My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 392: Tu Mountain’s New Owner

In Jiang Li’s appraisal technique, it only showed that this was a pearl that sealed a high-grade soul.

He did not expect that the person imprisoned inside was the previous generation’s Six-tailed Spiritual Maiden, the mother of Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya.

It was no wonder that Wu Ya would take the risk and take the risk of further infuriating the Five Banishment Daoists in the Five Banishment City.

Thinking about the Five Banishment Daoists’ preferences, it was obvious what would happen if an Essence Soul that was not inferior to Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya was imprisoned in their hands.

Looking at the fox girl kneeling in front of him, Jiang Li felt a little emotional. It was not easy to survive these days.

“It’s nothing. Miss Wu Ya, you’re welcome.”

“I, Jiang Li, am related to the ancient Tu Mountain lineage. Since I met them, I naturally can’t stand by and watch.”

Jiang Li grabbed the other party’s soft hands and helped her up. In his heart, he was thinking about what reward he should ask for later.

However, looking at Tu Mountain’s poor appearance, why did it feel that their entire mountain might not be as rich as him?

Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya did not mention the reward but instead asked about another matter.

“Young Master Jiang Li, you’re holding the remains of our ancestor, right?”

“If possible, Wu Ya hopes you can leave her remains in the Tu Mountain for worship. As a form of repayment, Young Master can choose four transformed Nine-Tailed clansmen as maidservants. Even I, Wu Ya, can be chosen.”

Sure enough, the aura of Daji’s finger bone could be hidden from the other small demons, but he could not hide it from the Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya who had once grown six tails.

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She could easily tell that the aura came from Jiang Li’s right palm and not from himself. She proposed such a deal.

‘The finger bone of the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox could bring endless benefits to these juniors even if it only had a little strength left.

The most important thing was that the power of the finger bone could help them purify their bloodline!

Although the tail that Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya cut off was a result of the current circumstances, if it was a few hundred years later, even without such danger, she might take the initiative to cut off the tail.

This was because the method to survive by cutting off the tail could not only save one’s life in critical situations, but it could also transfer the impure bloodline in one of the fox tails.

Although using the tail technique would cause her to lose a lot of strength, it could also purify her bloodline and allow her to climb higher.

This could also allow their descendants to inherit a pure Nine-Tailed bloodline.

It could be seen how much they yearned for the pure bloodline of the Nine-Tailed Race.

Now that Jiang Li had something that could purify their bloodline, how could Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya not be tempted?

She also proposed a condition that ordinary people could not refuse.

“Young Master Jiang Li, the remains of our Fox Race’s ancestors are useless to humans. If Young Master is willing, our Tu Mountain will forever be your most loyal friend! I’ll be at your service for a hundred years!”

Seeing that Jiang Li was still indifferent, Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya raised the price again and emitted an even stronger fragrance on her body.

She had secretly used the fox demon’s illusion technique to make Jiang Li lower his guard and agree.

The Five-Tailed Fox’s aura was indeed breathtaking.

Jiang Li had seen how beautiful a fox demon with Nine-Tailed bloodline was.

Although she called the transacted foxes ‘maidservants’, everyone knew what this entailed.

Jiang Li could do whatever he wanted to the fox demon maidservants that were delivered to him.

Coupled with the hundred years of loyalty of the fox demons, even Jiang Li was a little tempted.

However, that illusion technique was a little clumsy. Not only did it not affect Jiang Li’s mind, but after he blocked it with his various mental resistance statuses, he instead felt a sense of displeasure towards this Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya.

He had “kindly” helped her bring back her mother’s Essence Soul and soul. Although Jiang Li was not hungry for rewards, it was a little inappropriate for her to not mention it.

Although she did not say it, it had already greatly reduced Jiang Li’s trust in her.

The more beautiful a woman was, the more she knew how to lie. She was so beautiful that any normal person would be bewitched by her.

Unfortunately, Jiang Li was not the type to be unable to walk when he saw a beautiful woman. If there was anything wrong with the other party, he would have already noted it down mentally.

Now, she wanted to use empty promises to exchange for his Heavenly Fox Finger Bone. Did they really think he was a child?

Not to mention the possibility of the other party fulfilling her promise,

now that Jiang Li was standing within the mountain, in his mind, the entire mountain was already in his grasp.

Using his things to exchange for stuff, wasn’t this bullying an honest person?

Moreover, the value of Daji’s finger bone was something that he could not give up easily.

“Miss Wu Ya, you must be joking. I’ve been busy the entire journey here. May I ask Miss Wu Ya to arrange a room for me and let me rest for the night before we talk about other things?”

Jiang Li looked at Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya in silence for a few breaths. He did not answer her and knocked on his shoulder. He looked really exhausted.

“This is what I should do. Young master, please.”

‘Wu Ya was not in a hurry. Even if Jiang Li did not agree and she had to fight in the end to seize the treasure, she still wanted to wait and recover a few percent of her demonic strength first. This human was not weak. Only then could she have full confidence.

Immediately, she personally brought Jiang Li out of the stone hall and walked towards an empty tree house.

The two of them walked side by side, attracting the attention of hundreds of fox demons in the mountain. This man who had suddenly arrived emitted an aura that was even more noble than the Spiritual Maiden, causing them to involuntarily want to get closer.

‘As he walked, Jiang Li’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

He slapped his forehead as if he had recalled something important.

“Sorry, sorry. I forgot to mention something earlier.”

“In fact, I came to the Ten Directions Region this time to look for Tu Mountain. I was entrusted by an ancestor of yours to send a group of old friends home.”

Jiang Li smiled as if he was Santa about to give them a huge gift.

“Entrusted from our ancestor? Old friends?”

Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya suddenly had a bad feeling. However, she did not know where this feeling came from.

Didn’t Jiang Li come to Tu Mountain for the sake of returning the Essence Soul Pearl? Could it be that he had other objectives?

“Yeah, Tu Mountain is indeed the birthplace of the Nine-Tailed Race.”

“In ancient times, the Tu Mountain Nine Tails was once famous throughout the world. But in a certain corner of the world, there was another Nine Tails clan that had been passed down until now.”

“Iwas instructed to send them home.”

The ominous feeling in Wu Ya’s heart had already risen to the peak. She wanted to stop Jiang Li, but under the gazes of everyone, she seemed to have no reason to interfere.

As soon as Jiang Li finished speaking, he opened the coffin.

A few small fox heads crawled out of the coffin.

The familiar and noble aura immediately made all the fox demons present lower their heads. Even Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya took two steps back in surprise.

Soon, a nest of foxes appeared on the ground.

There were a total of thirty-six foxes, half black and half white.

Although there were not many, each of them had at least three tails.

“How is this possible?! What a pure Nine-Tailed Bloodline!”

Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya could not help but cry out in surprise.

As a Nine-Tailed Fox, she could clearly sense the bloodline of her clansmen.

She was once a six-tailed demon who had abandoned a tail to purify her bloodline. At this moment, she was actually inferior to any of the thirty-six fox demons in front of her!

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This nest of fox demons had lived in the Fox Immortal Queen’s Tomb for tens of thousands of years.

Because of the lack of resources and small space, they had always been able to maintain the smallest population.

Without enough food, they could not reproduce too much. Without enough spiritual qi, they could not cultivate and become stronger.

However, in the tens of thousands of years, they had never left the Empress Tomb and could only mate in a small area.

Their bloodline naturally did not mix with other ordinary demons and wild beasts.

The nine-tailed bloodline that was preserved was naturally far superior to the group living in the outside world.

After they left the Empress Tomb, they obtained the support of Jiang Li’s large amount of resources and the help of Daji’s finger bone, so their cultivation and strength started to rise rapidly.

The strongest pair of black and white foxes had already grown a fifth tail. They were Nascent Soul cultivators and their illusion techniques were extremely profound.

Under the fusion of Yin-Yang, they could even unleash the power of a Six-Tailed Fox. Even Soul Formation cultivators would fall under their illusions.

‘When these 36 fox demons appeared, the impact on the entire Tu Mountain was not small.

Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya, who had always been worshiped as the Spiritual Maiden because of her pure bloodline and six tails, suffered a huge blow to her confidence.

‘There were actually clansmen with an even purer bloodline out of nowhere. What was the purpose of their clan guarding Tu Mountain for countless generations?

“Is this Tu Mountain? We’re finally back!”

“Is this the smell of our hometown? Although I’ve never smelled it before, it’s so familiar!”

“There’s actually still the Nine-Tailed Race in Tu Mountain. The bloodline of our ancestors did not disappear entirely. The Fox Immortal Queen will definitely be happy when she finds out!”

“Thank you for your kindness, Young Master. We, Little Fox Black Jade and White Jade, are willing to serve you forever to repay your kindness!”

A group of fox demons ran around excitedly on Tu Mountain.

‘The original owner of this mountain could only lie on the ground respectfully and show respect to this group of clansmen.

A few four-tailed fox demons even looked at Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya, their eyes carrying some differing thought.

According to Tu Mountain’s rules, the more tails there were, the higher the status, the purer the bloodline, and the higher the status.

The black and white foxes with five tails were naturally not inferior to Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya.

Moreover, even with five tails, Black Jade and White Jade showed no signs of transforming.

This meant that the purity of the bloodline of these two fox demons was far above Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya’s.

In the future, they might grow a sixth or even a seventh tail faster!

From the looks of it, the title of the Spiritual Maiden should be transferred.

Previously, because of some selfish motives of Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya, she cut off one tail and went to the Five Banishment City, marrying herself to five husbands.

Not only did it embarrass the entire Tu Mountain, but they even fought later on, causing them to directly become mortal enemies with the powerful Five Banishment Daoists.

The fox demons below were already very dissatisfied with this matter.

Originally, there was no way to resist. Even if Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya lost a tail, as the only Five Tails, she was still the most powerful existence in the entire Tu Mountain.

However, it was different now.

Two more fox demons with purer bloodlines than her suddenly appeared. Now, they had a choice.

Looking at the gazes of her people, Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya finally knew the reason for her uneasiness.

‘The appearance of these 36 pure-blooded fox demons was a good thing for Tu Mountain and the entire Nine-Tailed Race.

However, to her, the Spiritual Maiden of the Tu Mountain, that was not necessarily the case.

It would not be long before her status as the Spiritual Maiden was handed over.

“My ancestors were all Spiritual Maidens for three generations. Are we going to lose our lineage here?”

She looked at Jiang Li who walked into the treehouse to rest with a smile on his face, and her expression became slightly bitter.

Jiang Li stayed on Tu Mountain just like that.

He stayed there for three days.

During this period, the thirty-six fox demons he brought along could be said to be living well on Tu Mountain.

Not only were the thirty-six fox demons’ bloodlines pure, they also brought along a special product called the Nine Nether Earth Fruit.

After giving the fruits to a few elders, these foxes were even more respectful.

On the third night, the entire Tu Mountain launched an attack on the current generation’s Spiritual Maiden.

The black and white five-tailed foxes only took three days to squeeze her out of her throne.

In the end, she even wanted to use her strength to forcefully break the rules.

However, she discovered that the white and black fox demons could actually fuse together. After fusing, their strength was actually above hers.

Not to mention that she only had slightly more than 20% of her demonic strength left. How could she be a match for the fused black and white fox demon? Immediately, Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya fell into deep despair.

No! There might still be a chance.

The next day, she looked at Jiang Li who was protected by the black and white Five-Tailed Fox Demons.

She suddenly understood why she had fallen to this state. It was because she had some thoughts that she should not have, making Jiang Li angry.

‘The group of fox demons that suddenly appeared obeyed Jiang Li.

He also held an extremely important treasure to the Tu Mountain’s foxes.

If this Young Master Jiang Li could change his mind, she would be able to obtain his support.

Then, she would definitely be able to avoid this crisis and perhaps regain everything.

However, what could move him?

Now, the entire Tu Mountain was indirectly under him.

Apart from that, she only had a piece of information from her mother.

As such, she also made up her mind. She wore the thinnest clothes in her life and knocked on Jiang Li’s room.

In the room, Jiang Li was tasting Tu Mountain’s specialty dessert under the service of two fox demons.

He had long said that he could obtain things like the fox demon maidservants without others giving them to him.

Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya stepped forward and knelt in front of Jiang Li.

“Young Master Jiang Li helped Wu Ya earlier. This is my late thank-you gift. Please accept it.”

Jiang Li took the box and placed it aside without looking at the things inside.

Seeing this, Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya became even more respectful and continued.

“Young Master Jiang Li, Wu Ya has a favor to ask.”

“In the legacy of the past generations of Spiritual Maidens in the Tu Mountain, there is an ancient mystic realm that exists. However, the Tu Mountain has never been able to enter it. I earnestly request Young Master to take action and solve the mystery of that mystic realm.”

“Everything you find inside belongs to you, Young Master. Tu Mountain definitely won’t take anything.”

“This mystic realm is called the Xuanyuan Tomb!”

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