My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly Chapter 645 - 645 Attitude 2

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She smiled and said,

“Alright, since the source of mutation here has been dealt with, let’s go to other areas. It seems that the situation this time is a little troublesome.”

The other Battle-Saints’ expressions turned serious as well. They nodded in agreement.

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Gladys bade farewell to the few Battle Saints and flew towards the group of people.



After the light dissipated, the others saw the figure in the sky.

As warriors who were at least at the Battle King realm, their vision was comparable to an astronomical telescope. Naturally, they noticed that the person in the sky seemed familiar.

For a moment, everyone fell silent, their eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

“… That, that’s Lu Yuan?”

Everyone came back to their senses and looked at each other. No one answered, and even Anna was a little confused.

Although they all knew that Lu Yuan was very strong and extremely talented, this was the combat strength of a warlord!

Suddenly, they realized that the Battle God that they were in awe of was actually Lu Yuan. They could not accept it for a moment.

Even Nina, who Xia Zhi regarded as Lu Yuan’s brainless fan, had a silly look on her face.

At this moment, Xue Li said,

“That’sLady Gladys?”

They realized that Gladys and a group of saints had appeared. Then, Gladys flew towards Lu Yuan. The two of them seemed to be communicating, but because they were too far away, they couldn’t hear clearly.

However, looking at their familiar faces, they were sure that this warlord level expert was really Lu Yuan.

“Young Master Lu Yuan is too amazing! He’s actually already at the Battle God level?”

Nina was the first to react and spoke excitedly.

Xia Zhi glanced at her from the corner of her eyes.

The other Ye Mei could not help but agree with Nina’s words.

She looked up at Lu Yuan with a complicated expression.

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She came to the Heavenly Wilderness Forest to kill some mutated beasts and earn merit points. In the end, she could quickly break through to the Battle Emperor level and catch up to Lu Yuan.

Unexpectedly, Lu Yuan actually displayed the strength of a Battle God at this moment.

Even someone as proud as her felt a little defeated at this moment.

However, she was still a little surprised. She was happy for Lu Yuan because he was so strong.

As expected of him? Truly amazing.

“What?” The corners of her mouth curled up into a smile.


Heaven Mending City Chengxi District, Thorn Plateau.

This was a wilderness area that was slightly smaller than the Everlast Forest. There were fewer mutated ferocious beasts and more ordinary ferocious beasts, so it was safer.

During this period of time, Little White, Amy, Wang Lingling, Si Tingxue, and Rebecca had been brought to the upper levels of the Origin Source Grounds by Li Qinghe, Si Tingyu, and Shuangyue every night. Apart from their normal cultivation, they would also head out into the wild to hunt fierce beasts.

Li Qinghe, Si Tingyu, and Shuangyue had considered the strength of Yeye and the others before finally choosing the Thorn Plateau as the location for hunting Ferals. On one hand, there were fewer mutated Ferals here, and their strength was not too strong. On the other hand, it was very close to Heaven Repairing City. There was also a huge supply city nearby that could be used for cultivation.

This made it convenient for them to combine their daily cultivation with their experience in the wild.

Because of the treasures that Lu Yuan had given them, they were now very strong. In addition to the various trump cards that Lu Yuan had given them, they had gained a lot during this period of time. They had even destroyed several mutated ferocious beast nests. It could be said that they were full of confidence.

However, they had never expected to encounter the source of the mutation that had suddenly appeared today.

In the depths of Thorn Plateau, in the wilderness, where large patches of grayish-white thorns were entangled, Li Qinghe and the others were surrounded by a group of mutated beasts.

Si Tingyu, who was dressed in golden battle armor and had transformed into a dragon, opened up a path in front of her with her spear in hand. Every time she brandished her spear, blood would fly everywhere. None of the mutated beasts could withstand her attacks. Even the monarch mutated beasts could not withstand the tip of her spear.

Around her, Li Qinghe’s figure flashed. Rays of pitch-black sword light seemed to suddenly appear from space, killing the mutated beasts one by one.

Shuangyue waved her staff, and wooden guards appeared one after another, guarding the two sides, protecting all of them in the center.

In the central area, it would summon dark clones from time to time to rush into the beasts and kill them. Little White held a longbow, and every time it shot an arrow, it would bring up a black arrow light. It was very powerful.

Amy used the Heavenly Wisteria to control the mutated beasts that had charged into the formation. She worked with Yeye’s main body to kill them, while Wang Lingling would occasionally drop light bombs nearby.

Amongst the women with King tier strength, the most eye-catching ones were Si Tingxue and Rebecca.

Si Tingxue waved the staff in her hand and summoned a Frost Emperor Dragon with Battle Emperor aura. The Frost Emperor Dragon roared furiously and condensed ice spears from time to time to kill a group of mutated beasts. Even Emperor-level mutated beasts found it difficult to resist. It would occasionally open its mouth and spit out ice mist to freeze a group of mutated beasts on the spot.

Rebecca’s entire body was burning with flames, and her orange hair had turned crimson red. Her long hair seemed to be burning with flames, and a mysterious mark appeared on her forehead.

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