Martial God Asura Chapter 5424: The Annoying Li Ta’er

Chapter 5424: The Annoying Li Ta’er

“Big sister Ta’er is a junior prodigy too, and she possesses a special world spiritist constitution,” Bai Yunqing said.

“Oh? How special is it?” Chu Feng had heard about world spiritist bloodlines, but he had never heard about the world spiritist constitution.

“I’m not too sure about the details too, but I think it’s something formidable,” Bai Yunqing replied.

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Chu Feng, Bai Yunqing, and his senior uncle soon arrived inside a hall, where a strong stench assaulted their noses right away. If not for their high tolerance toward discomfort, they would have puked or even passed out as most people did.

The hall itself was a powerful formation, but there was an additional formation located at the center of the hall. The additional formation was nearing completion, and someone was carrying out the final tweaks to perfect it.

This additional formation was unique in the sense that it was already completed, and only through the hands of a junior could it be further perfected. The one who had taken up this job was the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Ling Hang.

There was another woman in the room as well, and she was a junior too. She had a pair of long and slender legs that elegantly showed through her short skirt. However, she had a sharp gaze that suggested that she had a domineering personality.

Upon seeing Chu Feng and Bai Yunqing, she turned to Bai Yunqing’s senior uncle and said, “Father, why did you call him here? Young master Ling Hang can accomplish this by himself.”

“Yunqing is our people. He should take a look even if he isn’t needed here,” Bai Yunqing’s senior uncle replied with a smile. His attitude was far more amicable than with Bai Yunqing, showing just how much he doted on his daughter.

“Who is that fellow?” The woman looked at Chu Feng.

“He’s the renowned Chu Feng. Young friend Chu Feng, this is my daughter, Li Ta’er,” Bai Yunqing’s senior uncle said.

Chu Feng could already tell that woman was his daughter even without the introduction, but Li Ta’er grew interested in Chu Feng upon hearing those words.

“You’re that Chu Feng whose grandmother was betrayed by Jia Lingyi, which led you to kidnap her son, Jia Huo?”

The woman curiously eyed Chu Feng, but Chu Feng found her gaze uncomfortable. There was not the slightest hint of respect in her eyes. She was only after the gossip here.

Thus, Chu Feng ignored her and turned his attention toward the formation. He activated his Heaven’s Eye because he noticed something peculiar about the formation, but his perfunctory response displeased Li Ta’er.

“Big sister Ta’er, that wasn’t done by my big brother Chu Feng. Someone impersonated him,” Bai Yunqing explained.

“Big brother Chu Feng? Why are you calling him big brother? Is he even older than you?” Li Ta’er asked.

“Big brother Chu Feng saved my life. I’m calling him big brother out of respect,” Bai Yunqing explained.

Li Ta’er ignored him and walked over to Chu Feng’s side, asking, “Are you interested in that formation too? Are you thinking about giving it a try?”

Chu Feng didn’t pay her any heed.

“Heh…” Li Ta’er burst into laughter. “Don’t bother. You won’t have a chance at all with young master Ling Hang here.”

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Chu Feng suddenly turned to Bai Yunqing’s senior uncle and asked, “Elder, what’s the use of this formation?”

“This formation was constructed by Yunqing’s master. I don’t know what its use is, but there’s no doubt that it’s extremely important,” Bai Yunqing’s senior uncle replied.

Upon hearing those words, Chu Feng sent a voice transmission to Bai Yunqing and asked, “Will your master have a higher opinion of you if you perfect that formation?”

“That goes without saying,” Bai Yunqing replied.

“You should make a move then. I’ll guide you,” Chu Feng said.

“Big brother Chu Feng, is young master Ling Hang unable to do it?”

“He does have his means, but you’ll fare better than him under my guidance.”

“Big brother Chu Feng, does that mean that you can do it better than him?” Bai Yunqing excitedly exclaimed out loud.

The two of them had been communicating through voice transmission thus far, but whether it was intentional or by accident, Bai Yunqing had said the last sentence out loud. Everyone heard those words loud and clear, not just Li Ta’er but Ling Hang too.

Ling Hang stopped channeling the formation and turned his attention to Chu Feng.

“This young master over here, are you interested to give it a try?” Ling Hang asked with a smile.

Li Ta’er quickly interjected, “Young master Ling Hang, don’t listen to their nonsense. There’s no way they would have the ability to do that. You should focus your effort on the formation. Don’t pay any heed to the two of them!”

Following that, she shot a fierce glare at Chu Feng and Bai Yunqing, looking as if she was ready to murder the two of them.

“Watch if you want to, but don’t run your mouth. Young master Ling Hang is a Purple Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist. Do you think that it’s appropriate for you to run your mouth when he’s working? Look at yourself!” Li Ta’er sneered.

She turned to Chu Feng and said, “Especially you! Do you really think that you’re invincible just because you won the title of the strongest late Martial Exalted level cultivator? What gave you the guts to think that you can complete the formation better than young master Ling Hang? You’re nothing but a frog in the well!”

Eggy was infuriated to hear those words. “Who does she think she is to say those words? Chu Feng, let me out! I’ll rip her mouth off!”

“Eggy, don’t waste your energy on the likes of her. At least rein yourself in on Bai Yunqing’s account,” Chu Feng said.

“How annoying! I’ll teach her how to behave if I get a chance!” Eggy scoffed.

“Miss Ta’er, you shouldn’t say that. Those two brothers over there must have their reasons for saying that. At the very least, they should be on the same level as me, right?” Ling Hang said.

Despite his courteous tone, it was clear that he was mocking Chu Feng and Bai Yunqing.

“You’re right, young master Ling Hang. I’m indeed at the same level as you.” Bai Yunqing raised his hand and released a whiff of spirit power.

Both Bai Yunqing’s senior uncle and Li Ta’er were taken aback.

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