Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 3753 Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboo

Chapter 3753 Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboo

The scroll opened. It was made of bamboo tiles covered in dense characters.

“Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboo?”

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When this scroll opened and revealed the clear marks within, countless people cried out in shock, recognizing the material that this scroll was made of. It was actually a legendary immortal plant, Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboo.

Every strip of the tile was three feet long and one inch wide. Its body was the color of green jade. There were nine thin and long lines on top of every strip of it.

Legend had it that Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboo was different from other bamboos. Other bamboos were hollow, but at the center of Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboo was a rod-like bamboo heart.

This bamboo heart was a divine material. It was incredibly tough, impervious to blade or spear, fire or water.

Every ten million years, another line would appear in the bamboo heart. That was the line of its life and also its growth ring.

Li Chenggang’s scroll was made out of bamboo tiles. Every single tile was the bamboo heart of the Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboo, and it had nine lines. In other words, every single tile had ninety million years of history.

Ninety million-year-old bamboo heart? That was practically a natural World Domain divine item. It was incomparably precious, but every single inch of Li Chenggang’s scroll was made out of it. It consisted of ninety-nine tiles.

A single bamboo heart of the Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboo was only three feet long. In other words, this scroll was made out of ninety-nine bamboo hearts of ninety million-year-old Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboos. That was equivalent to ninety-nine World Domain divine items linked together. Its value was unimaginable.

The scroll was covered in countless dense characters. What shocked Long Chen was that they were all second generation Jiuli immortal characters. Long Chen only recognized a few of them.

However, the most shocking thing to Long Chen was that amongst those Jiuli immortal characters, Long Chen recognized three in particular: Suppression Death Seal.

Although Long Chen wasn’t too familiar with inscription arts, he knew that inscription arts were developed from Jiuli immortal characters.

Xia Chen had once told him that Jiuli immortal characters were the natural script of the Heavenly Daos. They were the most primitive, most original script. They were the form that the ten thousand laws of heaven and earth manifested into.

As soon as Li Chenggang revealed his scroll, any scholarly and refined air around him vanished. He was no longer a weak scholar. There was a wild fanaticism in his eyes. It was like he had transformed into a different person.

Looking at the demonic beast Divine Venerate, he coldly said, “I once asked my master why I had to read books. My master said: reading books allows one to understand reason. I then asked, if we can read books, why must we cultivate? My master said: reading books is to talk reason with others. Cultivating is for when you talk reason with others and fail. Then it is time to go back to the essence, the constant truth of heaven and earth.”

“Your human race has something wrong in the head! You always say incomprehensible things to make yourselves seem profound. Who cares about the four immemorial sects? In my eyes, they’re nothing more than dogshit! Today, why don’t you show me just how powerful the human race’s secret arts passed down from time immemorial are!” The demonic beast Divine Venerate snorted and stepped forward, arriving right in front of Li Chenggang.

As soon as he made his move, countless experts fled in terror. When a Divine Venerate fought, the world could be destroyed with the wave of a hand. They might also be implicated by the shockwaves.

“Old ghost, this matter started because of my brother. If you want to play, I’ll play. I also like talking reason with others. But I don’t have any learning, so rather than using words to talk reason, I like to use my saber to talk reason.” Long Chen slowly reached back. His divine ring appeared and his battle intent soared, shaking the Heavenly Daos. A violent mental energy instantly locked onto the demonic beast Divine Venerate.

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The space behind Long Chen twisted. Everyone jumped in shock. They were all shaken by Long Chen’s powerful mental energy.

When this mental energy locked onto that Divine Venerate, others sensed it. Even if they couldn’t sense it, just from the spatial fluctuations, they could see that Long Chen had firmly locked down that Divine Venerate.

“How can his mental energy be so terrifying?!”

Shocked cries rang out. People didn’t believe their eyes. A Divine Lord was actually able to lock down a Divine Venerate? That completely toppled their understanding of the world.

The demonic beast Divine Venerate’s expression also changed. He hadn’t expected Long Chen’s mental energy to be so powerful.

Most infuriating of all was that he wasn’t afraid of Long Chen; he was only afraid of Bing Po. He had no idea when Long Chen would summon Bing Po, and he also had no idea how powerful Bing Po was. Hence, he was extremely afraid of her.

Everyone was deathly silent. They looked at Long Chen who was holding his saber. A domineering air overflowed from him. Then they looked at Li Chenggang who had taken out his scroll. He was also overflowing with battle intent. Seeing this scene, countless heavenly geniuses were shaken.

Even in the Divine Lord realm, they dared to challenge Divine Venerates. That was three realms higher! It could be said that Long Chen and Li Chenggang were doing something that these experts had only ever dared to dream about.

Jiang Lei stood behind Long Chen. Upon looking at this peerless domineering figure, Jiang Lei’s body quivered with emotion. He clenched his fists. His boss was still the same undefeatable boss.

“Dean Long Chen, I don’t get many chances to fight. My master is always looking after me, telling me to reserve my temper and study more. However, now that I’m in the three thousand worlds, I want to let loose. The human race has turned into lap dogs, bowing their heads to other races while abusing their own race. I talk reason with them, and they actually curse me. My master doesn’t let me bully the weak. But now that an old fellow has appeared, this is my chance. Now my master can’t blame me. Let’s not talk about whether or not I can win. Just let me vent first. So, dean Long Chen, please don’t fight with me over him,” said Li Chenggang courteously.

Seeing how confident Li Chenggang was, Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. It seemed that this Li Chenggang was truly powerful.

“Since brother Li is so eager, I naturally will let you go first.” The reason Long Chen was going to fight was because Li Chenggang was only forced to fight because of helping Jiang Lei. It would be wrong for Long Chen to not stand up for him.

However, if Li Chenggang actually wanted a fight with a Divine Venerate, Long Chen naturally wouldn’t fight over this chance with him. In order to not cause any mistrust, Long Chen intentionally distanced himself. He knew that the Divine Venerate was afraid of Bing Po. He was unaware that Bing Po didn’t have the slightest ability to fight him right now.

The demonic beast Divine Venerate relaxed slightly once Long Chen retreated. He clasped his hands behind his back and coldly said, “Don’t say that I’m bullying you. I’ll let you attack first. Let me experience the dogshit abilities of the four immemorial sects.”

Li Chenggang was previously courteous and refined when facing Long Chen. But when he turned back to this demonic beast, his aura suddenly changed.

He extended his hand. One of the bamboo tiles on his scroll flew into his hand. When one character on it lit up, Li Chenggang suddenly vanished.

Just then, a bamboo tile appeared and smacked the demonic beast Divine Venerate in the face.


Everyone present was completely shocked.

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