Lust Contracts 18+ Hunting for Love with My Three Contract Husbands Chapter 170 - 170 In My Bed

170 In My Bed

My eyes widened when I felt the warmth of his body enveloping around mine once more. His hands pressed against the small of my back and drew my body close to him until the length of our bodies were touching. I closed my eyes and breathed in his familiar scent that seemed to drive me crazy.

In the end, I ended up leading EROS all of the way to my room. Never in my wildest dreams did I even dream of bringing one of my clients to my room like this. The biggest issue was that this was my safe zone where I was supposed to be able to be myself without the fa?ade that I had to put on for my job. The second biggest problem was that the room was small and didn’t have much to entertain guests.

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My eyes glanced over to EROS as he stood in my room after I had switched on the lights. I closed the door behind us and locked it before my attention returned to my guest. EROS stood still in my room as he looked around as if he didn’t quite know what to do.

“Sorry for the fact that there’s almost nothing here, I guess…” I mumbled a little sarcastically.

“This room is pretty small…” EROS said as if in disbelief.

“I live here alone, and I usually don’t bring guests over so there’s no need for me to have a big room…” I replied emotionlessly.

EROS looked around as he seemed to take in every single detail of my room. Thankfully, my room was decently clean and organized. Not having too much in the room helped in making the room look somewhat presentable in its plain state. I sighed while telling myself inside my head that I didn’t have the responsibility to impress him or anyone with the state of my room. He was the one who asked to come here.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I just…assumed that you would have a bigger room…” he said as he turned to face me.

“It’s fine. This reality of mine and the one that you’re used to are just quite different. That’s all…” I said with a careless shrug.


“Well, this is a nice room. It feels very homey…” EROS said with a smile that told me that he meant what he had just said.

“If you’re a little less curious now, can you just head back?” I asked while still harboring some hope that I could chase him out.

“Nope. I’m staying here with you, at least for tonight…” he said firmly.

“I can sleep well enough by myself, you know…” I pointed out.

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“Then, let’s just say that I want to spend the night with you. Let’s just say that I can’t sleep well at night if you’re not with me…” he replied so casually that I was surprised.

How can he say something like that so carelessly?

“Right. Do you want to take a shower? I can get you a towel…” I suggested.

EROS eyes widened a little in surprise and then he was beaming a beautiful smile my way. Suddenly, he seemed like a young child or a puppy.

“I take that as a yes…” I mumbled as I turned to fetch a towel for him.

Shoving EROS into my bathroom for his shower gave me some private time to truly wrap my head around what was going on. It was still very hard for me to believe that EROS would be spending the night at my place of all places. I wondered how I should face him once he steps out of the shower. Before I knew it, I was pacing around my small room restlessly. I had to make sure that he would leave when tomorrow comes. I can’t have him just hanging around here like this is also his house.

Breathe, Elena…

I tried my best to take deep and calming breaths that was supposed to help me compose myself. Unfortunately, EROS didn’t take that long in the shower. The bathroom door opened and as almost-naked EROS stepped out of the shower with his hair damp and nothing on his body safe for the white towel that I had given him wrapped loosely around his hips.

“Your turn to shower now, Elena…” he said lazily as he took a few steps my way.

My heart raced fast and hard in my chest at the sight of his beautiful and muscular body. EROS stepping out of the shower was a very wild and exciting sight to behold indeed. I hated myself for it, but I found myself staring at his beautifully crafted figure. I knew that he knew that I was staring but I just couldn’t tear my gaze away from the muscles of his chest and then his abdominal.

“Hmm…should I help you shower?” EROS asked teasingly when he caught me staring at him.

“N-No. There’s no need…” I quickly said as I tried my best to snap out of my daze.

I quickly walked past him into my bathroom before he would tease me endlessly for staring at his body like that. EROS laughed joyfully when I made my way past him and I could still hear his amused laughter even when I was on the other side of the door inside my bathroom. Dealing with EROS for the night was going to be a challenging task. Even now, I had no idea what he was thinking and why exactly he was doing this to me.

It might have been a combination of guilt and loneliness that made me allow him into my bedroom the way that I did. My mind was a mess all throughout my time in the shower and by the time that I stepped out of the shower in my short nightgown, nothing in my mind had been made up. EROS was waiting for me leisurely on the bed. He seemed so relaxed like it was only natural and normal for him to be waiting for me in my bed. I shook my head at the thought while telling myself that he did not belong in my bed.

–To be continued…

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