Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain Chapter 1211 - 1211 Protecting Him

1211 Protecting Him

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The atmosphere in the space station was a little strange.

Prince Lekas and Paramel stared at the huge virtual screen for a long time before Prince Lekas broke the silence.

“Since Chu Nan is so strong, why is his name not on the list you gave me previously?”

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Paramel looked a little awkward and forced a smile, “Actually I’ve long noticed him, but for some reasons, it’s not convenient to put him on that list for the time being.”


“What’s the reason?” Prince Lekas said coldly.

Paramel glanced around, but his Internal Breath circulated and sent his voice into Prince Lekas’s ears through the microwave vibration of spatial energy.

“Your Highness, do you still remember that I submitted a report to you previously? It mentioned that some people were hunting maliciously in the Garden Hunting Assembly?”

Prince Lekas’s expression changed as he glanced at Paramel in surprise and sent a voice transmission.

“What? Could it be that this kid is also a suspect?”

Paramel hurriedly shook his head. “No, it’s the opposite. It’s precisely because he personally captured a few important hostages that we can obtain some important information. He plays a very important role in this aspect. Therefore, in order to protect him, I’m deliberately hiding information about him from the outside to prevent him from attracting too much attention and alerting the enemy. Your Highness, I believe you understand my thoughts.”

Prince Lekas nodded lightly.

“This is not bad, but with this kid’s performance, it’s impossible for him to hide forever. Even if he’s not on the list, he’ll definitely attract the attention of many people.”

Paramel sighed helplessly, “This can’t be helped. What we can do is to find out the truth as soon as possible and save those vermin of the empire. Don’t you think so, Your Highness?”

Prince Lekas suddenly turned around and narrowed his eyes to stare at Paramel.

After a while, he snorted softly.

“His Majesty pays a lot of attention to the Garden Hunting Assembly. You don’t have to worry about those things.”


After a moment of silence, Prince Lekas spoke again, but he did not continue to use spatial energy to microwave vibration and send a voice transmission. Instead, he laughed.

“Heh, speaking of which, it’s a good thing to have this kid appear. Romanti and the two little fellows, Montique, have always been extremely proud and arrogant. Now that we can have this kid attack them and make them recognize their shortcomings, it’s very helpful to their future growth and the future of the empire.”

Paramel looked at Prince Lekas in surprise.

Although his evaluation of Chu Nan was already very high, he did not expect Prince Lekas to have a higher evaluation of him. It was even high enough to affect the future of the empire.

However, there was another meaning in Prince Lekas’s words. He was clearly paying special attention to Princess Romanti and Prince Montique, proving that he thought the most highly of the future of these two descendants of the royal family.

Then, was he only representing himself, most of the royal family, or even His Majesty himself?

Paramel turned to look at the scene of Chu Nan disappearing into the sky with Glurik on the virtual screen and fell into deep thought.

The cave was deep and dark. The light outside only entered less than ten meters from the entrance before completely stopping. There was no light source inside the cave. In the darkness, only the crisp sound of water dripping and smashing into the ground could be heard.

If not for the super vision and hearing brought about by his powerful body and extremely sensitive perception of the change in the airflow in the surrounding space, Chu Nan was certain that he could not walk normally inside, let alone jump around casually like outside.

However, even so, he still advanced very slowly.

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It had been more than ten minutes since he entered this cave, but he had only advanced 400 meters.

After silently following Prince Montique for 200 meters in the cave, Chu Nan finally could not endure it.

“Hey, Your Highness, why is she hiding in such a cave?”

The voice spread far and wide in the cave. It took a long time to echo, proving that there was still a vast space in the cave.

After a simple discussion with Glurik and confirming the next plan, he left and returned to Lone Star City. Chu Nan was led by Prince Montique to find Pamela.

Before coming here, Prince Montique had only told Chu Nan that Pamela was hiding in a very secret place.

However, Chu Nan did not expect that the place she was hiding in was actually such a dark and deep cave.

“Because only here do I not have to worry about being found.”

Prince Montique’s answer made Chu Nan frown.

“What? Her situation is already so bad?”

Prince Montique sighed softly.

“You’ll know when you see her later.”

Chu Nan could only frown and shut his mouth before continuing to follow behind Prince Montique.

After fumbling around in the cave for more than 300 meters, the sound of water suddenly sounded ahead. Please visit ƒ𝘳ee𝒘𝚎𝐛𝘯𝐨ν𝑒l. 𝒄o𝘮

“We’re here.” Prince Montique suddenly stopped and turned to Chu Nan, “Wait here for a moment. She doesn’t like to see outsiders. I’m afraid seeing you will make her panic. I’ll go confirm it first.”

“Alright, as soon as possible.”

Chu Nan did not raise any objections and watched as Prince Montique walked around the corner alone.

After a while, Prince Montique’s soft whisper sounded in front of him. Due to the distance and the interference of the sound of flowing water in the cave, as well as the refraction and reflection of the cave wall, Chu Nan did not hear what he was saying clearly, but he could tell that he should be explaining something to another person.

However, other than his voice, Chu Nan did not hear anyone else.

When he recalled that the mysterious girl he had been looking for so long might be not far away and that her current situation was very bad, Chu Nan could not suppress his temper. Although he recalled Prince Montique’s instructions and did not rashly rush over, he could not help but probe.

The situation in the cave ahead was quickly included in his perception.

However, in his perception, other than being able to clearly sense the spatial energy that clearly belonged to Prince Montique and was especially fluctuating around him, he did not sense the existence of another person.

This was clearly unreasonable.

If another person existed, even if this person was not a powerful martial artist and was only an ordinary person, because of his breathing, body heat, various small actions, and so on, it would affect the surrounding space to a certain extent, causing the spatial energy in the surrounding space to fluctuate unnaturally and be different from other spaces.

There were only two situations where he could not sense any special energy at all. One was that this person’s control of spatial energy had reached an extremely exquisite and exquisite level. He could control all the spatial energy in the space around him to be completely the same as in other spaces, causing people to not sense any abnormalities.

However, firstly, the requirements for doing this were extremely high, and not many martial artists could do it. Secondly, even if they could do it, no one would do such a thing for no reason. Coupled with the fact that Prince Montique should be talking to another person, this situation did not exist.

Then, the remaining situation was that Prince Montique was lying to him.


In fact, there was no Pamela!

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