the Heavenly Emperor Jade Book and had dabbled in the laws of time, even until now, he only knew a little about them.

If people from any space-time encountered each other after entering that mysterious place, it meant that the mysterious place was in a completely different timeline from this world.

In that case, nothing might happen after entering.

If someone went in and stepped into another timeline after coming out, wouldn’t they be unable to return to their time?

But from Feng Wu’s experience, he had accurately returned to his time.

If I enter this timeline from ancient times, is it possible to return to the timeline I was in when I come out? Zhou Shu frowned in thought. He wasn’t from this timeline. If he entered the mysterious place and came out, he didn’t know which timeline he would step into.

Zhou Shu didn’t dare to bet on this.

If he entered a different timeline, wouldn’t he have to start from scratch again?

Forget it. I’ll wait for the Bai Ze King and Feng Wu to return from their scouting trip and see the situation first.

Suddenly, a bai ze stumbled over and ran in front of Zhou Shu. “Your Excellency, the little princess of the giant spirit race has run away!”

“What?” Zhou Shu frowned, anger on his face. “This is the giant spirit race’s territory. How could she run away?!”

He was furious. He had only used the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique once, and not much time had passed. But he hadn’t paid attention to Ling’er for just a while, and she ran away.

“Where did she go? What were you doing?!” Zhou Shu glared at the bai ze.

He had brought the bai ze race over to be Ling’er’s bodyguards. He didn’t expect something to happen after only they had taken office for a day!

He would have been better off without them!

“We don’t know.” The bai ze looked ashamed. “I suspect that she left with our king when he left.”

The bai ze braced himself and said, “We were distracted for a while. I will definitely be able to catch up to her.”

When Bai Yue returned to the bai ze race and bade them farewell, they had turned their attention away from Ling’er for just a while.

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Not long after, they realized that Ling’er was missing. Then he ran over to inform Zhou Shu.

Zhou Shu endured his anger and snorted. “I’ll deal with you later!”

With a step, he soared into the sky.

He already knew what Ling’er was going to do!

There was a high chance that this little girl had obtained the True Martial Sword and thought she had the ability to follow Bai Yue and Feng Wu secretly to that mysterious place!

Before this, she had wanted to go out with the Giant Spirit King several times, but Zhou Shu had stopped her.

Finally, with her relentlessness, she seized another chance!

Zhou Shu was very angry. Ling’er’s true identity was the little princess of the fire race. Although he had somewhat dealt with the three races that had destroyed the fire race back then, who knew if there were other races that had designs on the fire race?

Although Ling’er had learned the Seven Swords of Heaven Interception, she was still inexperienced. Even though she had the True Martial Sword, her strength was far from the top.

Not to mention anything else, Bai Yue could easily defeat her!

Moreover, the True Martial Sword might attract a powerful enemy!

Ling’er, I’ve really spoiled you too much. When I catch you, I’ll definitely teach you a lesson! Zhou Shu cursed.

Because of Xiaoyu’er from the future, Zhou Shu had met Ling’er in this time. He felt that he had reunited with Xiaoyu’er after losing her, so he doted on Ling’er exceptionally.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have specially forged a grotto-heaven divine weapon for her.

Logically speaking, with her strength, she didn’t need a grotto-heaven divine weapon for the time being.

In the future, even Zhou Shu’s women, Yin Wuyou and Lu Wenshuang, hadn’t used grotto-heaven divine weapons.

He indeed doted on his daughter.

Now, Zhou Shu regretted it. Although he wasn’t wrong to dote on her, he couldn’t pamper her so much that she lost her sense of propriety. Otherwise, it would only bring harm to her!

This incident was a lesson!

As he thought this, he used his divine ability Unstoppable For a Thousand Miles. His entire body was like a beam of light crossing the sky. He was so fast that he was almost invisible to the naked eye.

Almost a moment later, Zhou Shu arrived under the sky and saw two figures disappear into the air as if they had stepped into water, leaving ripples in the air.

Zhou Shu’s eyesight was extremely good. He even saw that one of the two figures was carrying a sword on his back. If it wasn’t the True Martial Sword, what was it?

Damn Feng Wu! What benefits did Ling’er promise him that he dared to bring her to this mysterious place?!

Zhou Shu was furious.


He had rushed over, but he was still a step too late. Ling’er had been brought to the mysterious place by Feng Wu while hiding in the True Martial Sword!

Zhou Shu watched as light and shadow flickered. The entrance to this mysterious place was hidden in midair.

If not for the fact that they knew of its existence, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see anything unusual even if they passed by this place.

Zhou Shu’s expression changed. The mysterious place was full of danger. If Ling’er rashly entered, the chances of her returning alive were less than 50%!

The True Martial Sword was the path to death!

He really regretted handing the True Martial Sword to Ling’er so early!

Damn it! Ling’er, if you weren’t my daughter, I would definitely beat you up this time! Zhou Shu snorted angrily. He narrowed his eyes, raised his foot, and took a step forward, entering the flicking light and shadow in midair.

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