Merged Soul: Reincarnated in a Dark World Chapter 39: Burning light.

Chapter 39: Burning light.

The cowboy gripped his medium and smirked, he threw it with sound breaking speed and vanished.


Derek groaned as a heavy punch hit his back, he turned back but no one was there "what the..." He couldn’t finish his words as he suddenly caught the sight of an incoming blade from the corners of his eyes, the blades enlarged in his pupils till it was right in front of him, BAM!

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Another punch was right to his jaws as the force lifted Derek off his feet and he slammed against the floor a few meters away.

He hurriedly stood up and saw the cowboy throw his medium, it flew in a parabolic way, this was shocking to Derek as he prepared for impact but to his shock, the cowboy appeared mid-air and threw his dagger again, this time, Derek couldn’t even react when a straight punch smashed at his nose, quickly followed by a kick.

A loud sound echoed as Derek’s head kissed the concrete once again, he turned and faced the sun while panting roughly.

"You’re useless, they’re many kids your age much stronger than you, they are powerful, influential, and famous well some are hidden but here you are, you possess double mediums and you’re more disgraceful than a newborn teleporter…"

"You’re so prideful with that little power of yours, you massacred a whole lot of unranked people and you think you’re powerful, even the lowest diamond-ranked teleporter will crush you, you can’t even survive in this world and you think you can disobey the government"

Derek dropped his daggers and ran towards the cowboy, he knew the man was much better than him when it comes to using mediums but Derek hadn’t understood what ranking means, he didn’t even know what it means to be evolved.

Derek was so slow in cowboy’s eyes, he puts his hand into his pocket and brought out a cigarette whilst his other hand brought out a lighter, he leisurely lit it and drew it gently, and opened his mouth, puffing out a cloud of smoke, "good stuff!" He commented while dogging Derek’s blows. 𝑓𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘸𝘦𝑏𝘯𝑜𝘷𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

He caught Derek’s fist and squeezed it, Derek’s face distorted as he gritted his teeth, an uppercut was launched and the cowboy also deflected it.

The cowboy pushed him back and launched a roundhouse kick, the air tore as his foot collided with Derek’s face, like a drunk man, Derek collapsed to the ground.

The cowboy rubbed his palms together and scowled "I thought you were special, I’m disappointed" he turned back and walked towards the door.

Suddenly Derek who was supposed to have fainted, moved, his fingers on his left hand were trembling as his eyes glowed brightly, much more intense than usual the Eastern dagger appeared in his hands, the eyes of the dragon image glowed and Derek flung his dagger at the cowboy.

The cowboy had turned back the moment he heard movements, his brown pupils could be seen as his eyes widened before he was the impossible...

The Eastern dagger disintegrated slowly as Derek’s body followed, it was a shocking sight as like a steak of white lightening, Derek appeared before him, his sudden appearance disrupted the air as a Sonic boom echoed loudly behind him.

Derek blinked his eyes and staggered sideways, he threw a worthless punch and fell to the ground, groaning as his body began to spasm.

The cowboy rushed towards him and stabbed a serum into his chest, instantly Derek cooled, and his breathing returned to normal as he stared at the sun.

"I’ve got to say brat, you amazed me there, I’ll accept you as my student"

Derek scowled "fuck you old man" he went as far as raising his middle finger.

The cowboy stared at him for a moment, the air became tense, then he suddenly began laughing "I like you kid, we’ve got a good time ahead of us"

Derek struggled to raise his head, he gazed at the cowboy who although aged had a good-looking face "I don’t want a mentor, I’m good".

"Oh.. really, I heard you got captured by an organization, do you think they’ll let a walking treasure just walk away or what do you think will happen once the ’government’ finds out about you and place a demand, with the whole world after you, hunters, the army, organizations, cyber... How do you want to fight back, how do you want to live a free life when they can just put a machine on your head and you’ll become loyal to them..."

The cowboy hasn’t even finished when Derek stood up "so when does my training start"

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A smile formed on the cowboy’s face as he almost laughed at Derek’s expression, turns out the brat did not feel being turned into a loyalist was a great thing.

"The organization is surely going to come for you" he added some heavy words to see how Derek will react.

"Then we better start earlier" Derek chuckled, his expression was a bright one that would make people stop to admire him but Christopher could feel Intense bloodlust hidden behind that facade, Derek sure held grudges.


Derek sat on the bedside in the room he woke up in as Jasmine did some checkups while cautioning Christopher.

"He just woke up, why did you hit him like that? You don’t hit my patients Christopher, Christopher!!" She shouted his name at the end because the dude dressed in cowboy attire was staring at the beautiful outside view.

He turned to her and nodded, but he didn’t register the woman’s words as Derek could feel his glare locked on him, "umm.. " seeing Derek was about to complain he turned in a different direction.

The door opened with Luke and Angel rushing in, Luke hasn’t even reacted when Angel rushed towards Derek and jumped at him, Derek subconsciously stretched his arms and caught her, but the impact caused both of them to roll onto the bed, they finally stopped with Angel on top of Derek.

Her soft mounds pressed against his hard chest but she did not bother, their gaze met and Angel flinched when she realized what she did, but unexpectedly Derek embraced her and their face got closer, she could feel his hot breath against her face as he whispered into her ears.

"I’m sorry, I know I..." Angel’s appearance was like a burning light as the darkness that seemed to follow him from waking up cleared up as she made her presence known. The nightmare of staying in such a place almost made him insane with the voice "remember Danny" repeating continuously as it weighed on him like a stone tied to his heart. It seems his feelings for Angel never died as it was buried in the sea of self-blame he instilled in himself.

Derek couldn’t finish his words as Angel sealed his mouth with her soft lips, while they were in their world, three mature people stood with a different expressions.

Jasmine had a happy smile, Derek had finally forgiven Angel, and as she said, Derek just needed time, though Jasmine was happy it was the opposite for Luke.

His eyes twitched as his glare hardened, and the relieved feeling he had when he heard Derek had woken up was replaced with boiling rage, how dare this brat touch his daughter, he had forgotten that it was Angel who jumped towards Derek.

Christopher whistled "I’ve got to say, Luke, your girl likes that kid, that brat is lucky, I’m proud of my student"

Luke’s eyes twitched as he glared at Christopher who had appeared beside him for a while now "I think you forgot I was the one who told you about him, he also lives in my house!"

"I’ve got no complaints, I’m just saying she’s gone..."

Christopher’s words were riling up intense anger in Luke and he was close to erupting.

Angel’s scent calmed Derek’s raging emotions, those dreadful voices hidden under the cover of that endless darkness were pretty distinct to him, he stared at her ruby eyes which had a soft enchanting glow, and felt his heart clear up.

A different emotion began to build up in both of them as their lips etched close like they were calling for each other, when their lips grazed a loud angry yell brought them out of their pink world.

"What do you think you’re doing!" Luke yelled with bulging eyes were they trying to kiss again, he could tolerate the first one because he was caught off guard and Angel had to release her bottled-up emotions but he would never allow it to happen again.

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