Loved By An Older Man Chapter 1450 - 1450 Dress

1450 Dress

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Jiang Yu remained silent all the way back to the villa. Lei Yuan was a little puzzled. She was clearly willing to talk to him just now. Why did Jiang Yu remain silent after he told her about his childhood?

After Jiang Yu got out of the car, she said to Lei Yuan, “I’ll get the driver to send you home. Let’s call it a day. If there’s anything else, you can come and see me tomorrow.”

After saying that, Jiang Yu turned around and went back. Even if Lei Yuan wanted to stop her and ask her what was going on, she didn’t have the chance.

With such doubts, Lei Yuan did not sleep well the entire night. The next morning, she rushed to Jiang Yu’s place early in the morning.


This time, the bodyguard at the door did not stop her. Instead, he made way for her and said, “My wife said that if she sees you coming in the future, she can go in directly.”

The doubt in Lei Yuan’s heart grew even more intense.

Why did Jiang Yu’s attitude towards him take a 180-degree turn after yesterday’s incident? Although Jiang Yu would indeed talk to him with a smile in the beginning, Lei Yuan could clearly see that Jiang Yu had a sense of resistance.

However, ever since the two of them had separated last night, Lei Yuan felt that there was an invisible bond between him and Jiang Yu that had pulled the two of them closer.

Lei Yuan went to knock on the door with such doubts. However, Jiang Yu had not woken up yet, so Mei Shuang opened the door for her.

Mei Shuang seemed to know Lei Yuan. When she opened the door and saw her, she asked enthusiastically, “You’re here so early today. Have you had breakfast? I’m cooking. Come in and eat together.”

Lei Yuan had never had the habit of eating breakfast. However, when she saw Mei Shuang in front of her being so enthusiastic, she did not know why, but she said something out of the blue. “Thank you then.”

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“You’re welcome. You’re Sister Jiang Yu’s friend, so you’re our friend. Why are you thanking me for breakfast?” Mei Shuang quickly let Lei Yuan into the house. “Come in and have a seat. You’re really early today. Sister Jiang Yu and the others haven’t woken up yet.”

Lei Yuan sat down on the sofa and saw a very exquisite gift box on the coffee table. It looked like it contained a gown.

Lei Yuan did not expect that Jiang Yu would still have the time to buy a dress even though she already had two illegal businesses on her hands.

For a person like him, not to mention wearing such a gown, even looking at it would be a kind of blasphemy.

Mei Shuang came out of the kitchen and saw Lei Yuan looking at the gift box in a daze. She couldn’t help but laugh and say, “The things in this gift box are the gifts that Sister Jiang Yu wants to give you. After Sister Jiang Yu wakes up, she will hand it to you personally. She said that you will like it.”

Lei Yuan was shocked. She did not expect this gift box to be a gift from Jiang Yu.

“For me?” Lei Yuan pointed at himself in disbelief. “You’re not joking?”

“Of course it’s true. Why would I lie to you?” Mei Shuang smiled and was about to continue speaking when Jiang Yu came out of the bedroom.

When she went downstairs and saw Lei Yuan, she said as if she was talking to a friend she had known for a long time, “You’re here so early today. You haven’t had a good rest, have you?”

Lei Yuan didn’t know how to answer her, but fortunately, Jiang Yu didn’t ask why she came so early. Instead, she walked up to her and opened the gift box on the coffee table before taking out the gown inside. He compared it in front of Lei Yuan and said, “Not bad. This size is just right. I’ll bring you to try it on. If it suits you, you can wear it and take it away.”

Lei Yuan took the gown in a daze and followed behind Jiang Yu.

Although she already knew that this was a gift from Jiang Yu, she thought that Jiang Yu would hand it over to her solemnly and then say, “Look, this is my gift to you. How about it? Aren’t you touched?

However, not only did Jiang Yu not say that, but she also acted very naturally, as if she treated Thunder Garden as a family.

This gown did not look like it was specially bought. It was more like the older sister had heard that the younger sister liked this dress, so she bought it with a wave of her hand.

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