My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World Chapter 351

Chapter 351

Outtro Premonition of Trouble

The streets of Dimitrion, the current chair nation of the Trade Union and the center of commerce, were filled with the lively voices of people.

Arcanta, the empire’s prime minister, stroked his gray beard and put on his glasses. “Hmm, what’s delicious in this restaurant, Miss?" he asked.

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The clerk at the gelato store flashed a business smile and answered as if it was natural, "The most popular thing in our restaurant is gelato mixed with mint chocolate chips! It’s so-called mint chocolate!”

"Huh? Isn’t mint something you put in toothpaste?" Arcanta was flustered.

The clerk lady shook her finger and said, "That’s an outdated idea! Now, we’re approaching a time where mint is added everywhere!"

"Really? Then will you give me one?" Arcanta nodded, thinking that he would like to experience it after such an enthusiastic speech.

Then a strong wind blew away the hat he was wearing.

"Oh no! I’ll be right back to go pick my hat.”

Arcanta moved forward to pick the hat that fell on the ground. He bent down and tried to pick it up but a carriage rushed towards him. To be exact, it would be right to say that he had gotten in the carriage’s path.

"It’s dangerous!"


The gelato store clerk and the carriage driver screamed, but fortunately, Arcanta was not hit by the carriage.

"Aigoo, you have to be careful."

Just before being hit by the carriage, a young man pulled Arcanta and rescued him.

"Thank you. It could have been dangerous."

Arcanta dropped his glasses due to being suddenly pulled, making it impossible to see the young man’s face in detail.

The young man picked up the hat and glasses and handed them over to him. "Here you go. But the glasses broke. Will you sit down for a while? I’ll fix it right away.”

At the kindness of the young man, Arcanta gently nodded. "Thank you for this. You’re a kind young man."

With the young man’s guidance, Arcanta sat at an outdoor table in front of the gelato store that looked blurry, and the young man also sat opposite him.

The young man worked hard to fix the glasses and asked Arcanta, "You look like someone from the Empire. What brings you to Dimitrion?"

Arcanta smiled lightly and said, "No work wrong with work? Isn’t there a Dimitrion festival where goods from all over the world gather? I just visited because of that."

"Will there be an auction where many merchants will gather to enter their goods?"

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The young man hinted that he could guess what the purpose of Arcanta’s visit was.

Arcanta nodded lightly since it wasn’t necessarily a secret. "Well, it’d be a lie if I said it’s not related. Moreover, isn’t it said that the world is excited by the goods offered by one called the merchant of death, the ruler of the underworld, the master of the land flowing with blood?”

It was such an amazing item that even Arcanta, the prime minister of the empire, moved.

"Oh, is that so? That’s incredible."

"Yes. Isn’t he the one who makes the children of the Trade Union stop crying and isn’t the three-legged crow symbol that his subordinates carry, an object of awe?" Arcanta asked.

The young man asked with a surprised tone, "It is to that extent?”

"Of course. That’s why those in the Trade Union are even cautious to call him by name."

"Oho, I see. Okay, I’ve finished fixing it."

Arcanta received the glasses handed over by the young man. "Huh? You don’t seem to be very good with your hands."

Just by touching, he could tell that the stem of the glasses was bent in a direction that should not be bent.

"Hahaha! I hear that a lot."

Arcanta spoke, forcibly trying to put on the glasses. "But thank you for your kindness. It’s not worth you saving my life, but I’ll pay for it, so get what you want at the gelato store over there. I think the so-called mint chocolate gelato is the best seller according to the clerk lady."

The young man smiled awkwardly. "Oh, yes... I’ll just go with the chocolate flavor." He approached the clerk and received gelato. "The clerk gave it to me because you ordered it earlier. Mint chocolate.”

"Oh, thank you." Arcanta, who managed to balance the glasses on his face, received the gelato while looking at the young man’s face. His face hardened after receiving the gelato.

The young man smiled and spoke, looking at the other’s hardened face, "Please say hello to Mrs. Arscilla for me, Your Highness Prime Minister.”


"Thank you for the gelato. Then I’ll be on my way.” The young man bowed his head slightly and gradually moved away from Arcanta.

A man approached the distant young man and followed him as if he were supporting him. On the back of the clothes worn by the young man, a crow with three legs was depicted as a symbol.

"Your Highness, what are you doing?"

While he was sitting blankly with his gelato, a blonde young man and a white-haired young man approached him.

"No, I just had a premonition of trouble." Arcanta took a bite of the gelato and frowned. "Okay, let’s go. Brigadier General Lisbon, Colonel Alphonso. I’m going to have to stock up on my stomach medicine.”

The mint chocolate in his hand tasted vicious. To the point where he thought the new era that would unfold in the future would not be happy.

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