Mai Kitsune Waifu ​Chapter 1128 - [Angel or devil]

?Chapter 1128 - [Angel or devil]

This flame cloud is enormous and rapidly spreads out, covering the sky of the Sima Family.

Seeing this flame cloud, Sima Tian is astonished.

“This flame cloud…could it be that Jiao’er blaze peacock had been born?”

The only disciple who does not have a blaze peacock in the family is only Sima Jiao.

“Judging from this flame cloud…it can be seen that Jiao’er blaze peacock’s grade is not low. This time, Rou’er will have an opponent.”

At the very same time, in another building in the Sima Family, a beautiful woman with red hair is standing in front of her door as she gazes at the flame clouds above her head.

“Sima Jiao, did you come back? Good. Then let this elder sister personally crush you!”

As she speaks, an eight plume peacock extends its head from behind her and lets out a cry.

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Sima Rou extends her hand and gently touches her blaze peacock’s head, “You also wish to fight, right?”

“Nine plume peacock…you are too incredible!”

Seeing Liu Yi incubate a nine plume peacock, Sima Jiao gives Liu Yi a thumbs up, “No wonder the Heavenly Court has such enmity against you. You will not be a kindhearted person in the future!”

Liu Yi uses a finger and lightly strokes the nine plume peacock’s little head. This small peacock is around the size of a fist, and its feathers are yet to be grown yet. It only has some short feathers, which look shaggy like a red shuttlecock which makes it look very cute.

This small thing let out a few cries making Liu Yi like it more.

“Since you are a nine plume peacock, then you shall be called Xiao Jiu.”

Liu Yi feels that this nine plume peacock is interlinked with his own thoughts. He subconsciously gave it a name.

The small peacock is very happy and nods its head. After which, it starts to consume those red eggshells.

After eating them, the small peacock’s body grows slightly larger and becomes the size of a small football. It also grew out a number of red feathers and became more gentle as well as more beautiful.

“It grew quickly…”

Liu Yi says ruefully while the small peacock flaps its soft and immature wings and jumps onto Liu Yi’s shoulder. It then stops there and nests in a ball.

“Hey, hey, hey!”

Lin Tong, who transformed into a small fox, immediately jumps out and glares like a tiger watching her prey at the small peacock opposite, “That is this miss’s imperial position!”

The small peacock let out two chirps before burying its head inside its feathers and ignores Lin Tong.

Lin Tong instantly exploded in anger as she swayed her tail and shouted, “Ahhh! This fowl has the cheek to ignore me!”

“Enough, Immortal Fox sister. My entire person is yours. Furthermore, isn’t there still a shoulder here!”

Liu Yi comforts Lin Tong, making her roll her eyes.

“This miss has been sealed for so long! The moment I came out, I immediately meet a rival in love, hmph!”

“Come on. It is only a small peacock. How could it be a rival in love!”

Liu Yi feels that Lin Tong is being petty.


Lin Tong does not seem to wish to explain anymore. Swaying her tail, she returns to Liu Yi’s body.

Gosh, Immortal Fox Sister became a tsundere again.

Liu Yi has no choice and also does not know how to coax her; thus, he can only settle the matters in front of him first.

Sima Jiao says, “During the competition in two days’ time, lend Xiao Jiu to me.”

“That is not a problem. You must not let your family members know that Xiao Jiu is mine. Otherwise, there will be a huge upheaval.”

Liu Yi looks at Xiao Jiu, “But right now, this fellow is too small. It does not seem like it can do anything.”

“You should use your flame to feed it more. It will grow very quickly.”

Sima Jiao winks at Liu Yi, “Right now, it is mainly used to scare other people.”

“So that is the case.”

Liu Yi understood Sima Jiao’s intention. He nods his head, “But you must not let it get an injury. I feel that Xiao Jiu is still very weak and is unsuitable for fighting.”

“All of this is your matter.” Sima Jiao smiles, “I only want to win. Not only must I win against my elder sister, but I must also win over my father! No matter who blocks in front of me, I must defeat them!”


Liu Yi nods his head, “But there are still two more days to the competition. I must prepare. My memories and strength have only recovered recently. It won’t do if I do not sort myself out.”

“Understood. Go up and rest then.”

Sima Jiao points upstairs before lying back into her hanging basket and continues to sway like she is thinking about something.

Liu Yi is unable to imagine what she could be thinking of. He turned around and went up to the second floor. Going upstairs, the fragrance of a woman enters his nose. The heck. Although Sima Jiao’s nature is very carefree, after all, is said and done, she is still a girl. This fragrance of a girl is very dense, making people unable to forget it.

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Liu Yi uses Buddhist qi to control his own state of mind before sitting cross-legged on the bed by the side. His hands hug his knees as he revolves his qi within his body.

Liu Yi first investigates his own state. All of the four body-protecting beasts are around; the 7th sun jade is revolving normally. The remaining three sun jades separately representing Asura Qi, Buddhist Qi, and Saint Qi. As long as I absorb these three kinds of qi, all of my ten sun jades can be completely open.

But right now to Liu Yi, just opening the ten sun jades will not be enough. He wants to raise his mental realm to the ninth layer of heaven, which he is still lacking.

Firstly God Transformation has a total of nine layers, and he had only just opened the second layer only!

Wait till I can activate the ninth layer; perhaps I might be able to become the cosmos god!

{Anna, are you around?}

Liu Yi recalls that he has an angel who is currently residing in his body. During the period of time, I had lost my memory; she must have been sealed together with me. Now that I had recovered my memories, she should have awakened now.

{I’m here.}

Within Liu Yi’s subconscious world, the figure of a woman slowly stands up. This woman is very beautiful and is a famous idol from Japan. But no one knows that she had currently become an angel from the God Realm.

Liu Yi nods his head, {Can you sense where Erlang Shen is?}


Anna shakes her head, {That person…he is too strong. I have never sensed such scary energy before…}

{Of course. He absorbed all of my cultivation.} Liu Yi says, {As an expert of the fourth layer of heaven, he can exterminate the God Realm.}

{That’s right…he is too scary…I do not dare to sense him at all…}

Anna touches her own head, {He is too powerful. When my power slightly interacts with him, I can sense a stifling fear! It is like he can see me!}

{Yeah, your powers must have come in contact with his god sense.}

Liu Yi says, {Then don’t try to sense him so as to prevent him from finding us through you.}


Anna nods her head. Just as Liu Yi plans to let her continue to be dormant, unexpectedly, Anna suddenly winks at Liu Yi and asks, {Didn’t you wish to become powerful?}

{Who does not wish to become powerful.} Liu Yi smiles and says, {Only by becoming stronger can one fight those troublesome enemies.}

{I can let you become stronger.} Anna raises a finger, {But you must agree to a condition.}

{You can let me become stronger?} Liu Yi is astonished, {You are only a small angel!}

{But I am a woman.} Anna’s face is slightly red, {I had been residing in your body for so long; thus, I also know your constitution. My body possesses pure, holy qi. As long as I dual cultivate with you, you can open a new sun jade. If you open a new sun jade, you can defeat Erlang Shen.}

Liu Yi became silent. Anna indeed followed me for too long and actually obtained such important information!

{How is it. Are you willing?}

To be honest, Liu Yi is slightly moved. But he knows that Anna will not help him so easily. This woman is crafty, and I suspect that she is not an angel but a devil!

Liu Yi replies, {Say your condition first.}

{You have become smarter.} Anna smiles, {Looks like this memory loss had brought some benefit to you. You have fused slightly with your black-belly’s side.}

{Why did you say it like I am very stupid in the past.} Liu Yi’s lip twitches, {Go on, say what is your condition?}

{Help me purge the God Realm!}

Anna raises her condition, {Right now, the God Realm has changed beyond recognition. The angels had split into too many factions and are warring against each other. I want to unify the God Realm and once more listen to the gospel of humanity.}

{This condition of yours is not small.} Liu Yi did not agree to it just like this, {Other than this, are there other conditions that you can swap?}

Anna says clearly, {No!}

{Let me consider it…}

Although dual cultivating is of no harm to Liu Yi, purging the God Realm is interfering with another world.

Liu Yi does not know whether or not it is a right thing for him as an eastern immortal to interfere with the western God Realm matters.

{Don’t you wish to strengthen yourself?} Anna reminds Liu Yi, {You are not the black-belly Liu Yi. Your realm is still not there. Even if you consume the Nine Turn Immortal Pill, your cultivation base can only enter the 1st layer of heaven. After entering the second stage of the God Transformation, you only have the strength of the 3rd layer of heaven, which is still one layer lower than Erlang Shen. But if you open the 8th sun jade, your strength might enter the first stage of the 4th layer of heaven. Only then would you have the strength to fight against Erlang Shen!}

Liu Yi ponders deeply.

{You do not need to worry about the God Realm’s problem.}

Anna suddenly walks over and leans into Liu Yi’s embrace and sticks close to him, and whispers into his ear, {The God Realm is already in chaos…if this goes on, perhaps humans will be dragged into the fight in the God Realm…you are helping the Human realm…}

Although it is his subconscious world, souls are a lot more sensitive when touching each other. Liu Yi can sense Anna’s softness which causes his heart to pound.

Fucking hell! This is not an angel but a demoness…no, a succubus!

{How is it, are you going to agree?}

Anna draws circles on Liu Yi’s chest with a hand. Her voice is like a small hand tickling Liu Yi’s heart.

{It is not like you will lose out…it is a cost-effective business transaction…}

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