Martial God Asura Chapter 5483: Shocking the Prodigies

Chapter 5483: Shocking the Prodigies

Beneath the scattered clouds were eight distinct sectors with their own independent entrances. Each sector had a box that likely contained a fortuitous encounter, but they were protected by ten thousand formation soldiers stationed in front of them.

These formation soldiers boasted a height of ten meters. They wore thick armor and wielded a saber. They didn’t have noses and mouths, and their eyes were empty sockets. Their auras could be clearly felt even though they were completely still.

All eighty thousand formation soldiers in the eight sectors were at rank five Half-God level.

“What the hell! Why are these formation soldiers so powerful? Do they expect us to fight them? How are we supposed to go against something like that? We wouldn’t stand a chance at all! This is different from what the records state!”

The juniors were flustered.

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Even Long Zhizhi, the strongest one amongst them, was at rank three Half-God level. She could raise her cultivation to rank five Half-God level with her bloodline power, but she wouldn’t stand a chance against eighty thousand formation soldiers alone, even with Chu Feng’s aid.


Just then, a silhouette swooped beneath the clouds. It was Chu Feng.

“Is that fellow out of his mind?”

The first thought that occurred to the Totem Dragon Clan’s junior when they witnessed that sight was that Chu Feng was out of his mind!

However, none of the eighty thousand formation soldiers reacted to his presence. Similarly, the eight entrances also remained closed.


The ground began to quake. A large stone monument rose from the ground.

Knowing that the stone monument contained crucial information, Long Zhizhi swooped down as well to take a look. The other juniors quickly followed suit.

From the stone monument, they learned that the stone monument would simultaneously open once they began the challenge, but they would only remain open for an incense stick’s time. They had to open all eight boxes in the eight sectors within the duration, or else they would be deemed to have failed the trial and be evicted from this land.

“You must be kidding! Doesn’t that mean that we only have an incense stick’s time to defeat eighty thousand rank five Half-God level formation soldiers?”

The crowd burst out cursing.

Going by the rules, they would have to simultaneously challenge all eight sectors to make it in time, but the problem was that they didn’t stand a chance at all. There were only two rank five Half-God level cultivators among them, and one of them wasn’t from their Totem Dragon Clan!

Numbers made a huge difference here with their opponents being of the same cultivation rank as them. How could they beat a force that was tens of thousands of times stronger than them, let alone within an incense stick’s time?




While the juniors were cursing, the entrances to the eight sectors suddenly opened up. At the same time, an incense stick appeared above them and began burning down.

“The trial has commenced just like that? They must be ill in the head! Aren’t they just toying with us?!” the juniors cursed even louder.

Most of them subconsciously retreated from the entrances out of fear. The more cowardly ones even returned to the cliff, though they couldn’t advance due to the barrier blocking their path.

Why were they backing off?

It went without saying that they were afraid of those eighty thousand rank five Half-God level formation soldiers. Even a hundred of them charging out of the entrances would be enough to obliterate them, and it was questionable whether Chu Feng and Long Zhizhi could stop them.

Everyone thought that they were doomed, including Long Zhizhi.


A series of explosions suddenly echoed. It was coming from the first sector.

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Even more of the Totem Dragon Clansmen fled to the cliff, thinking that the formation soldiers were charging at them.

“What are you panicking for? It’s Chu Feng!” Long Zhizhi cursed.

She was the only one who saw Chu Feng charging toward the first sector.

“Chu Feng went in?”

Some of the Totem Dragon Clansmen warily descended from the cliff to take a closer look. There were signs of an ongoing fight in the first sector, but the shockwaves were too great that they couldn’t clearly see the situation.

That was only to be expected, considering their limited cultivation level.

“Does Chu Feng plan to single-handedly challenge all of the ten thousand formation soldiers in there? They are all at rank five Half-God level!” a Totem Dragon Clansman asked Long Zhizhi.

Long Zhizhi had already unleashed her bloodline power to raise her cultivation to rank five Half-God level, allowing her to see what others couldn’t. She didn’t answer the questions, but her expression slowly revealed a tinge of excitement.

“I see! Those formation soldiers are just for show!” Long Zhizhi exclaimed.

“Ah? What does that mean?” The crowd was confused.

Long Zhizhi turned to the crowd and said, “Wait here.”

Following that, she charged into the second sector on her own. Shockwaves soon rippled in the second sector, indicating that she had started trading blows with the formation soldiers.

As soon as she entered the second sector, the shockwaves in the first sector settled down, and Chu Feng returned from within.

“Chu Feng, you!!!”

“Could it be that…”

The Totem Dragon Clansmen had conflicted looks on their faces. The fact that Chu Feng had returned unharmed could only mean that he had dealt with all ten thousand formation soldiers in the first sector.

But that shouldn’t have been possible! Even if he was at rank five Half-God level, how could he defeat ten thousand formation soldiers of the same cultivation level so quickly?

“Where’s Long Zhizhi? Did she enter there?” Chu Feng eyed the second sector before hurriedly asking the crowd.

“Yes, she saw you entering the first sector so she followed suit,” one of the Totem Dragon Clansmen replied.

Chu Feng vanished right after hearing those words.

Moments later, he returned with Long Zhizhi in his arms, but the latter’s condition didn’t look too optimistic. There were many glaring wounds on her body. In particular, there was a huge chunk of flesh scraped off her shoulder.

And it had only been mere seconds after she entered the second sector.

“You are out of your mind. Who told you to enter?”

Chu Feng coldly dumped Long Zhizhi on the ground, not giving her any preferential treatment at all just because she was a woman.

“I-I saw you slaughtering those formation soldiers as if chopping vegetables, so I thought that they were just for show. How am I supposed to know that the formation soldiers in the second sector are so much stronger than those in the first sector?” Long Zhizhi looked aggrieved.

“You’re mentally ill,” Chu Feng cursed before flitting into the second sector.

Shockwaves rippled once more.

Long Zhizhi looked over, and her eyes slowly widened in shock.

Seconds later, her face began to redden in embarrassment. She saw the terrifying formation soldiers who nearly took her life earlier being slain as if they were nothing more than flies.

Chu Feng was massacring the formation soldiers as easily as he dealt with the soldiers in the first sector. It turned out that the weakling wasn’t the formation soldiers but her.

“I think I finally know why Lord Clan Chief and the others have such a high opinion of him,” Long Zhizhi blurted out.

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