Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here Chapter 1259 - Reality (6)

Chapter 1259 Reality (6)

With those words just now, Ye Yuxuan began to doubt Bai Weiwei’s affections in his dreams.

In the past, when Ye Yuxuan carried out life in his dreams, he could only see his own experience.

So he had always thought those heart-wrenching affairs might be the previous lives he and Bai Weiwei had experienced together, or a previous-previous life, or something.f𝘳𝒆𝑒𝓌𝒆𝗯n𝗼𝘷ℯl. 𝑐𝚘𝘮

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But in the previous plane, when Bai Weiwei couldn’t return after completing the task, her method of departure had been too tough and reckless, and she didn’t care at all what Arthur thought of her.

Arthur probably didn’t think so much.

But Ye Yuxuan was different. Ye Yuxuan was rational and calm. Even if he was emotionally tortured and abused, he would never become subject to stupidity.

Bai Weiwei’s sentence, ‘I’m not a good person,’ before she left may have roused Ye Yuxuan’s suspicions.

The system scrutinized Ye Yuxuan’s face.

Would he realize something fishy about Bai Weiwei sleeping for three days?

Or even more terrible, would he suspect that Bai Weiwei had always been lying to him in his dreams?

Thinking of the consequences of this possibility, the system was afraid that on the day the truth was revealed, Ye Yuxuan would directly change from love to hate and strangle Bai Weiwei to death.

Its stupid host, still ignorant of the stakes, lobbied to Ye Demon King: “Marriage needs to be carefully considered. You are still young and have a lot of time. There are so many girls you’ve yet to see.”

In consideration that Ye Yuxuan had given her so much life value, she found her conscience in a rare moment of compassion.

Don’t keep him hung up on a tree like her anymore.

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However, Ye Yuxuan’s gaze turned overcast. He seemed to be examining something, and looked over Bai Weiwei from top to bottom.

Then he lowered his eyes, almost silently whispering into his fingertips.

“It seems you’ve forgotten...”

The system understood the meaning of this sentence.

Ye Yuxuan must have linked her three-day sleeping pattern with his own pattern of dreaming.

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He knew that his dreams were not memories of past lives, but events occurring in the present.

And he knew that every time Bai Weiwei captured his feelings, there were impure motives.

Because he didn’t know about the emotion shielding, he suspected that every time Bai Weiwei woke up, she would forget everything that happened in her dream.

No one could go through such a drastic process and still act like Bai Weiwei, as though nothing had happened.

Bai Weiwei perceived that Ye Yuxuan’s expressionless face was growing darker.

Was it easy for her to glean a little emotion from a facially paralyzed patient?

Ye Yuxuan suddenly stood to his feet. He put on the jacket placed on the back of his chair, then stretched out his hand and whisked her away without so much as asking for her consent.

Bai Weiwei looked blank. Weren’t they in the middle of discussing marriage?

Where are they going?

The dining table was abandoned, left with only a table of scraps and two background boards...

Father Bai fell silent for a while before sighing, “Look at the number of dishes. There’s only my daughter’s share.”

Ye Yuxuan cooked as much as Bai Weiwei could eat.

And practically all of it was made all by himself.

Moreover, Ye Yuxuan didn’t even make his own share. All of this was prepared for Bai Weiwei.

There was a bit of leftovers from each dish, but there wasn’t too much.

It made them embarrassed to even reach over to eat.

It was even more embarrassing to say it.

Qin Qiu also sighed, “My family’s Xuanxuan, likes doing little math problems. He likes to make calculations for everything he does. It’s a bad habit of his. Please forgive him, in-law.”

Father Bai also sighed: “My daughter also has a shortcoming. She is a bit finicky in love. She likes one thing today, and she likes another thing tomorrow. If she really doesn’t like your family’s Xuanxuan, don’t blame her.”

Previously, she was so fond of Ye Yuxuan to the point she was willing to be the losing party for this marriage to happen.

It seems that today, the freshness period has passed, and Bai Weiwei has begun to dislike Ye Yuxuan?

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