My Super Pet Dragon Chapter 912-END

912 Chapter 912, final chapter

The rune array was opened, and what appeared in Yang Tian’s eyes was a space filled with colorful light. Crystals of different sizes and colors were suspended in this space.

These crystals were arranged in a certain pattern, revolving around a huge ball of light in the middle.

The cup spirit moved the crystals and led the way in front. After a few minutes, they finally arrived at the center of the rune array. In front of them was a huge ball of light with runes carved all over it.

On the periphery of the ball of light were two broken intersecting rings that were slowly rotating.

There were people here long ago, and many of them were familiar to Yang Tian. For example, Xi Chenyou, the boundless star Lord, Black Talisman Lord... and the talisman Lord.

Although the talisman Lord had the appearance of a young man, Yang Tian recognized him at a glance.

These people seemed to be under the guidance of the Talisman Master, mending the two rings that revolved around the ball of light.

Seeing Yang Tian and the others arrive, this group of people was stunned.

Yang Tian was also stunned for a moment, then he said with a smile, “Everyone, long time no see!”


As soon as Yang Tian finished speaking, the talisman master burst into laughter, appearing extremely happy.

Xi Chen You also smiled faintly.

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After the talisman master stopped laughing, he walked forward and grabbed Yang Tian’s arm. He said very intimately, “Yang Tian, oh my God! We were just talking about you! If you were here, this talisman array would definitely be repaired in a short period of time.”

“Repair the talisman array... Why?”Yang Tian said with a smile.

The Talisman Master let go of Yang Tian and chuckled, “This talisman array has been operating for a very, very long time. The energy it has accumulated is enough. “As long as it is repaired, together with the star sea map, we can rebuild a great world. “You have arrived. All the conditions have been met. “For example, the star sea map of the Cup Spirit, your talisman program, the five directions map, and the imperial bloodline in Xi Chen’s hands.”

“Emperor Bloodline?”This was the first time Yang Tian had heard of it, and a puzzled expression appeared in his eyes.

At this moment, Xi Chen Youyou was slowly walking toward Yang Tian along the stone steps of the array platform, as he walked, he said, “A long, long time ago, when the great world existed, the runic array that controlled the operation of the great world was in the hands of the emperor. As for he Luoyang Li, he possessed the emperor bloodline. “Other than him, there’s also the corpse in the limitless divine hall. “Once the array glyphs are repaired, the emperor bloodline can be used to open it.”

After saying that, Xi Chenyou and the Talisman Master looked at Yang Tian expectantly.

Yang Tian smiled slightly. He saw that in everyone’s eyes, apart from anticipation, there was also a hint of greed. Even Qin Fei’s father, the boundless star Lord, had a hint of greed in his eyes.

Yang Tian knew that fixing the array glyph was definitely not a simple matter.

“What benefits do you have?”Yang Tian asked directly.

Xi Chen you said, “Yang Tian, I won’t hide it from you. When the great world reassembles, it will produce a large amount of life force and absorb this energy. Our existence will be the same as the previous imperial family. As long as the great world isn’t destroyed, we will continue to exist.”

Yang Tian didn’t believe Xi Chen You’s words at all.

However, as soon as she finished speaking, the strange program said in Yang Tian’s mind, “Yang Tian, I hope you agree to them.”


Yang Tian directly agreed to the strange program.

Without the help of the strange program, Yang Tian wouldn’t be able to reach his current realm. Of course, Yang Tian had to fulfill such a request.


Yang Tian glanced at everyone and said somewhat reluctantly.

“Yang Tian, Goodbye.”

After the strange program said one sentence in Yang Tian’s mind, it left Yang Tian’s body.

Large amounts of runic energy particles formed a green-yellow smoke and entered the light ball floating in the center of the array platform.


A moment later, the array platform began to shake.

The surrounding colored crystals suddenly surged toward the light ball and entered it. The two tattered rings that revolved around the light ball slowly lit up and quickly turned into red-hot metal rings.


When the talisman master saw this scene, he once again laughed happily.

“Weng ~”

Suddenly, the light ball emitted a buzzing sound and released a powerful space-time energy.

The people standing outside the ball of light were instantly placed in the long river of time. In their eyes, scenes of things that had happened in the past appeared.

Among them, Yang Tian was an exception.

Yang Tian, who had fused energy, was not affected by space and time energy.

However, a special energy in this energy actually passed through Yang Tian’s fused energy defense and affected Yang Tian, causing Yang Tian’s mind to be muddled.

The powerful space-time energy quickly surpassed the boundaries of the god domain and spread towards the Sea of stars. In a few breaths, it filled the entire sea of stars.

In the Sea of stars, countless islands started to shake.

“Yang Tian, Wake Up!”

Suddenly, a loud shout sounded in Yang Tian’s ear.

Yang Tian instantly woke up.

What appeared in Yang Tian’s eyes was a black-robed old man. From the looks of it, he was around 60 years old.


After Yang Tian saw the old man’s face, he called out in surprise.


The old man laughed happily and nodded.


The black-robed old man was Yang Tian’s grandfather, Yang song.

Yang song smiled and quickly frowned. He said to Yang Tian, “Little Tian, quickly destroy this talisman array. We Can’t let the Great World reunite.”

“Why?”Yang Tian asked.

Yang song said, “You’ve been bewitched by tingling. Now, no energy can affect you, except the power of life and death. That’s because all living things have life and death, and you haven’t completely jumped out of life and death yet. Only the power of life and death can affect your mind. Tingling’s most powerful ability was to bewitch people’s minds.

Reassembling the great world seemed to gather all the islands in the Sea of stars, but in fact, it was using the power of time to reverse time in the vast area of the Sea of stars. “Think about it. If you reverse time, will the creatures on those islands and the lives in the universe still exist?”

Yang Tian couldn’t help but be shocked!

“Hehe!”Yang song sneered. “The closer they are to this rune array, the less affected they will be. When the time comes, they will be fine, but they will be buried with countless lives!”

The more Yang Tian thought about it, the more terrifying he felt.

In this way, his parents, Qin Fei, and his friends would definitely not exist at that time..

Yang Tian suddenly understood that the group of people had already predicted the current situation. Yang Tian originally thought that he had escaped their calculations, but in the end, he was still in the midst of his calculations.

Yang song also understood what Yang Tian was thinking right now. He smiled and said, “They can use the rune array to predict the future, but they can’t predict what will happen after the rune array is activated.”


“How can I destroy it?”Yang Tian clenched his teeth and asked.

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Yang song said, “Back then, the Talisman Master destroyed the rune program because the rune program was too mechanical. No matter how powerful the computational ability was, once it was integrated into this rune array, the program would continue to execute and not listen to his orders. “But now, it’s different. Your Rune program has human emotions. You can make it change.”

“Alright! I’ll try!”

Yang Tian nodded.

The entire Sea of stars was affected by time.

However, because the range was too large, the flow of time in the entire Sea of stars suddenly slowed down. If Yang Tian could see the situation on the islands outside the god domain, he would discover that the movements of the strange beasts on the islands.., were like slow-motion cameras, getting slower and slower..

It was like using force to turn a spinning wheel at high speed. In order to make it reverse, he had to make it stop first.

“Little Qi, Stop!”

Yang Tian called out.

‘Little Qi’was the name that Yang Tian had once given the strange program. Because the strange program was not pleasant to say, Yang Tian had never called out after that.

A moment later, the voice of the strange program sounded, “Yang Tian, I can’t stop. I’ve already fused with it. If I don’t create a world, the entire Sea of stars, all the universe worlds, including you, will be destroyed and turned into nothingness. I... Don’t want you to die.”

“Then...”for a moment, Yang Tian did not know what to say. He could only look at Yang song helplessly.

Yang song sighed and stared at the surrounding light screens in a daze.

This kind of result was something that no one could have expected.

While Yang Tian was helpless, the strange program said, “Yang Tian, actually, it can be changed. The order I received was to rebuild a world. It doesn’t have to be a great world. However, I can’t design a world.”

Yang Tian’s eyes lit up and he smiled, “Alright, let me do it!”

“En!”The Strange Program replied.

Very soon, a powerful attractive force was transmitted over. Yang Tian was pulled forward by the attractive force.

Yang Tian did not resist this force.

“Yang Tian, you still have the chance to regret it now. Because, you will be destroyed again. Whether you can survive or not, I can’t calculate it.”When it pulled Yang Tian into the light ball, the strange program reminded Yang Tian.

Yang Tian smiled and said, “If I don’t have Xiao Fei and my parents and friends, then what’s the point of me living?”

The strange program understood.

Yang Tian’s body quickly disappeared into the ball of light.

At this time, time in the Sea of stars had completely stopped.

Under normal circumstances, after a short pause, time would begin to reverse. However, it had always stopped, except for the divine realm.

In the divine realm, countless so-called gods shouted excitedly. They thought that the world they had been waiting for would reappear. At that time, the entire great world would be ruled by them, and they would become true gods!

Not long after they were happy, countless Yang Tian appeared and raised their butcher’s knives at these gods.

This was a loophole calculated by a strange program. In a short period of time, Yang Tian needed to accumulate a huge amount of energy. Only then could he resist the following crisis.

For a time, Yang Tian’s huge figure flashed across the entire divine realm.

Yang Tian already had a terrifying fusion power, and with the help of the strange program, no matter how powerful the gods in the divine realm were, they were not a match for Yang Tian in one move.

Every time Yang Tian killed a god, he would open his mouth and take a breath, and the god’s corpse would instantly turn into a dried corpse.

The more gods he killed, the more powerful Yang Tian’s strength would be..

In less than half an hour, more than half of the gods in the divine realm were killed by Yang Tian.

The strange program couldn’t hold on any longer. Yang Tian, who had killed a god, returned to the light sphere once again.

Not long after, time in the entire sea of stars started to revolve again. There was no reverse flow. The divine realm suddenly shattered and turned into a huge colorful light sphere, becoming bigger and bigger.

The colorful ball of light was filled with planets, stars, and planets. The most eye-catching of them were the twelve huge black spheres.

The light spheres grew very quickly and spread out toward the entire sea of stars. Countless islands were enveloped in them.

During this process, countless spaces formed by rune arrays were destroyed one after another and joined the light spheres, including the world of the divine tombs that the gods of the divine domain were talking about..

Time could not be reversed, or else great things would happen.


In Earth’s time, several decades later.

“Your Excellency Divine Empress, the Emperor has disappeared.”

In the vast and exquisite hall, a soldier dressed in black armor ran into the hall. He swept a glance at the surrounding ministers and divine generals, then spoke to a woman dressed in Phoenix robes who stood in the middle of the hall with her back facing him.

The woman turned around. Her peerless appearance made the soldier’s breath stop and he quickly lowered his head.

The soldier’s words made the hall fall silent. The ministers and divine generals looked at each other in dismay.

This beautiful woman in a phoenix robe and a purple-gold crown was Qin Fei.

Qin Fei bi sighed helplessly and said indifferently, “Forget it, let’s do it according to the rules! Anyway, he knows what happened in the whole world.”

With that, Qin Fei waved her hand.

Very quickly, only Qin Fei was left in the Great Hall.

A maid walked forward and whispered, “Divine empress, the Emperor should have gone to consort Qu’s place. Some time ago, he saw Consort Li and Second Consort Caiyu, and then went to Consort Rong...”

The maid had yet to finish speaking when Qin Fei raised her hand and interrupted the maid’s words. She rebuked, “If I had known that he was so promiscuous, I wouldn’t have married him in the first place.”

As soon as Qin Fei finished her sentence, a burst of laughter rang out in the hall.

Yang Tian, who was dressed in a black dragon robe, suddenly appeared in front of Qin Fei.

Qin Fei raised her fist and lightly punched Yang Tian. Yang Tian pulled her into his arms.

The maid at the side tactfully retreated.

Yang Tian raised Qin Fei’s chin and was about to kiss her. Suddenly, a half-eaten peach fell down and almost hit Yang Tian’s head.

Yang Tian looked up and saw the little azure dragon sticking out a claw from the beam of the main hall and looking at him in shock.

Before Yang Tian could get angry, the little azure dragon turned into a green shadow and ran away.

Looking at the direction where the little azure dragon disappeared, Yang Tian chuckled and said, “Little Dragon, I’ll punish you by not letting you get close to the Mother Dragon for a year!”

After the atmosphere was ruined by the little azure dragon, Yang Tian pulled the Smiling Qin Fei out of the main hall.

Outside the hall, what appeared in Yang Tian’s eyes was a beautiful starry sky.

“You’re afraid of trouble. Why did you build such a world? You make me look like a queen mother, and you look like a Jade Emperor.”

Qin Fei looked at Yang Tian’s face, caressed Yang Tian’s hand, and said indifferently.

Yang Tian shrugged, he said helplessly, “Who asked me to read too many fairy tales when I was young? Time was tight at that time, so I could only build this kind of world. Actually, there’s nothing bad about this kind of world. Right, after a while, let’s go to Samsara to play! I’ll be the Emperor Who’s in trouble, and you’ll be the Empress who was born as a village woman.”

Qin Fei smiled and said, “That’s great! But, you’re not allowed to bring them along. In samsara, you can only have me.”

“Okay!”Yang Tian agreed very readily.

“But...”Qin fei said worriedly, “If we leave for a period of time, will this world be in Chaos?”

Yang Tian smiled and said, “Don’t worry! With little Qi around, this world won’t be in chaos. Whoever dares to do anything, I’ll send them to the twelve levels of hell!”

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