Medical Princess Chapter 1221 - Chapter 1221 Finally Entered the House

Chapter 1221 Finally Entered the House

Qing’er stepped forward to stand in front of Shao Wanru and asked, “Who are you?”𝑓𝔯e𝚎𝒘𝗲𝚋𝒏oѵ𝒆𝒍. c𝗼m

The prince had specially instructed her to protect the princess. There had been a lot of trouble recently, and she was afraid that her master would get into trouble.

The old maid panicked and said hurriedly, “Madam… Madam Wen fainted from the fall.” She held her legs and couldn’t get up for a while.

“Madam Wen?” Shao Wanru rolled her watery eyes slightly. The old maid seemed to be standing behind Madam Wen just now.

“She tripped when she walked just now. I need to go down the mountain to get a doctor for her.” The old maid finally came to her senses and stood up with the help of the tree beside her. She recognized that the person in front of her was Princess Chen just now, so she turned around. Unexpectedly, her legs went limp and she fell.

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Shao Wanru glanced at the old maid and asked, “How… did Madam Wen feel after falling?”

“She fainted because of the fall… Cousin Miss is serving her.” The old maid was so anxious that she was sweating.

Shao Wanru pondered for a moment and said, “It’s too late to go down the mountain now. I’ll call an imperial physician to treat Madam Wen later.”

If she hadn’t seen Madam Wen, Shao Wanru wouldn’t have intervened. Since she had seen her, she had to help her, even if it was just for Wen Xichi’s sake. The Empress Dowager had two imperial physicians serve her.

After sending Yujie to the courtyard of the Empress Dowager to get an imperial physician with the old maid, Shao Wanru stood still and did not go forward.

Seeing that Shao Wanru had been standing there and looking at a peak in the distance in silence, Qing’er asked with concern, “My Lady, are you all right?”

“I’m fine. Let’s go!” Shao Wanru said with a slight smile. She started walking slowly.

Just now, she suddenly recalled what happened to Madam Wen and her in her last life.

The Empress Dowager had already gotten up, but the Empress was not there. When Empress Dowager heard that Madam Wen had fainted because of the fall, she asked Shao Wanru to go and check on her. Prime Minister Wen had an unusual identity, and Empress Dowager had always thought highly of his madam.

Since Empress Dowager had ordered, Shao Wanru did not stay any longer. It was still a little early for lunch. Moreover, she was not hungry at this time, so she went to the courtyard of Madam Wen.

Coincidentally, the two places were not far from each other.

Yujie had come back and reported to Shao Wanru as she walked. Shao Wanru said, “E’niang is also here?”

Yujie curled her lip and said, “Yes, she’s busy. If I didn’t know her, I would really think that she’s from the Mansion of the Prime Minister.”

“Then let’s walk slowly!” Shao Wanru stopped.

Qing’er, who was sensitive, asked subconsciously, “My Lady, what’s the matter?”

Shao Wanru blinked and said disapprovingly, “It’s nothing. We’re not doctors. The imperial physician has gone over, and he must be treating Madam Wen now. It doesn’t matter if we go earlier or later.” Of course, the two servant girls would listen to their master.

The group of people walked very slowly. When they arrived at the door of Madam Wen, Shao Wanru happened to see the imperial physician come out and stopped.

“Greetings, Your Highness!” The imperial physician stepped forward and bowed.

“How is Madam Wen?” Shao Wanru asked. A servant girl sent the imperial physician out. When she saw Shao Wanru, she hurriedly bowed and went back to the yard to report.

“Madam Wen failed to stand still and fell to the ground. She’s still unconscious. Fortunately, someone gave her a treatment with 100-year-old ginseng. Otherwise, she would’ve been in great danger,” the imperial physician said.

“She almost got into great danger?” Shao Wanru raised her eyebrows.

“Yes.” The imperial physician nodded. Madam Wen almost got into great danger. That was to say, she almost died.

Shao Wanru’s long eyelashes fluttered twice, like two fluttering butterflies.

“It’s just a fall. How could it be so serious?” Shao Wanru said.

“Maybe it was a coincidence, but she’s fine now. She just needs to recuperate,” the imperial physician said.

Shao Wanru nodded and walked to the door of the courtyard. Gu Xishu had come out to welcome her in a hurry. When she saw Shao Wanru, she hurried forward to bow and said, “Greetings, Your Highness.”

“How is Madam Wen?” Shao Wanru asked again.

“Aunt Wen is fine now. Fortunately, the imperial physician is here.” Gu Xishu looked scared and pale. It could be seen that she was frightened.

“It’s good that she’s fine!” Shao Wanru said gently, “Can I go to see Madam Wen now?”

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Gu Xishu hesitated for a moment and said, “My apologies, Your Highness… In my aunt’s current situation… I’m afraid she can’t see you.”

She made an excuse, which meant that she certainly didn’t want Shao Wanru to go in.

“Alright then!” Shao Wanru didn’t insist on going in. She nodded and said, “I’ll go back first. If you need the imperial physician, just come to me.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Gu Xishu didn’t expect Shao Wanru to be so easy to get rid of. She breathed a sigh of relief and answered with a smile.

Seeing Shao Wanru leave, she hurried back to the main room.

In the main room, E’niang was serving Madam Wen. When she heard the sound at the door and looked over, she saw that only Gu Xishu was there, so she was relieved.

“She’s not coming in?”

Gu Xishu smiled casually and said in a low voice, “No. Aunt Wen is still unconscious at this time. Princess Chen can’t help even if she comes in.” She was very proud that she got rid of Shao Wanru so easily.

“That’s great!” E’niang nodded. Since she heard that Princess Chen was around, she had been on tenterhooks. She wanted to stay, but she was unwilling to bump into Princess Chen. The best thing she could do was to ask Gu Xishu to block Princess Chen in front of the gate of the courtyard. But now Princess Chen happened to leave on her own accord.

Gu Xishu looked at Madam Wen, who was lying on the bed. Madam Wen’s forehead was wrapped with a heavy bandage, and her face looked terribly pale. There were faint bloodstains on the white bandage. She couldn’t help but worry. “Is my aunt really okay?”

“Don’t worry. She will recover!” E’niang comforted her, but she found it hilarious. It was Gu Xishu herself who took action. She was extremely cruel, but she showed such a panicked look. Why was she pretending?

Gu Xishu was raised by Madam Wen. E’niang had thought that she had to talk Gu Xishu into her plan again before Gu Xishu took action. Today was her first day on the mountain, and she still had a few days left to wear Gu Xishu down. Unexpectedly, not long after her arrival, she got the news that Gu Xishu had taken action, which spared her the effort of wearing Gu Xishu down.

Gu Xishu was a ruthless person, but she showed such a weak and helpless expression, which made E’niang feel sick of her.

“Will she really be fine? My aunt… my aunt is so old…” Gu Xishu cried and wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

“She will, she will. Madam Wen will be fine.” E’niang comforted her in a soft voice. Gu Xishu looked worried, and E’niang was trying to comfort her. It was as if they were really worried.

When Madam Wen’s servants came in and saw their expressions, they felt that the two were really worried.

When Madam Wen woke up in the afternoon, both E’niang and Gu Xishu were by her bed. Both of them looked very tired. Before they could speak, the servant girls and the old maids had told Madam Wen everything that had happened, especially about the critical situation at that time. It was E’niang who offered the ginseng to save Madam Wen, which saved her from danger.

Later, when Gu Xishu was at a loss, it was also E’niang who helped to get an imperial physician over.

Madam Wen looked at E’niang with much gentler eyes and said reluctantly, “Thank you for your help!”

“Aunt, I will thank Aunt Lu properly. Have a good rest. Just now, you fell… I… I was almost scared to death. If you got into danger for real, I don’t know what will happen to me. How… how will I explain it to my cousin? I might as well die with you!”

Gu Xishu came over with a bowl of medicine, and her eyes were red. When she saw Madam Wen’s expression, she couldn’t help crying again.

“Good girl, I’m sorry that I got you worried!” Madam Wen said slowly in a low voice and reached out to hold Gu Xishu’s hand. She felt touched. After all, she had raised Gu Xishu. Although this girl had a bad character, she was sincere and filial to her.

“Aunt!” Gu Xishu took Madam Wen’s hand, sat down on the edge of the bed, wiped her tears with a handkerchief, and said with a smile, which looked more and more pitiful at this time. “Take the medicine first. Anything else should be set aside for now. As long as you get better, I can do anything.”

As Gu Xishu said, she tried the medicine for Madam Wen. The taste of the medicine was very bitter and strong, but she took it with a smile, which moved Madam Wen. Gu Xishu had never liked to take medicine since she was a child. Every time Madam Wen had her take medicine, she would have to comfort her and coax her into taking it. Madam Wen didn’t expect Gu Xishu to be so filial that she would try the medicine for her.

“Aunt, it’s not hot. You can have it first. I’ll ask someone to prepare the honey for you.” Gu Xishu offered a spoonful of medicine to Madam Wen.

Madam Wen nodded and took it.

Gu Xishu helped Madam Wen with the medicine slowly and carefully. After that, she handed the bowl to the servant girl beside her and gently wiped the medicine on Madam Wen’s lips with a handkerchief.

Her careful and considerate look made Madam Wen feel sorry for her. “I wronged this child before. She’s kind and would never have bad intentions. After all, Xichi is a man and doesn’t know much about girls, so he misunderstood Xishu.”

“Since you’re fine, I’ll go back first, Madam Wen. I originally asked Miss Gu to burn incense with me.” E’niang took two steps forward and said goodbye to Madam Wen.

At this time, how could Madam Wen let her go back like this? She hadn’t thanked E’niang properly yet, she stopped her with a smile and said, “Since you’re here, you should go for a walk with Xishu. I… I’m in poor health and need to have a good rest. I can’t have Xishu alone.”

“Aunt, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay here with you. I’ll go wherever you go!” Gu Xishu said eagerly.

Seeing her anxious look with a hint of care, Madam Wen felt more and more pleased and didn’t want to wrong her. She took her hand with a low smile and patted it, saying, “Good girl, I’m fine. I just need to recuperate. You will go out to burn incense, worship the Buddha, and redeem a vow to the Buddha for me. Coincidentally… E’niang is around, so she can go with you!”

It was a big deal to offer incense to Buddha. Even many patients would force themselves to do that.

Since Madam Wen had said so, Gu Xishu couldn’t refuse. Then, she asked E’niang to stay in the courtyard as Madam Wen expected.

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