Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 2540 - Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui (41)

Chapter 2540: Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui (41)

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“But I didn’t accept the invitation. It’s quite tiring working every day. If I have free time, it would be better to read some books or get more rest.”

That was truly how Miao Jing felt.

The factory didn’t allow her to do it, and she had to remain in the dormitory.

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Otherwise, Miao Jing would definitely have spent her time doing some handicraft instead of watching a movie.

It was true that her pay was low, but it was money nonetheless.

The Zhai family had spent quite a lot of money on her. All she thought about was how she could earn more money to repay the Zhai family as soon as possible.

Since the factory didn’t allow her to start her own small business, she would much rather remain in the dormitory to read than watch a movie with a bunch of people.

Grandma Zhai grabbed hold of Miao Jing’s hand and smiled. “That’s true. It’s tiring to work and run around when you have the free time.”

She had a sense of whether others had feelings for Miao Miao.

But she was also sure that Miao Miao had no feelings for the other party.

If Miao Miao felt that the other party was good, Yaohui would stand no chance.

“Miao Miao, after you left, I had no one to chat with. Since you guys have the time for a movie tomorrow night, why don’t you stay here with me instead tonight?”

Miao Jing shook her head. “That won’t do. I still have to work tomorrow. I just end an hour and a half earlier than usual tomorrow.”

It would be much more convenient to stay in the dormitory so that she would be able to get to work on time.

If she were to stay in the Zhai family’s house, she would surely be late unless she woke up exceptionally early.

“Oh.” Grandma Zhai didn’t want Miao Jing to lose sleep just to spend time with her. “Then, can you visit me again tomorrow? Look, I’m the only one in such a big house. Sometimes, I feel that there’s no point in living such a life anymore.”

Her son was all grown up and was of marriageable age, but he had delayed his plans time and again and had even rejected his only marriage partner a month ago.

Grandma Zhai didn’t know when Zhai Yaohui would finally be willing to get married and give her a grandchild.

She was home alone and had nothing to do. This loneliness was driving her crazy.

Miao Jing felt a little embarrassed but could feel Grandma Zhai’s loneliness. Thus, she had no choice but to nod. “Alright. I’ll visit you again tomorrow. Auntie, it isn’t early anymore. I’ll head back first.”

“Alright. I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

Grandma Zhai was over the moon, and even when Old Zhai returned, she was still smiling widely.

“What’s the matter? Why are you in such a good mood?”

“Miao Miao came to visit me and said that she’ll come again tomorrow. Oh right, Miao Miao brought me a present. I haven’t opened it yet. Oh, it’s a scarf. It’s beautiful and warm. I…”

As Grandma Zhai took the scarf up and wrapped it around her neck, a few notes fell to the ground. “Miao Miao…”

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It turned out that Miao Miao hadn’t come to visit her but to return her money today.

In the short span of two months, not only had Miao Jing earned enough to buy a present for Grandma Zhai, but she had even returned them a hundred yuan. Old Zhai was impressed. “Alright, Miao Miao is being filial to you. Just accept it. Once Miao Miao and Yaohui get married in the future, the money will still be theirs eventually. It doesn’t matter who keeps the money for now. Just treat it as though you’re safekeeping it for the children.”

It was no big deal.

“I’m worried that Miao Miao isn’t eating well or taking care of herself just to save this sum of money. Do you understand?”

“No, Miao Miao knows that her health is her capital. You’re underestimating Miao Miao.”

“I’m underestimating Miao Miao? Then, do you think very highly of your son?”

“What do you mean?” Old Zhai stopped in his tracks and walked over to sit down next to Grandma Zhai.

Grandma Zhai sighed. “Miao Miao told me today that a male worker invited her to watch a movie for free tomorrow night. What do you think that male worker means? Do you think he has too much money to spare that he’s treating Miao Miao to a movie at night? Thankfully, Miao Miao didn’t agree to it. Otherwise… No, I feel so panicked.”

“Oh?” Old Zhai couldn’t ignore the matter either. “Wait a minute. Let me make a call to Yaohui.”

Old Zhai had already guessed that someone would surely fall for a good young lady like Miao Jing. What he had not expected was his son’s love rival to appear so quickly! It had only been two months since Miao Jing had started working.

Wasn’t this a little too fast?

“Hello, Dad. What’s the matter?” In order to prove himself and show that he was outstanding in and of himself, and not just because he was his father’s son, Zhai Yaohui didn’t have much rest each day.

Zhai Yaohui had only taken a break a month ago because his leader had forced him to do so along with Shi Peng.

“A male worker invited Miao Miao for a movie tomorrow night. He’s paying for her.”

Zhai Yaohui, who had a fountain pen in his hand, was stunned. Not only had he ruined his writing, but he had even pierced a hole through several pieces of paper because of how hard he was pressing down on the pen.

Looking at the pen, Zhai Yaohui knew that he had ruined his pen.

As such, Zhai Yaohui took out a new pen from his drawer, pulled out the cap, and tried to fill the pen with ink.

But even after a long time, he had not been able to fill it properly.

Zhai Yaohui took a deep breath and gave up on the pen. “Is Miao Miao going?”

“Do you think Miao Miao should go?”

“Of course not!” Why was this even a question? “It’s too unsafe for her to be going out alone with a man at night. It will be bad for her reputation as well. If that male comrade has feelings for Miao Miao, he should come to our house and visit us. He’s too frivolous, not suitable for Miao Miao!”

Zhai Yaohui had just stopped short of saying that the other party might be a beast that was waiting to take advantage of Miao Miao. What would they do then?

“You spend all your time in the military and don’t even get to see any girls. What do you know? We’re in a free society. Young people are free to date whoever they like. What’s wrong with them trying to get to know each other through watching a movie together? I think Miao Miao should go. Miao Miao’s greatest wish in her whole life is to have a family of her own…”

“Isn’t our family her family? She already has one!”

Zhai Yaohui raised his voice as anger bubbled up within him.

Wasn’t she being too greedy to desire another family when she already had one?

“That’s her extended family. Miao Miao should have a small family of her own. But it doesn’t matter even if you think that Miao Miao’s male colleague isn’t good.. I already said that it will be easy for us to recommend a good male comrade to Miao Miao given our family’s status.”

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