Overgeared Chapter 1827

Chapter 1827

[Ancient Accessories Enhancement Scroll]

[Enhance the target item from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3.

The probability of an enhancement failure doesn’t exist.

Current quantity held: 6.]

‘The scrolls with the lowest efficiency are the ones that come out the most.’

Grid also had a number of fraudulent accessories. However, the accessories commonly called fraudulent weren’t because of their high basic stats, but the attached effects. For example, the Overgeared Crown. The legendary rated accessory that Grid created in collaboration with Elizabeth only had a base defense of 33. However, it was highly valuable because it increased various stats and resistance. It placed a CC skill called ‘Confusion’ on all targets that stared at the wearer.

‘Of course, the attached effects are enhanced every time the enhancement value is increased by 3...’

Even considering this, it was naturally much more beneficial to enhance weapons and armor than accessories. Grid’s weapons and armor were dragon weapons and armor. Due to their high basic stats, the range of stats that increased with each enhancement value was enormous.

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‘It would’ve been better if the weapon enhancement scrolls and armor enhancement scrolls came out the most.’

Grid smacked his lips with regret and asked Lauel a question, “Have you not been able to raid the illusionary body here?”

If the Overgeared members had already raided the lake’s illusionary body, the news that it dropped the ancient enhancement scrolls would’ve reached Grid. But he hadn’t heard of such a story before.

“No. We raided it steadily every four days. However, compared to the difficulty level, the value of the dropped item is mediocre. Therefore, Peak Sword always complains that it feels like he is shoveling.”

“But this time, ancient scrolls were dropped...”

“It seems that as the level of what the illusionary body copies increases, the value of the dropped item also increases significantly.”

This time, the illusionary body cloned an Only One God and a Sword God. In other words, it showed the appearance of the strongest field boss of all time and dropped an item that matched it. Although it died on one blow...

“It respawns every four days, right?”


“Then Biban, go back today. I’ll see you here every four days from now on.”

Grid was talking with Lauel while looking at the quiet lake, only to suddenly point at Biban. The evil eyes’ king was stunned. Ordering a monster to come and go like this for personal reasons...

He gulped because he felt that something bad was going to happen. Hexetia was also nervous.

Contrary to their concerns—

“I understand. I’ll be there early in the morning.”

Biban nodded easily. This was Grid’s current status.


‘Unless I am unlucky, I can fully enhance one weapon or armor once every eight days.’

This was just talk. In fact, he had no intention of making +10 enhanced items. It was much more efficient to enhance multiple items little by little than to enhance one item to +10. The higher the enhancement value, the greater the stats increase. However, he had to take into account that the base stats of the dragon weapon and armor were too high.

‘Rather than enhancing one of my items to full value, it is better to apply one scroll each to the items of the apostles and Biban. I will try the full enhancement after that.’

Youngwoo came out of the capsule and turned on the TV. The news about Satisfy poured in from fixed channels. The world that was changed by Fire Dragon Trauka. People were enjoying a world that had become more mysterious and dangerous than before. The change in the world rekindled people’s sense of adventure, which had previously calmed down.

Many people accepted it as the beginning of season two. Apart from Grid and the Overgeared members, who were preparing for a final battle, Satisfy was in its second heyday.

‘...Should I apply at least two scrolls to Biban to clear my conscience? The most ideal picture is to use four scrolls to get +10... stop. Let go of my greed and go ahead with the first plan.’ ƒ𝓇ℯ𝑒𝒘𝐞𝚋𝓃𝚘𝚟e𝚕. 𝒄𝗼𝐦

Enhancing the pool of myth rated items—it would surely be recognized as a tremendous achievement and be rewarded. But there was no reason to rush. It was right to weigh the efficiency.

‘In theory, I can use only four ancient enhancement scrolls to succeed in reaching +10, but in the worst case, I might have to use ten scrolls. If I turn a blind eye while being obsessed with one thing, it is really over.’

Shin Youngwoo was aware of the fact that his self-control was somewhat lacking. He realized it clearly in the past when he was addicted to the drawing system of the Golden Carriage. Of course, he was able to grow using these wounds as a lesson. Thanks to that, he was able to endure not making love to his wives for months, but...

He had a hunch that the moment he touched gambling again, the patience he had honed would quickly run out.

‘I would rather go to Las Vegas than rely on luck in Satisfy.’

It wasn’t just the ancient enhancement scrolls. Even the ordinary enhancement stones couldn’t be bought with money. They were priceless. It was better to throw away a mountain of cash from his account than to gamble on enhancing items.

‘Above all, it is now possible to receive ancient enhancement scrolls every four days. Time is on my side. I can proceed slowly.’

Youngwoo took a shower and left the house. He called Yura to tell her that he was leaving now, got into the car, and started the engine. Today’s car was the latest sedan made by Daejin Motors. It was the day he promised to meet Yura’s grandfather. It suited Chairman Lee Jinmyung’s desire to meet his grandson-in-law under the pretext of extending the contract period as an advertising model.

[Breaking news.]

The moment he turned on the engine, news about Satisfy flowed from the radio.

[Baal, the ruler of hell, has been seen in various parts of the West Continent. According to the testimony of some players, he is now targeting and killing the few remaining hermits...]

The few hermit experts that were left—it meant the transcendents who weren’t discovered by the Overgeared Guild. The players who had some type of connection with them and lived with them must’ve witnessed their deaths.

‘They would’ve spread the word right away.’

They wanted to tell the Overgeared Guild that Baal had started aiming at the surface again.

‘This time, we will hit him. Don’t worry and focus on mourning...’

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Players with ties to transcendents naturally would’ve benefited enormously. It was just like Grid had met Piaro in the past and received a lot of help. It must’ve been a valuable bond both materially and emotionally. He could fully understand the shock and sadness of those who had witnessed the deaths right in front of them. Then he comforted them from afar.

He gritted his teeth.

‘This XX Baal.’


“As expected, the car is from Daejin. I think I was riding a cloud.”

Shin Youngwoo got out of the car and spoke loudly to himself. He was conscious of the eyes of the paparazzi. His senses had become sensitive in reality due to all the time lived in Satisfy and he accurately detected the presence of the reporters.

“It must be my grandfather’s work.” Yura sighed when she noticed the situation.

Chairman Lee Jinmyung must’ve been the one who leaked the information that Grid would come here today. Letting the world know that Grid moved to meet Lee Jinmyung, the chairman of the Daejin Group, would have a significant economic effect.

“I’ll caution him not to do this again.”

“It’s fine. It would be nice if there were more photos of the two of us together taken. If it appears on the Internet, I’ll download it and hang it in a frame.”


His ability to speak pleasantly had improved. Yura couldn’t be pleased about Youngwoo, who was developing every day. It was proof that Youngwoo had a lot of experience with various women. But what could she do? It was a good thing.

“Let’s go.”


A smile spread across Yura’s face as she grabbed Youngwoo’s hand and linked their arms. It felt like all the fatigue accumulated in hell had melted away today. Joyful and excited, she kissed Youngwoo’s cheek without being aware of people’s eyes. It was while vowing to scold her grandfather.


“People are dying, but he is sitting down on a date,” White grumbled.

What was so great about it? The photo of Grid and Yura’s date, which was a hot topic in the American communities, provoked her. It was just a simple release of her anger. She had no bad feelings toward Grid and Yura. However, the situation she was in now was so hard that she naturally resented everyone who came into view.

“Baal... I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you.”

Black, whose head was lowered with her long hair hanging down, was repeating the same words.

Today, her teacher and love had died. For her, it was a relationship she gained from Satisfy and it was much more precious than reality. He was killed by Baal. By the time the emergency quest occurred and she ran over, it was too late. Baal had pierced his heart and his throat was cut.

“Emma...” White’s expression crumpled as she called out her younger sister’s name. It was after the Great Human and Demon War. They were confused by the aftermath of crossing the crossroad of good or evil, and the sisters embarked on a hopeless trip.

They really thought a lot. They had a force that was stronger than others. They started feeling that saving someone was much more enjoyable than hurting someone with this power. Wouldn’t it be nice to live like Grid all the time? But would people readily accept their change? Also, they wondered if they would receive unwanted attention and be criticized.

The sisters worried about it while traveling, killing monsters, traveling, meeting enemies, and traveling again. Then they arrived at a small village before they knew it. It was a village in such a remote, mountainous area that they wondered who would visit this place unless there was a hidden piece.

There, they happened to meet a man. He was as bright and warm as the sun. The untainted smile was very nice to see. The man, who had been hunting monsters from mountain to mountain purely to protect people, was very powerful due to his natural talent and the environment.

A transcendent unknown to the world—he was a pure man who lived disconnected from the dirty world. He made the sisters become honest. The sisters eventually developed a relationship where they confided their concerns to the man. In the real world, they had a hard time even going out because they weighed more than 250 kilograms. It had been so long since they connected deeply with someone outside their family.

They quickly found themselves admiring and falling in love with this innocent, wise, and inspiring man. However, White buried this love in her heart for the sake of her younger sister.

The sisters could be happy thanks to her sacrifice. Black gained love while White gained peace. They gradually learned to live with others.

After living in a reality that was too harsh for them, they slowly purified the poison in their hearts. They came to think that it wouldn’t be bad to try and live like Grid.

...It was all futile now.

“Shall we go to hell?”

“I will kill you... I will kill you... yes, I’m going.”

The villagers who were slain by Baal along with their lover—using the blood stains they left as dye, the sisters started to draw a magic circle. This was a demon summoning circle that they learned when they had a relationship with a Yatan Servant in the past.

“”What poor human has summoned me?””

A fairly high ranking demon was summoned. After enjoying the sweet air of the surface to the fullest, he smiled benevolently at the humans who called him desperately. It was a smile that contorted immediately.

“Take us to hell. Our chaotic figure is high enough, right?”

The sisters were once classified as sun-grade powerhouses along with Grid. Currently, they were now in a position where they couldn’t even step on Grid’s shadow, but they were still strong. They easily subdued the demon with force and presented the qualifications earned. The demon, who was caught by the collar, peeked at the abyss in the sisters and had a disgusted expression on his face.

“”You guys... how many people have you killed...?””

“We are going to kill more demons in the future.”

“”Kuek...! Kuhahahat! Okay! Give it a try!””

The sisters threw themselves into hell. They didn’t go straight to Baal to be killed like dogs. The fact that they survived for so many years despite being targeted by players proved their cleverness. The sisters had learned after being beaten by Grid several times. They planned to move slowly, carefully, and thoroughly.

“First, let’s find and kill the demons who serve Baal.”

“Yes, let’s cut off his limbs.”

“Then one day, Grid will come and take care of Baal.”

“That’s right. We are going to be watching. We will watch with a smile. Then we will kill Baal at least once.”

Two mad dogs broke into hell where Yura was guarding alone. It was a small change, but it was not negligible.

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