Origin Court: Accepting Disciples With A System Chapter 233 Life Ancestor

What Old Black conveyed to them was vague. They needed more information and explanation from him but this stingy tortoise did not give them any, leaving all of them hanging. However, they did now have the idea that these Life Controller Beasts could very well control the life of another person or living being.

Meanwhile, Yang Lujia, who was originally enjoying the place’s scenery suddenly frowned. He noticed something amiss and immediately realized that his life force was slowly extracted by some intricate rules of life.

Yang Lujia was astonished. He did not notice anything before this. It had to be known that his cultivation realm had already reached a stage wherein no anyone could just outclass him.

When he re-examined the surroundings once more, he found other living beings—but they were just like condensed rules of life. It was like they were formed naturally. That was what Yang Lujia thought.

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However, after activating his purple eyes, he managed to see through these millions of creatures. They have indeed condensed rules of life, but they seemed to have formed blood and bones—others even looked humane while others were looking so incomplete.

Yang Lujia was even astonished when he saw two human figures who were talking with each other. He was certain that they were Life Controller Beasts. However, he could not ascertain the content of their conversation. It was like something was blocking him from hearing their exchange.

On the other side, there were two human figures, portraying a man and a woman, exasperatedly talking about the mistreatment they had been receiving from humans in the past decades or so. Unfortunately, their ancestor had been in closed-door training all this while, while that human would always come to them to look for trouble and steal their Tokens of Life.

Their Tokens of Life were very important to them. If a human would have a human heart, then the Token of Life for the Life Controller Beasts had the same function. It functioned as their heart, and once taken—they could meet their end.

"Despicable human! We are not doing anything to their settlement, but they keep on pestering us! Especially that man who recently came here just to steal some of our Tokens of Life!" the man exclaimed.

ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴᴏᴠᴇʟ. ᴄoᴍ ᴏɴʟʏ.

Both he and the woman could talk in human language and Yang Lujia could now clearly hear them while he concealed himself in the shadows—even stopping the flow of his life force getting extracted by something unknown.

Then, he found out, with his purple eyes that these beasts were the reason for such a phenomenon. Clearly, he could see the two of them, but they did not seem to notice his arrival. That was because Yang Lujia wanted to know what exactly happened before he could make his move.

"Right! We don’t have any grudge against these humans but they keep on coming here like flies hunting for food. It’s good if they were only low-level humans—but it is different when someone as strong as their Life Ancestor will come to our place, especially that person they call the City Life Healer!"

The woman’s expression was even more exaggerated than the other. She seemed to be truly enraged by the City Life Healer. Yang Lujia knew that there must be something wrong, but he didn’t expect these Life Controller Beasts to have their own consciousness could talk like normal people.

He had seen beasts like them such as Brownie or even Long Guang despite having human forms.

Moreover, these Life Controller Beasts contained the aura of the void. It seemed like his father exhausted quite a lot of his resources to create such a large array formation that could even accommodate something like this at this level. Yang Lujia was truly astonished. there seme

He knew that he couldn’t do this even if he wanted to. That was because he was restricted by the Five Realm’s laws. They were the laws that restricted those who were very powerful to cause amok among the lower realms.

It was not just because the creator wanted no one to rise and reach their peak. He might be only feeling sympathetic to those people who were yet to grow but after offending a supreme expert, their growth would be halted. Provided, they would not become experts if they would not meet any setbacks, but it was a different thing when the other party would treat them like ants. Just only flick of their finger could obliterate them.

To avoid chaos, the creator must have wanted to keep the Five Realms in check.

But the chaos was still inevitable.

After all, countless wars had already ensued in the Five Realms for eons.

Moreover, that might not only be the reason for creating the Five Realms.

"That City Life Healer is extremely strong. If not for our Life Ancestor giving his all and even revealing his trump card, that human wouldn’t have fled away. However, that was at the price of our Life Ancestor’s life. Speaking of, where did they put the Life Ancestor’s body?"

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"I think they placed him in the chamber where all our ancestors were placed," the woman replied, trying to calm her surging emotions. "But that’s the real problem now. We have to think of a way to fend off the City Life Healer the next time around. We need to prevent him from causing more deaths among our kind!"

"Do not worry! I, Sheng Ming, the current patriarch of the Life Controller Beasts would exact revenge on our dear kind! Tonight, I’ll be going into seclusion! Junior sister, you continue to observe the surroundings and protect the body of the father, our Life Ancestor. We can’t allow anyone, especially the City Life Healer to claim possession of father’s heart!"

The heart he was talking about was actually the Token of Life!

"Are you on the verge of breaking through, big brother?!" The woman felt over the moon and even gloated in her mind, her thoughts filled with disdain against the City Life Healer.

"Naturally!" Sheng Ming smiled.

After he left his junior sister alone, his face then scrunched.

Of course, he was not on the verge of a breakthrough! That was only a white lie!

Sheng Ming was truly out of ideas at the moment. He only spoke to his junior sister like that because she did not want to worry her too much and focus on protecting their father’s body.

The Life Ancestor was their only hope, but now that he was gone, killed at an expense of what he expended against the City Life Healer—who might be seriously injured at the moment. Thinking that the latter was injured now, he somehow let out a sigh of relief.

He then grabbed a textbook.

Actually, if one were to look at it closely, it wasn’t just some ordinary textbook. It was a textbook that contained techniques that surpassed everyone’s imagination. Sheng Ming, as the patriarch succeeding the Life Ancestor’s position, was expected to learn them and advance his cultivation realm to higher heights.

In all of their generations of patriarchs and ancestors, the Life Controller Beasts had only been fighting against the humans in that city. Yang Lujia felt some pity for these creatures. They did not provoke those humans, but the humans kept on provoking them instead.

He thought that things were not as simple as they seemed to be. Yang Lujia knew that the reason might stem from these beasts’ hearts, their Tokens of Life. They must have been termed as such because they were like a token—just a reward for humans. In other words, they were treated as playthings or simply things by humans.

What could be the allure of their hearts that the human would be willing to go against such several beasts?

According to his estimate, they should have a million beasts in total—only that almost three-fourths of them were weaker than the ordinary human cultivators. And the hearts of this specific sample population was mostly stolen by the City Life Healer.

After all, the humans did not ever set foot on their land again when they were ruthlessly killed by Sheng Ming himself.

Seeing how the situation was going, Yang Lujia was somewhat amused and decided to play along. He actually had the thought that the one he should revive should be the Life Ancestor since he probably had exhausted all his life force.

However, since the Life Ancestor still had his heart, he should be able to revive him.

But he actually couldn’t?

He really thought these beasts were heaven-defying and could not die—they were simply what people usually called immortals. Despite that, there seemed to be limits of their lifespan.

"What shall I do? If this were to continue, wouldn’t our entire clan be wiped out by that City Life Healer when he comes back? What if that human would break through before I could even do so? Wouldn’t that be overkill on his side?!"

Sheng Ming could not really think straight. His mind was in complete turmoil.

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